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  1. Alternative Heroes of Hornets

    As mentioned, its all subjective and open to opinion - stop trying to force yours on people Moments of individual brilliance and ability which not all other players are capable of, qualify sometimes as "the best to have played for" etc. this is same in any sport - Bobbie Goulding would come into this arena but obviously not played as many games as someone like Paul Crook which brings in the argument of when does length of service outweigh quality Ive heard so many people speak negatively about the Heros of Hornets since it was picked including ex players and also players selected who are embarrassed they were selected ahead of some genuine certainties that were overlooked. Maybe its time to put it right?
  2. Challenge cup

    Good question - the RFL checked it out a couple of years back and confirmed that it was suitable/up to standard to host pro games so no doubt the game can be held there (it looks like Wembley compared to Whitebank) - capacity wise surely it will hold the 1000 or so that the game will hopefully attract
  3. Alan Kilshaw

    One of the players told me the same Also hear they are going to be doing a lot of training in Warrington which is putting a few local lads off It would appear that the job was Kilshaws as soon as he produced the Warrington card as he is very well connected there - its a shame that the club cant stand on its own two feet, not a fan of DR at all. Just out of curiosity and I dont know the answer to this, how many DR partnerships remain inforce/intact?
  4. Alan Kilshaw

    "Fall in line with what I/the club want or be called part of a problem if you have a different opinion"
  5. Alan Kilshaw

    Doug the reasons are obvious when you read the contributions to numerous threads mentioning Matt Calland by a poster that comes from the house of a board member - unfortunately personal preference has got in the way of the right man for the job - when you have said that you have said it all - I notice everyone is bowled over with enthusiasm following the eventual appointment - chance missed
  6. Who next?

    Bit closer to home than that - guess again
  7. Alan Kilshaw

    I don't think the level is anywhere near as good as Mayfields
  8. Alan Kilshaw

    Correct - no disrespect to Kilshaw, good luck to him - cant imagine season tickets flying out though due to the appointment From the boards point of view so obvious that they had a hidden agenda re one of the applicants and never had any intention of appointing him.
  9. Who next?

    So will Alan Kilshaw
  10. Who next?

  11. Who next?

    Yeah I read that before posting and I actually think it sounds pretty ominous but it's all about opinions - strange how there is no follow up from the RFL stating "no wrong doing" And yeap move on...... Plenty of good stuff to look forward to if the right choices are made
  12. John Stankevitch

    Saw this on SM yesterday - tragic bit of news Thoughts with John and his family
  13. Who next?

    One would have hoped that a coach as experienced as Woods would have had some positive impact - suggestions on team selection, new moves, style of play, hints about the opposition etc which would have improved the performances but this didnt happen. Anyway this isnt about Dave Woods its about encouraging the club to select the best man for the job at this current time - in terms of connections in the town, connections in the championship, coaching record and what the fans want etc. We all know that not many posters post on this forum but if you take me out there are at least 7 posters that would like Calland - more than usually contribute in three months . Interest in the club is at a low point again after last season, lets do something that will rejuvenate the interest, bring a few local lads and look forward to next season Over to the club/board - I just hope they do the right thing by the club.
  14. Who next?

    If thats the case it is pathetic and will mean that this move was pre planned a long time ago (when Woods started helping Talbot on a voluntary basis) did you see how the results improved due to Woods input? think not! People in this thread make reference to reasons for people leaving clubs - do some research into why Woods was sacked from Gateshead a couple of years back - dosent get much more sinister than that. If and I say If Woods gets the job you wont see me at Hornets next year - oh yeah and they better increase the pie order
  15. Who next?