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  1. Free entry for the leigh game

    Open 6 till 8 tonight for last chance to get tickets!! Come on guys lets get rid of them all.
  2. Free entry for the leigh game

    10am till midday, and Thursday night 6 till 8
  3. Wigan fans hang your heads in shame!!! Pathetic numbers
  4. War chest

    96 & 105
  5. 2016 Recruitment

    Whatever mate!!
  6. 2016 Recruitment

  7. 2016 Recruitment

    You obviously have issues with Kevin. But that's between you two!! Stop coming on here trying to turn everyone against him. If you don't like the guy that's up to you! But please not on here yeah!!
  8. 2016 Recruitment

    Gary coyle is just a sh*t stirrer, Kevin don't rise to him!! Just keep doing what's best for batley Bulldogs. I for 1 think u do a great job. But some of the points made on here are worth taking into consideration. Bring on next season, come on u DOGS!!
  9. jc

    Don't know what he asked for. But he did,and it was before Bradford came nocking!!! And if batley had offered him what he wanted he would have signed. That's all I know!!
  10. jc

    And to think, 3 weeks ago he would have signed for us. If only we'd have offered him a contract when he asked!!!!
  11. Special offer vouchers!

    But we got 5, and at most we are only going to get 4 home games in the 8's!!
  12. Special offer vouchers!

    Have I missed something!! Still got all five in my season ticket, and not once seen any posts on here or the website saying what we can use them for. Feel like I've been robbed a bit as when I bought my ticket they were one of the selling points!!!! As anyone one else used any of there's, if so for what??
  13. Today V Normanton

    Don't forget Hirst, great game and what a turn of pace for his try!! Really seems to be enjoying his rugby at the moment.
  14. Foot In Touch?

    I said it was at the game!! And just watched the vid and not changed my mind, definitely out. Not that it matters, not going to change the result!! Just punishing your self going over it.
  15. Season tickets

    Great thanks