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  1. Wilsden Ram RIP

    Can't believe it, only spoke to him at the forum. Not really known him long before that, just reading his posts. RIP πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
  2. Gaz in or out?

    There will be changes Monday as Ned said they surprised him, thought it was a game too far. Be very surprised if it's same team tbh however should pick up the pointsπŸ‰πŸ‰
  3. Away Trip to Oldham

    Do you have an idea on departure times and time coach will be back please
  4. Player of the season (regular season)

    If you go the full season for me - Aaron Brown, 2nd Jack Teanby 3rd Dale Morton. most improved - Don Speakman. ones to watch for the future IF they stay - Sam Day, James Glover Honourable mentions and would keep them all - Sheriffe, Sykes, Hallett, Adamson, Moore ?
  5. Rob Spicer

    I asked him, as he was sat near us with Squires and Morton. He gave me a rest today with a rye smile?
  6. 2018 Shirts

    Please forgive me drawing a parallel with supporters of the round ball game, of which I'm a big follower, but what about changing one shirt a year rather than both? Statistics prove sales are almost the same and it also ensures fans have a valid shirt for at least 2 seasons. They are not cheap! I didn't buy one (and neither did my wife) this season, so likely we will both next season. Finally, the point about them being on sale early is very valid and maybe even consider a discount (Β£10) to paying season ticket holders? (Juniors ST are free) Just a few thoughts, which appreciate are personal to me
  7. Batley Game "Good Friday"

    Well done Rams. Missed both games we've won this season, maybe I should stop going ??
  8. Get The Tackle Bags Out Glenn!

    Kain had a really poor game today, gifted them tries. That said, many others were really power second half too. Can't believe how we capitulated!! It's going to be a long season if these performances continue tbh
  9. Play off dates

    Semi finals are 26/27 sept and final is 4 oct at Widnes. Starting to feel a bit giddy now
  10. The Truth

    Club doctor was also consoling her after the incident, so obvious to me they were in agreement
  11. The Truth

    A real ding dong between Morro and the physio, very choice words from both. She was in tears for a while afterwards and Schofield came down from stand to see if she was OK. Let's hope they both apologised after the match and it doesn't happen again
  12. The Super 8s

    So 3 wins on the bounce and 6th place is ours to lose. A win against the Dogs (or Leigh) and is guaranteed. Great win today's lads, being on the play offs and some better news with injuries!! Did anyone find out if Conroy is with us for all the play offs pls?
  13. Kingstone Press Championship: Dewsbury 16 Halifax 46

    Our best performances this season have been London away, Sheffield, Leigh, Bradford home imo. I can't support we played well away at Eagles I'm afraid. Worse to dates, well it's a toss up between last Sunday and Hunslet away. Still plentry to play for and I do think a week off after last Sunday may not be a bad thing. I'll be there at Feth, optimistic as ever, as we are due a win there, running them close in recent times
  14. The Super 8s

    That's my hope too mate. Rams fans, ever the optimist
  15. The Super 8s

    If yesterday was the last game, regular season finish, we would play the following in the 8's Home - Hunslet, Whitehaven, Batley, Doncaster - 4 wins Away - London, Feth, Workington - 1 win If 6th and London 7th Home - London, Hunslet, Batley, Workington - 3 wins Away - Feth, Whitehaven, Doncaster - 2 wins IMO, won't make a difference in the 8's so it's about how many points we can get before end of season. I think we will finish 3rd in the 8's, so poss London in the semi final. Is this game neutral ground, does anyone know?