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  1. billybison

    new hunslet coach

    Blackbeard you will still have McShane don't be
  2. billybison

    new hunslet coach

    Martin Rowse ?
  3. billybison

    Referring standards

    I also went to this game and agree with most of your comments. The referee was a South African lady now living in South Wales who has refereed pro rugby union in both countries. What I cant get my head round is with only three games in the NCL yesterday why appoint a referee who as a nine hour round trip car journey. Finally the official assessor I spoke to after the game thought she handle the game well speaking to the players and explaining her decisions to them.
  4. billybison

    Yorkshire 40/20 cup

    For this weeks fixtures go on to RFL website and click onto leagues and compitions then scroll down to the YML website. One game what might be of interest you is North Hull Knights v Skirlaugh.
  5. billybison


    Kenny,regarding the Yorkshire League back then a guy called Ken Tinsdale just about ran the league on his own maybe worth contacting him. At Hope this helps.
  6. billybison

    NCL Quiz Question

    Hunslet Warriors have only ever played at the one venue which is Hunslet Green Community Sports Club, but most locals call it Warrior Park.
  7. billybison

    Relegation for 2017 season

    My comments on this matter were based on what I had read on the NCL disciplinary minutes. so it does not look good for Hunslet Warriors.
  8. billybison

    Relegation for 2017 season

    Just read the discipline minutes 30th august 2016 on the NCL website again, it does read that Stanley were charged under CR 4.2 and Lock Lane and Dewsbury Celtic were charged under CR 4.13 and CR 4.14.
  9. billybison

    Relegation for 2017 season

    Stanley were charged under OR 4.2 and were deducted 2 league points.
  10. billybison

    England lions

    That silly rule was changed about 18 months ago Blackbeard.
  11. billybison

    Excuse's for missing training?

    I know a player who lived 50 yards from training, and was the only one not to turn up for the Tuesday night session. On the Thursday the coach asked why he failed to show at the last session he replied he had watched the weather forecast who advised only travel if it is really necessary.
  12. billybison

    Challenge Trophy QF draw

    8th of October in Manchester the venue as yet to be decided.
  13. billybison

    NCL Disciplinary

    The committee last met on the 13th June the outcome of two cases I know Cas Lock Lane player six matches £100.00 fine Hunslet Warriors player three matches £50.00 fine.
  14. billybison

    Conference Challenge Cup.

    2nd round draw takes place tomorrow the 8th of May.
  15. billybison


    Dewsbury Moor v Hunslet Warriors this Saturday kick off 2.30