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  1. thirteenthman

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Just found a question on Peter Beattie's Twitter page where someone asks him that question and his reply was "Details are to be announced later this year".
  2. thirteenthman

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Is the timing of the Nines World Cup actually confirmed anywhere? Looked through countless articles and can't find anything concrete?
  3. thirteenthman

    No headline spoilers, please

    Thanks for spotting that one. Just checked on Sky and it is there on channel 980. Pity about the timing though....
  4. Indeed. Everytime the RLIF meet they agree to a calendar 'in principal'. Some definite confirmation would be good.
  5. Great try for the Scots. Enjoyed what I've seen of the 2nd half.
  6. thirteenthman

    RLIF Meeting

    Some interesting stuff in there about the 9s World Cup and financial support for an Americas Championship and a new comp for the Middle East and Africa. However, yet again, the main detail on the 2019 calendar is only agreed 'in principle' with announcements hoped to be made 'before Christmas'. Too much to hope they might have sorted it all out by now.
  7. thirteenthman

    RLIF Meeting

    Trouble is we've heard it all before:- That is an article dated May 2017 to say the Lions Tour would return in 2019. Thankfully, some of the 4 year cycle mentioned in the article has gone ahead as planned. However, the fact that we're still sat here in November 2018 waiting for official confirmation of 2019's matches, and the fact that previous agreements can apparently be forgotten about so easily, is extremely depressing. .
  8. Yeah, some lousy scheduling here but it should be the Welsh winning this one.
  9. thirteenthman

    Magic Weekend Clash? At least Everton aren't playing that weekend.
  10. thirteenthman

    George Burgess summoned

    Of course it was out of character. On any other day, he would've gouged both his eyes out.
  11. thirteenthman

    Fixtures 2019

    Magic venue and fixtures announced next week. Looks like Sky are showing some extra games on Saturday for the first month of the season, but after that it's just 2 per week plus Catalans home games. I also notice, no gap in the fixtures on what should be the International weekend in June. No surprise, but very disappointing.
  12. The only article I could locate was one from 2007 which talks about the NZRL still waiting for money from their tour of the UK and France. Pretty sure I've read about something similar since, but I can't find anything.
  13. The NZRL will get a cut of profits from the tour, and have set guarantees as part of the agreement, but they still have to pay to get themselves over here in the first place. The Tongans played a one off match in PNG a few years back, and they only got there because the PNGRFL agreed to cover all the costs. Maybe the RFL would agree to that as well, but it seems unlikely. The Samoans were due to tour in 2011ish, and they had to pull out because the Samoan government wouldn't subsidise it.
  14. If we play the Aussies next year, we could always organise another 3 match series with the Kiwis for 2020. We'd be due to play them by then... Cynicism aside, the Aussies would clearly rather tour here next year, and then play matches at home (or Auckland) in 2020 before coming back here in 2021 for the RLWC. I don't think they want two tours of the UK in consecutive years.
  15. Well, good luck with whoever goes to the NRL clubs with that proposal. And all the best in getting the SL clubs to agree to something similar. Kind of goes against everything we've been hearing from Mr Lenegan and co, who now have more control over the domestic game than ever, but it would be nice.