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  1. David Kidwell quits kiwi coach role

    Unlikely, given that Cleary decided not to coach Lebanon at last years RLWC due to his job at the TIgers. He could have done that part time, but decided to concentrate on his club instead. Given the Kiwis are playing mid season, he's unlikely to want the Kiwis job as well. Which is a pity, as he's a good coach.
  2. Attendances

    As Spidey has just replied, the same match in 2016 got 15,008:-
  3. Attendances

    Warrington v Widnes was 12,175 according to this:-
  4. Did Eddie Hemmings reveal something?

    It was mentioned in Sky's The Golden Point programme ahead of Thursdays match. Brian Carney said he'd heard a whisper that SL were looking at bringing in golden point extra time. Messers Carney and McDermott were against it, but Phil Clarke was all for it. I think that was why Eddie mentioned it on Friday.
  5. Salford v Catalans in New York

    Dr Koukash mentioned all this on Backchat the other week. He seemed pretty miffed that Salford were knocked back after asking permission to move the game to the US, but last year Wigan simply turned up at a SL meeting and told the other clubs they were taking a game to Australia. This version was questioned by one of the other panel members on the show, but it's what Koukash claimed happened. He also confirmed they were going to receive an amount of money from the promoters to refund season ticket holders.
  6. Yeah, the Sky listings don't match what FreeSports are showing. Thursday night I got Ice Hockey and Friday night it was Bowls. Hopefully, this mornings repeat at 10am will actually be shown......
  7. WatchNrl.Com

    Sterlo signed an exclusive deal with Channel 9 for 2018 and beyond. It does look pretty good actually. I got a Chromecast sorted out this morning and got that set up, and watched a bit of the Late Show with Matty Johns to try it out. Looking forward to the shows starting up for the new season and, of course, the matches.
  8. WatchNrl.Com

    The NRL app was announced as part of a deal between the NRL and Fox Sports, so I'm assuming that given they're showing Fox League 24/7 it would be the games as shown on there - i.e. Fox's own commentary team.
  9. WatchNrl.Com

    The reply they sent to my question said the iOS app would be released 'very soon'.
  10. WatchNrl.Com

    Fox have their own commentators on all 8 games.
  11. WatchNrl.Com

    There is a link to an Android app on the website, but yesterday it went to the AFL app, and today it appears to just redirect on the website. I did send them a question about this and they emailed back to say there is an Android app, but the iOS app hasn't been released. This is the link to the Android app:-
  12. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    Unfortunately not. It was supposed to be getting a big revamp, but it looks like the only thing changing is that Erin Molan is hosting. Paul Vautin has been axed but the likes of Beau Ryan have been kept on.
  13. Rugby AM signs up with Freesports TV

    This article is (I think) from when Rugby AM started on a pirate station in Leeds - the imaginatively titled Radio Frequency -which broadcast on FM. It did go out in the morning, hence AM, but I'd imagine it was named to sound like Soccer AM. Saw a but of this weeks show to see whether it's improved, but I'm not a fan of it. It's nowhere near as bad as it was when it first appeared on Premier Sports, but I'm still not impressed by Simmons and JJB.
  14. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    NRL matches now listed on the Sky Sports website. Matches through to the end of March listed.
  15. 2018 Series v NZ

    There was another. 1998 - St Helens v Warrington:-