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  1. thirteenthman

    SBW to Toronto??

    Just to clarify what the article in League Weekly actually says (If only they had one of those new fangled website type things). It reads - This is followed by speculation on the likes of SBW, Folau, Te'o etc. So a signing in the next two weeks and then a 'big name' from Union before the RUWC.
  2. thirteenthman


    Maybe, maybe not. The difference here is that there is a Canadian RL with some development already going on. There's no need to be promoting a rival sport. It simply muddies the waters and helps another sport. No need for it, as I see it.
  3. thirteenthman


    I'm sure you're right about the locals wanting to get into RL, but I don't see how promoting a rival sport helps. I'm happy to be corrected, but I doubt you'll see the Toronto Arrows RU team promoting any RL development initiatives.
  4. thirteenthman


    How the amateur game in Canada may not be Mr Argyle's problem, but why is he actively promoting a different sport? I know people will say the differences between RU and RL aren't the same in Canada as elsewhere, and by promoting the various activities of Rugby Ontario he's helping to "put rugby balls into the hands of kids", but he's doing it via the governing body of a different sport to the one he's running a pro side in. Whichever way you look at it, he's helping to promote a rival sport. This is the main issue I have with the whole Wolfpack set up. I genuinely don't understand why Mr Argyle can't just get behind the Canadian RL and leave Rugby Union to look after themselves. If the lines between the two sports in Canada are blurred, I don't see what purpose it serves blurring it even further.
  5. thirteenthman

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    Not entirely surprising the Moore Sports bid has failed considering they went into liquidation on September 6th. And the article states that the RLIF put the 2025 tournament out to tender at the last board meeting. Nice to see it finally make the news somewhere at least. It would be nice if France could stage it, but it's doubtful the French Federation would be able to afford it. As far as I know they never make any noises about even looking into the possibility of staging it.
  6. Somewhat surprised to read the criticism of an event being played in Sydney being played at a time to suit Australian audiences. If broadcasters or sponsors from this country were paying money towards it, I could understand the criticism but (i assume) they're not. And the conclusion of the tournament will be on the Saturday, anyway. And after all, next years WCC in Wigan will be on TV in Sydney at 6am on a Monday morning, and the last test between England and NZ was shown live on NZ TV at about 4am on a Monday morning. Hardly encouraging support from the other side of the world, but I doubt such matters are considered. Of course, unless the tournament could be staged mid season (which seems unlikely), it's unlikely a pre or end of season 9's could be staged in the UK because of the weather. Shame, as I'm looking forward to it.
  7. thirteenthman

    Golden Point

    The only one I wouldn't go with is Golden Point. Waste of time. If it's a draw, it's a draw. If you really have to have GP, I would amend it so the losing team still gets a point for forcing a draw in the 80 minutes. Give the extra point for the win in extra time, but a draw in normal time should still be rewarded. Not fussed either way on the rest of the changes, although the GLDO shot clock in the NRL usually results in the drop out being kicked just as the clock reaches zero.
  8. thirteenthman

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Just found a question on Peter Beattie's Twitter page where someone asks him that question and his reply was "Details are to be announced later this year".
  9. thirteenthman

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Is the timing of the Nines World Cup actually confirmed anywhere? Looked through countless articles and can't find anything concrete?
  10. thirteenthman

    No headline spoilers, please

    Thanks for spotting that one. Just checked on Sky and it is there on channel 980. Pity about the timing though....
  11. Indeed. Everytime the RLIF meet they agree to a calendar 'in principal'. Some definite confirmation would be good.
  12. Great try for the Scots. Enjoyed what I've seen of the 2nd half.
  13. thirteenthman

    RLIF Meeting

    Some interesting stuff in there about the 9s World Cup and financial support for an Americas Championship and a new comp for the Middle East and Africa. However, yet again, the main detail on the 2019 calendar is only agreed 'in principle' with announcements hoped to be made 'before Christmas'. Too much to hope they might have sorted it all out by now.
  14. thirteenthman

    RLIF Meeting

    Trouble is we've heard it all before:- That is an article dated May 2017 to say the Lions Tour would return in 2019. Thankfully, some of the 4 year cycle mentioned in the article has gone ahead as planned. However, the fact that we're still sat here in November 2018 waiting for official confirmation of 2019's matches, and the fact that previous agreements can apparently be forgotten about so easily, is extremely depressing. .
  15. Yeah, some lousy scheduling here but it should be the Welsh winning this one.