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  1. thirteenthman

    One Game. Together. RLWC 2021
  2. thirteenthman

    One Game. Together. RLWC 2021 London will stage games, though no final location selected More emphasis on games in cities, rather than towns Not just host venues, but also training venues required Minimum capacity threshold of 12,000 for men's tournament Men's tournament up to 16 teams - eight 2017 quarter-finalists plus eight other qualifiers Eight women's and wheelchair team nations 65 games across all formats 750,000 is the combined attendance target
  3. thirteenthman

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    Another RL governing body upset and surprised by officials, influenced by the whims of certain club sides, deciding to announce major changes without actually getting any sort of agreement to them first. Must be something in the water this year....
  4. thirteenthman

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    So now we've got a Lions Tour and a Kangaroo tour planned for the end of 2019 as well as a Nines tournament!!! May as well stick on a Four Nations or a World Cup while we're at it. You've gotta love RL - there's always someone ready with a plan....
  5. thirteenthman

    Backchat 28/6/2018

    Interesting edition. I like the rotation of hosts as it brings something different to the show, and Richard Stead with the guests this week brought a much calmer edition than last week with Rod Studd. Each has its plus points, but it's good to have a mix of styles. Intrigued to see Robert Elstone is due on later in July with Maurice Lindsay. I've no doubt Maurice will take the opportunity to remind Robert of all the marvellous things he achieved when he was running the sport.
  6. The PNGRFL chairman said Mead and Albert weren't picked due to 'costs and logistics'. I'm sure Catalans wouldn't have stood in the way of Mead playing an international........
  7. thirteenthman

    England vs. France Oct. 17th @ LSV

    The French will (I hope) be concentrating on the Euro Championship matches which are being used as qualification for the 2021 RLWC. Maybe the French didn't want to play on the following weekend - does anyone know actually why the game's on a Wednesday? It's a warm up match for both sides for bigger and more important things to come. It is what it is. I would've preferred the match to be played in France, but as I've already said, the French are probably concentrating on the more important games being played a few weeks later.
  8. But the Roos have completely dominated the last 2 RLWC's, so they are surely the best RL team on the planet. How or why you need to compare that with a RU team, I don't know - it's a different sport. Any reputation the All Blacks have is built on the back of the apparently bigger profile that sport has. Also, a lack of international matches isn't just an Australian issue. Since the start of 2008, England have played 55 times, NZ 51 times and Australia 50 times. Since the end of the 2013 RLWC, England and NZ have played 20 times while the Aussies have played 19 times. So, there's not really that much difference in terms of actual matches played. Everyone needs to be playing more.
  9. Of the last 50 matches Australia have played since the start of 2008, they have only lost 5 times (1 draw). All those games were against NZ. The last time someone other than NZ beat the Aussies is 12 years ago. They now haven't lost a match in 2 years. And in the last 2 World Cup's Australia's points for and against is 482-40. In Origin, only one of the series since 2008 has been a 3-0 whitewash, and on 6 occasions the series has been decided in the last game. The other thing worth remembering is that both teams in origin are Australian, so while one team was winning most of the series over the last decade, you had another Australian team losing. The hype from the Sydney media has got bigger as NSW has become more desperate to beat the Queenslanders. It's similar to how you'll get more interest here in England for a series against the Aussies than for one against the French. Everyone wants to put one over on the Aussies because of their record against us, so there's huge interest. But because we usually beat the French, the interest isn't the same. To try and say that Australia's dominance of the international game hasn't affected the Australian perception of the game would be foolish. And as EW alludes to above, the biggest problem the international game has is the dominance of the clubs. Certain NRL clubs may prefer self-interest, but having read some of the thoughts of Mr Lenagan and co., I suspect it's not something unique to the southern hemisphere.
  10. The video ref was an Aussie - Jarred Maxwell. Also, the Kiwi Touch Judge, Chris McMillan officiates in the NRL.
  11. thirteenthman

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    Cheers Jon, although I'm sure Sky didn't actually have to rely on a subscriber emailing them to remind them a couple of RL internationals they apparently had the rights to were taking place.......
  12. Thanks for the heads up on that. Not normally a betting man, but that looks pretty good considering how poor the Kiwi team looks. England should win this one easily.
  13. thirteenthman

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    I was thinking more of the 4872 (ish) hours since the World Cup finished or the 6072 hours after this weekend til the Autumn internationals start, but I take your point 😉
  14. thirteenthman

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    Excellent news. It's just a pity we have to wait so long for these international games to come round.
  15. thirteenthman

    Kangaroos to play in New York

    Fair enough. I've become very cynical about these sorts of stories, so it's interesting to hear this one's still being talked about.