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  1. Our new position in the EU

    Moan moan moan,you really are a sad lot. When things dont your way all you do is ##### about what if. Try being positive for a change instead of being a pethetic set of keyboard (edited)
  2. Our new position in the EU

    Ok now,everyone has had a moan,and I for one and sick tired about reading your self centred Shiite about the doom and gloom what is comming. One after another post is bitching about what will happen once wE leave the EU. It’s time you lot deal with the what’s coming,weatrh
  3. Lost

    Many thanks for the replies,I will pop in to one of the solicitors in town. Cheers
  4. Lost

    It’s not often I post on this site but you lot seem an intelligent bunch so I wonder if you can help me. My mother passed away a few weeks ago and rummaging thru her papers etc I found a copy of her will,which I require for probate. The original will was held at a solicitor,who would you have it went out of business in 1997. Could one of possibly point me in the right direction as to how I start to find where it is. Many thanks.
  5. The people are fed up with the same tosh that has been regurgitated time and time again. Times are changing and you,I,will have to deal with what is coming. The so called "political naive " are here to stay and will rule the roost for a long time to come. This is 2017,FFS drag yourself into it. Stop being a dull,boring old fart. Go out,walk your dog,make love to your honey and enjoy life.
  6. Go to a dark corner and sulk before you implode. Better still,enjoy what you have in life.
  7. This final still makes my hairs stand on end.Perfect weather and pitch. Tough one to call but I would love it,just love it for a Hull win.
  8. Having read most of the comments THIS one just about sums up the bitching on this thread.
  9. Back this up with some facts if you can please or is it just what you heard down the pub?
  10. Already ?

    https://www.eticketing.co.uk/rle/details/event.aspx?itemref=10631 50% off
  11. Seems Keighley are virtually at full strength with the return of skipper J.Feather. Good news.
  12. Worst player on the pitch gets all the glory