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  1. Lad needs some game time so good luck to him at Hunslet.
  2. So far as l know both full time and part players and coaches time try and make the most of a free weekend with a break. ln terms of time off for holidays players in either super league and championship they get October off which doesn't leave many options for players with young families for the kids to spend some time with dad. A recharge of their batteries before tangling with the elite may help refresh some verytired and bruised bodies. Unfortunately for us this coincides with a change of coach
  3. Knowles davies griffin
  4. Walton Davis Misi
  5. I agree and a point well made. If no teams made any mistakes there would be no scores. We just need to we make fewer mistakes than our opposition. In terms of going forward we need to fully utilise as many of our squad to ensure they are all fully match fit to compete effectively in the games to come.
  6. Be good to have Briggs back but have a plan B kickers if Fev lose the main kicker in the game. More kickers on the field better for me
  7. Some very poor refereing. Quick to blow the pea out of his whistle. Fair tackle around ankles a yellow card. Hit in the mush with an elbow just a penalty to Fev. They drop ball should be play on and a try but brings us back for a scrum. Plays get out of jail by awarding a penalty to Leeds. Anyway that's out of the way now. Back to what really matters the league
  8. Moore Walton Misi
  9. Great news for the club and fans alike and good luck to the lad. It will take the pressure off him knowing he has a contract secured until 2019
  10. Disappointing match that had so much anticipation. For me Davies. Pity he did not mange the hat trick. It may have made a difference Turner. Having a great season. Hope he's not away too long Wildie
  11. Not sure and whose spot would he take in the squad then?. We have a strong team we need to hang on to them.
  12. Davies Thacks Turrner
  13. Hardman davies turner for me
  14. Spot on. I remember Mr Aston on radio Sheffield saying for some of our players the journey ends here. We are going full time!!!!. Did he swap the part time who left with better full time players?. I think not There is a universe of difference between a full time team and strong full time team It needs lots of players and a ton of cash. We have bet a few full time sides and ran some very close. Who's better value for money
  15. Scot Turner Luke Cooper Corey Aston