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  1. So it's true BSJ
  2. Play the Ball, not step over it to speed things up!!
  3. Just read the same on Facebook. I wish him well for the future, and thank him for the past!
  4. They probably would agree to most suggestions if it increased the crowd and their share. It's a difficult situation, but more people through the gate must increase profit either at the turnstiles or bars.
  5. What about attend this game and get a discount on the Semi?
  6. Do you get a telegram too?
  7. I'll put my hard hat on now..... Why don't we increase the entrance fee to match some of the other clubs in the 8's, and the offer deals for home support if tickets are purchased early?
  8. Nailed on he will be MOM then!!!
  9. jc

    Everyone is welcome at the Rams!!
  10. Nice close up of Mr Fisher!
  11. Too good for em, if you ask me!
  12. Spot on. Today in any sport, players think of themselves and their career first of all (as do coaches/managers), and in RL players can find themselves like Darrell Goulding at the end before they know it. Having read the comments a few times, I think Godwin has tried very hard to please everyone, but ultimately has upset everyone (except me). I wish him well, he is an experienced and successful RL player, one for our pals across the valley maybe as they need someone to get them around the field.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but I can't see anything but a bit of honesty from Godwin. He clearly states his gratitude to both the Club & GM, but says he wants to finish his career playing at the highest level. Isn't that just like GM saying he want's to Coach at the highest level?
  14. Is that all..... Don't understand why anyone could get upset about that.
  15. What has Godwin said?