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  1. Flaming balls


    Worth a look guys, £10 to become a member it's great. Or you can buy DVDs.
  2. Flaming balls


    I don't think the Wigan game would of been on had it not been a "Sky Sports" fixture
  3. Flaming balls


    Looked to me like he completely missed the ball when diving on it.
  4. Flaming balls


    game on
  5. Flaming balls

    England Coach

    What you all think of Wayne Bennett as new coach?
  6. Flaming balls


    A match of which the club will make "NO" Money apart from bar and food sales.
  7. Flaming balls

    Barrow v Town

    Hardly anything on Walney. Hopefully it's ok.
  8. Flaming balls

    2016 shirts

    That's good to hear. Just what I was told, was also told the club would be taking it further.P.S am also surprised there has been no word publically from the club till now.
  9. Flaming balls

    2016 shirts

    Isolated as in only Barrow
  10. Flaming balls

    2016 shirts

    I believe ISC are taking no responsibility and are refusing the return of stock, as it's a isolated incident!!!
  11. Flaming balls

    Squad for 2016

    Looks a very good, strong squad. Well done to Barrow Raiders BoD for putting this together.
  12. Flaming balls

    2016 shirts

    They never get this right. This year I told mother to get me a size bigger as they are always a bad fit, can hardly get the neck over my arm, I have no chance of getting it over my head.
  13. Flaming balls

    Kit Launch Night 2016

    I agree not keen on the home one.
  14. Flaming balls

    Barrow odds 2016

    No worries thanks I use 365
  15. Flaming balls

    Barrow odds 2016

    What are these odds on Ron? None on 365.