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  1. How old is he and was he ever in the dragons setup?
  2. I'd rather the NRL sounded out new markets like China, Japan, South Africa and NZ cities like Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin etc.
  3. This is great news as York has the potential to grow significantly both on and off the pitch and a brand spanking new stadium can certainly help with this. York is a decent sized city which also hasn't really got any other competition from other nearby RL clubs for fans. In fact the whole North Yorkshire region of some 1.2 million people is pretty much an untapped area. Would love to see a succeful York City knights club help grow the game in areas like Harrogate, Scarborough and Northallerton etc.
  4. My guess is that he'd probably only use Wales as a stepping stone for a kiwi call up.
  5. My guess is because he's not very politically savvy. He knew the MSM "news" would jump all over it and use it against him and because he's not very bright it's actually hurting him even more by denying it at first then having to admit it.
  6. Shock horror!!! Impeach him now.
  7. The Broncos have just awarded fulltime professional contracts to 3 of their u19's players. Good to see more southern born/raised players entering the professional ranks through the London Broncos youth setup.
  8. Listening to radio merseyside and at halftime Ray French has saved a Mars bar and is now proceeding to eat it live on the air. Don't they know that people can still hear them??
  9. Have you ever noticed that the kiwis always suffer injuries to their best players before tournaments and the Anzac tests. They also lose players in areas where they have no depth like the centre and the halves.
  10. I agree. Could have the same old situation of Samoa and Tonga not naming their squads until the kiwis have named theirs. Or worse still players being named in 2 nations squads.
  11. Any info on him Hvy Wg?
  12. I'm really hoping that Salford can pull off a win and get to Wembley and generate lots of interest with the people of Salford and the surrounding area. Both the stay away fans and potential new fans.
  13. What's the spread of the teams around Jamaica tex. Are all of the teams based in and around Kingston or are they spread throughout the island?
  14. Just be a neutral and enjoy the game ;-)