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  1. Warm welcome to our Canadian posters

    Montréal would be amazing and my preferred choice. Is there a rivalry between Toronto and Montreal in other sports or just in general??
  2. Warm welcome to our Canadian posters

    I’m thinking that all the talk of Hamilton is just a diversion but not exactly sure why. Either way I’ll welcome whoever it turns out to be as I’ve often thought of Canada of being a prime expansion area for RL.
  3. Warm welcome to our Canadian posters

    Love to read and hear their enthusiasm for RL.
  4. Catalan Dragons 2018 Thread

    I’m sure they can both bulk up but not too much in the next 1-2 years.
  5. Catalan Dragons 2018 Thread

    Maybe the slight frames of the flovie twins counted against them which would be a shame.
  6. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    Thought it was too good to be true
  7. Catalan Dragons 2018 Thread

    Did any of this years u19’s squad win a full-time contract with the dragons for next season or do all of the older players just sign for the reserves?
  8. Villeneuve aims for League 1 2020

    Exactly. Isn’t offering up places to French teams the perfect opportunity to expand the game in France to new areas and big cities like you say Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Montpelier etc.
  9. He sounds like a general sports journalist with a grudge against league or you’d like to think that. Would be quite amazing if he was actually a league journalist.
  10. Is this guy an actual RL journalist or a union or AFL journalist?
  11. Larroyer to Leigh

    Good on Leigh. Let’s hope more championship sides take a chance on French players.
  12. Didn’t Canberra sign a load of Fijian schoolboys that toured oz earlier this year??
  13. France U18 vs England Academy tonight!

    Not sure about all those players you listed but Romano, Ambert and pala are centres and 1 of the flovie twins is a fullback so maybe.
  14. France U18 vs England Academy tonight!

    Ok. He’ll probably become a squad player for the reserves.
  15. France U18 vs England Academy tonight!

    Doesn’t he have another year in the u19’s?