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  1. What are these views that trump holds that match those of nazis??
  2. Honest question here. Can you give me any examples of trumps nazis views?? I know he's a loud mouth and a thin skinned braggart but I can't say I've ever heard him talk about white power, racial purity or a final solution for the Jewish race.
  3. Were these African Americans you talked too Hillary Clinton supporters??
  4. He needs to chance his arm and get a trial for a championship side rather than wasting another year in elite 1.
  5. You can't really blame the dragons on this one as you even question his lifestyle off the pitch. Let's hope he doesn't mess this up for his sake and the French national side.
  6. Exactly. Notice how both Oliver and duke deliberately conflate trumps slogan of "make America great again" with what duke perceives of trumps slogan "take back America." Oliver is just another democratic shill who tries to hide behind his "comedy" and fails on both.
  7. Man I miss John Stewart. John Oliver comes across as an annoying Englishman.
  8. Sounds a bit like the US "intelligence" services. Anyway it's up to Julian assange to to public with his source.
  9. Sounds like a nasty piece of work. Unless assange gives rohbabcher his source which assange has vowed wikileaks will never do in order to protect the identity of all leakers to wikileaks I fail to see how he can prove anything either way.
  10. Republican congressmen Dana rohrabcher met with wikileaks founder Julian assange on Wednesday at the Ecuadorian embassy in which assange vowed to prove Russia was not behind the "hacking" and leaks of the DNC emails. Rohrabacher has said he will brief president trump with the details before going public.
  11. Any word on who could earn themselves a professional fulltime contract with the dragons senior team from the u19's?? The flovie twins I presume are in their final year at u19 level so it'll be interesting to see where they end up playing next year.
  12. Port Moresby is listed in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world.
  13. Leeds, Huddersfield or Barnsley perhaps??
  14. Since entering the Queensland cup I don't think the hunters have finished lower than the top 5 and have made the playoffs for the last 3 years. Not to mention sitting in 1st place this year. So they could very well outgrow the Queensland cup in the next 5 years. PNG should potentially be the biggest exporter of NRL players above Fiji and even NZ considering their population, popularity of RL and the current pathways in place for PNG RL players.
  15. PNG are going to seriously have a good side if all their eligible players make themselves available like segayaro, McDonald, mead, olam and Ottio. Plus players like Alex johnston and Gideon gela-mosby have recently declared an interest in representing the kumuls. Add to that players like the pandia brothers playing for the jets, teteh for the dolphins and the boas&Albert brothers at the hunters along with brilliantly named stargroth amean willie minoga.