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  1. He'll come back to the NRL when he's busted like wendall sailor or lote tuqiri for 1 last big payday.
  2. Although I agree in principle with the point you're making and I'm no expert on the US constitution the right to bare arms is one of the ten amendments of the bill of rights written into the US constitution while the affordable healthcare act is a law passed by congress and signed by the president which can be overturned at anytime. I really wish that americans cared more about life in the form of healthcare for everybody rather than the weapons that deliver death be it the 2nd amendment or the outrageous military budget.
  3. Can you give us any evidence of this so called "intimidation" used by trump supporters at polling places or is it just more propaganda?? also what lies were told about Clinton??
  4. But of course as you know fine well the presidency of the USA isn't won on the popular vote but is won on the electoral college vote in which trump won whether you like it or not. Those are the rules in which both candidates and party's know and accept before the election and it's does Clinton and democratic supporters no favours by crying about the result because their candidate didn't win. Get over it. out of interest do you also question Wigan being the champions of super league in 2013 what with Huddersfield finishing top of the table in the regular season??
  5. Alex Jones of infowars fears a tactical nuke at trumps inauguration. You couldn't make this s#*t up.
  6. I really hope that the American people get to join the list of developed nations with universal single payer healthcare but I fear that obamacare could have killed it.
  7. Great news for trinity and the player imo. Let's the kid develop at trinity by having more game time rather than being down the pecking order at a "bigger" club and less pressure.
  8. Or could it be that both trump and Russia might possibly be right on NATO??
  9. That'll be the guy that doesn't even recognize that his own president was democratically elected. Good on trump I say.
  10. I couldn't agree more with both.
  11. Just Weeks after saying that the US needs to expand its nuclear arsenal trump is now saying he wants to cut a deal with Moscow in reducing the number of stockpiled nuclear weapons linked in with getting rid of the sanctions.
  12. How can Russia fight against ISIS in Raqqa when they've got nothing to work with on the ground in that province?? There are Syrian regime forces on the ground in palmyra and deir ezzor to work with likewise in Aleppo and Homs etc who are fighting al Qaeda and other hardline jihadist groups. The Kurdish regions of Syria are right next door to Raqqa province.
  13. We don't need RT to tell us that ISIS have shot down Russian helicopters or killed Russian soldiers in palmyra or deir ezzor you just need eyes and ears and a free mind capable of objective thinking that isn't clouded by Russophobia.
  14. It would be interesting to know Le pen's view on Crimea before she got the loan from the Russian bank.
  15. According to reports French banks refused to loan her party the money. Le pen has also stated that she will recognize Crimea as part of Russia if she wins. How is Russia assisting merkel's online popularity? I'm Genuinely interested.