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  1. I agree 100%. Having a NRL team in Perth will grow the game at grassroots in Western Australia exponentially. Just look at meleborne Storm which are now seeing youngsters filter into their junior sides and even 1st team from Victoria. Theres also players from super league, NZ, PNG, Fiji, Queensland cup and NSW cup to fill the spaces left by the creation of 2 new NRL franchises.
  2. Exactly. George Williams didn't exactly set the series against NZ on fire did he but look at him now.
  3. I really hope that burgess can make the transition from wing to centre at the highest level. I always thought that Tom briscoe would switch from wing to centre.
  4. He's the type of player that the Wolfpack will need in getting them out of the championship and into super league.
  5. If Canada could improve over the next 5-10 years placing them near other 2nd tier nations then a test in Quebec against France would be huge.
  6. Not sure about NZ but would love to see them tour PNG or Fiji or maybe even both.
  7. You couldn't pay me to watch state of origin.
  8. Tulsi gabbard.
  9. If you mean do to Syria what was done to Libya then no. Syria, the region and Europe can not have an ISIS/al Qaeda black flag flying over Damascus. End of but if and its a big if France can prove that Assad did carry out the attack then he must go but the SAA must stay to fight the jihadists. Personally im sceptical of France's claims as they have an agenda just like Russia who claimed that assad's airforce hit a rebel chemical warehouse without providing proof. I want an unbiased UN investigation into the chemical attack to find out what really happened. I still believe that the attack was carried out by al Qaeda to frame Assad and that the chemical used was chlorine and not sarin which they have used before.
  10. French intelligence services say they have evidence that Assad carried out the recent horrific chemical attack and will release it in days.
  11. Gary Connolly was quality. Not sure if Connolly and Newlove were ever a centre partnership??
  12. A US show of strength at a time when the Chinese leader was in town and when the North Koreans are mouthing off. i'll have to read what GS said about Assad benefiting.
  13. All I'm saying is that after the chemical attack the US response was to launch 59 tomahawk missiles at an empty Syrian government airfield which was up and running the next day and that's that. No follow up missile attacks by the US, no plans drawn up for full scale boots on the ground US invasion, no Assad must go, no re-arming of the rebel groups. Nothing.
  14. You could say that Assad has benefited by way of still being in power instead of being captured and tortured by the "rebels" like Gaddafi after heavy US/NATO bombing. Not quite sure I agree that the Russians were in on it but who knows anything is possible but I'm certain that the chemical attack was carried out by Al Qaeda who are operating in the area and that the chemical used in the attack was chlorine and not Sarin.
  15. I don't believe that Assad has benefited from this. Plus I don't think it was the Syrian government that carried out the attack but I agree with you that trump has benefited from this as have the arms industry that will have to build more tomahawk missiles at $1.5 million a pop to replace the 59 launched by trump.