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  1. Not quite sure. Dmitri pelo had a younger brother called teli I think that played in either the Queensland or NSW cup.
  2. If they've got the money then I don't see a problem with more North American teams. I've said this before on previous threads that I don't think a pro North American competition would be as appealing or financially sound compared to super league that has its own TV deal.
  3. 2 wrongs don't make a right. France at least has a domestic league plus Catalans and Toulouse to pick players from. Also I wouldn't have a problem if these players weren't born in France but at least had a French parent.
  4. I hope not. I'd rather see French born players play for France otherwise what's the point.
  5. Of course having 3-4 North American teams playing in super league you'd think would be at the very least 10 years away but that doesn't stop on future planning if such a situation arises. I don't see any easy options but a North American conference of say 5 teams that play each twice(home&away) would give those teams 8 fixtures combined with playing the 12 teamed European super league sides once another 11 fixtures giving them a 19 week regular season. The team that tops the North American conference could then enter the playoffs for the grandfinal.
  6. I don't understand way he's overlooked for PNG.
  7. Am I right in thinking that goudemand had a trial with Warrington and herold played for London Broncos?
  8. No doubt it's just a small number playing league compared to basketball and soccer but I believe it's growing and the chance to maybe represent their country of birth or their parents country of birth must be a huge incentive just like the Lebanese, Italian and Serbian Australians.
  9. Like I've said in a previous reply that the threat of financial collapse be it from the owners or a TV deal worries me for a potential North American pro comp. just look at the union pro league that's in trouble.
  10. Ideal scenario would see this happen but would the draw for the North American teams be the super league rather than a North American pro comp that could be at threat from financial collapse and loss of TV deal??
  11. Not quite sure of the actual background of the players but the Africa United team in Australia is made up of refugees quite possibly from Somalia and Sudan who are tremendous athletes and are starting to breakthrough into the nrl junior sides.
  12. All good for both Toulouse and French RL. I think it's absolutely vital that the French national side build a strong French pack which is capable of matching it with the likes of Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. Not to mention the top 3 nations.
  13. I can remember watching a documentary about the Maasai people and was struck about how tall and strong the men were and have always thought that they'd make tremendous RL players.
  14. Brazil and South America in general should be targeted more for development. That part of the world could be huge in terms of RL potential.
  15. All great news. What info do you have on ader the gadwin springer lookalike?? just realized that the gadwin springer clone isn't Ader. Could be sangare?