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  1. Various super league predictions

    1. McGillvary 2. Barba 3. St.helens
  2. Hull FC - Catalans warm up

    HT FC 10 v 4 Dragons
  3. Hull FC - Catalans warm up

    Conversation missed. fc 10 v 4 dragons
  4. Hull FC - Catalans warm up

    Dragons try. Broughton
  5. Hull FC - Catalans warm up

    Thornley bombs a try.
  6. Hull FC - Catalans warm up

    Hull FC 10 v 0 dragons
  7. Hull FC - Catalans warm up

    Try converted
  8. Hull FC - Catalans warm up

    Dragons 0 v 4 FC Faraimo try. Sneyd missed con
  9. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Glenn greenwald is a journalist who I totally respect and trust so if he says it's BS then I'll take his word over a few republicans everyday of the week until the memo is released to the public.
  10. President of USA (Merged threads)

    I've seen republicans being interviewed on cable TV who have seen the memo and their views range from it being a danger to the Republic and a palace coup to it being completely overblown so I'll guess it's something in between.
  11. What happened to Carlisle RL club?

    Would this have been after town were relegated from super league?
  12. Success in North America

    The one thing people need to remember and not lose sight of is that these people talking about running franchises and leagues in North America are not fans of the game like you and I but businessmen and at the end of the day these businessmen will want to see a return otherwise they wouldn’t be businessmen. Or not very good businessmen.
  13. What happened to Carlisle RL club?

    Very sad but true. There’s probably 20-30 cities/ towns ahead of carlisle for being given league status.
  14. What happened to Carlisle RL club?

    Did he go back to playing for egremont when he retired from the professional game?
  15. Why do RL clubs fold?

    Simple and basic but so very true. I was reading about the Scarborough pirates on Wikipedia and the pirates chairman was also the chairman of Scarborough football club and the reasons he gave for folding the club after 1 season was not enough people coming through the turnstiles and that the pirates ran up a debt of around £113,000.