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  1. Distance maybe. Is Sydney is closer to Suva than Brisbane? Either way we need a Fijian team in one of the competitions and quick.
  2. Me too. I'd also like to know if it would be realistic to have teams from the big cities like marseille, Lyon, Montpelier etc.
  3. Of course. Top priority for Fijian RL should be a team playing in the NSW cup.
  4. If teams are to drop out and the plan is to have them replaced then you'd think the new team/s would need more than a few months to set themselves up. Would be interesting to know what Manchester rangers timeframe is to becoming semi-professional.
  5. I agree but it's been a great season for them(Toulouse). Hopefully the backroom staff are already preparing for next season in terms of bringing in 1-2 high quality players and maybe a few more squad players for depth when injuries, suspensions and loss of form occurs.
  6. Fair point. Plus Warrington were a super league outfit but I'm not sure these people would have attended had it not been on TV. A lot of them just wanted to get their face on the telly. Also there's no reason why clubs couldn't build the game up similar to a cup tie with promotion of the game in the local media.
  7. I agree. I can remember when Whitehaven played Warrington in a televised challenge cup game at the recre a few years back I attended the game with about 12 workmates who'd either hadn't been since they were kids or hadn't been at all before.
  8. I'd love to see some games on terrestrial TV like channel 4 or maybe even Eurosport.
  9. But these English players would be contracted to and playing in the NRL and not super league. Plus you'd need about 20+ British players in the squad. Also how much upheaval would making 3-4 trips down under at 3-4 weeks stints have on a player with a young family??
  10. Maybe. Or maybe the coaching staff at Toulouse just don't think they're the better option. Does the kid(levy) who was at saints and Melbourne get much game time and the other big prop sangre?
  11. Never going to happen on both fronts as the NRL players are already moaning about playing too much RL in the season to begin with. As for entering a British team in the NRL, this is also pie in the sky as it would further dilute the product of super league which is under constant threat of losing its best players to the NRL and union.
  12. Add the French players playing in super league for the dragons and playing in the championship for Toulouse surely this should boost the performances from the French national side. It'll be interesting to see if any of this years crop at the dragons u19's will be offered fulltime contracts with the dragons or maybe other super league and championship clubs.
  13. So are both miloudi brothers playing for English clubs. 1 at York and 1 at Doncaster?
  14. And academics.
  15. The only player Samoa has to worry about losing is Milford. Lino has been getting rave reviews by the warriors fans while playing in the NSW cup. Reading the comments left by the Warriors fans on another forum he(Lino) has a very good structured game with good kicking, passing and general all round field tactics. As for Fiji, the sooner a team there enters the NSW cup the better. With the right structure and pathway I honestly feel that the Fijians could match the kiwis in terms of numbers in exporting RL talent to the NRL.