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  1. Personally I'd like to see another Canadian team rather than a US based team as Canada has shown far more potential than the US.
  2. Maybe but I'd be very surprised if Wigan v hull came even close to the 12.4k crowd that watched the dragons take on Melbourne.
  3. Let's take magic weekend to Leigh as well while we're at it. That'll show Union and their 65,000 at soldier field in Chicago for Ireland against the Allblacks.
  4. The big talk all of this week on talksport has been about the premier league taking their 39th game abroad to emerging footballing markets like China, Singapore and Malaysia etc and we take a super league game to Wollongong. Not Perth or Montreal or South Africa but Wollongong!!!
  5. The dragons struggle to sellout the WIN stadium whenever they play in Wollongong and that's their home team.
  6. To spread the game of RL to Wollongong ;-) seriously though taking a top SL game to Wollongong would be like taking a NRL game to Watford instead of London. Why not take it to Perth which has a large British expat population??
  7. He always looked really busy and setting up moves and tries whenever I saw the highlights but then again playing against grown men week in week out is different than playing against kids.
  8. No. A black lad. Djabril something??
  9. I maybe way off the mark here but I think I'm right in thinking that it was free admission at the charlety stadium as crazy as that may sound.
  10. He'll develop physical in time. What ever happened to the dragons halfback who sometimes played #9 from Union. I was very impressed with him last year for the u19's but he seems to have vanished. Maybe gone back to union??
  11. I've seen all the u19's highlights on the dragons website and although it's usually only 6-7 minutes he(mourgues) has been very impressive. Catalans most dangerous player.
  12. I'd much prefer a Fijian team playing in the Queensland cup rather than the NSW cup but maybe asking the Queensland based teams to make 2 trips to the Pacific is a stretch financially??
  13. Distance maybe. Is Sydney is closer to Suva than Brisbane? Either way we need a Fijian team in one of the competitions and quick.
  14. Me too. I'd also like to know if it would be realistic to have teams from the big cities like marseille, Lyon, Montpelier etc.
  15. Of course. Top priority for Fijian RL should be a team playing in the NSW cup.