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  1. Callum

    JP I quote... Replying to @brettcarter1 "Yeah mate all the years seeing promotion playing in some awesome teams with great lads but current coach is for a lack of another word..s..."
  2. Callum

    Disappointing. Not the response I expected, we now (as of this afternoon) have two current squad members posting on twitter their open dislike of the present situation. Any other professional organisation expressing a desire to be "open and honest" would have been able to word a suitable statement to address the concerns of their supporters and shareholders.
  3. Callum

    Gutted! The Board needs to make a statement to clarify the situation.
  4. Callum Phillips

    8.00pm on Premier Sports
  5. Phillips brothers

    With due respect Ginock 1, I have my reasons for preferring to respond to his question in this manner and despite your instruction I will continue to express myself in whatever way I choose and whenever I choose. But thank you for your interest in my views.
  6. Phillips brothers

    Hi GMK, thanks for your question, To avoid any further unnecessary forum negativity I have chosen to respond by PM.
  7. Phillips brothers

    I feel that losing them would not only rip the heart out of the team but also out of the dwindling number of supporters. I have become increasingly despondent about the perceived future scenario. Do us a favour Board, use your hearts as well as your heads in this matter. Time to relent in your resolve and retain the services of two good local lads.
  8. Shacks

    Really interesting views and attitude, food for thought from the North West Evening Mail 13 October 2016 11:10AM “PAUL Crarey has revealed several Barrow Raiders squad members have opted to take pay cuts to allow the club to strengthen ahead of the 2017 season. With four players leaving following the conclusion of the 2016 campaign, Raiders have moved quickly to make high-profile signings in the form of Lewis Charnock and Jarrad Stack. But missing out on promotion from Kingstone Press League One means no significant increase in the wage budget and head coach Crarey is impressed with the understanding shown by the players already with the club to allow them to strengthen the team. “We’ve spoken to other players who were on the option of a two-year deal who have taken cuts in the contract money so other players can come in,” said Crarey. “We didn’t get promoted – that was our aim – but with Toulouse and now with Toronto coming in, it’s very difficult and leaves just one slot and you need a bit of luck to go up. “We missed out on that, but the lads here are pretty genuine and understanding that if we haven’t gone up, the budget is going to be a bit different. “It’s not like football, where you can make masses of money, it’s a hobby to these kids.” The overall wage structure at the club remains unchanged, with the younger players on pay-as-you-play deals, the senior members of the squad on part-time contracts and those who travel from outside of the area getting more to cover their expenses. But while senior contracted players have agreed to take a slight drop in pay, Crarey was quick to point out they have not been lavishing money on the likes of Charnock and Stack – both of whom fall well within the budget for 2017. “The senior players who are probably on the contract money, a lot of them we’ve spoken to have taken cuts and that’s allowed us to bring Jarrad in – who, by the way, didn’t want a lot of money to come here,” said Crarey. “He was well within our budget, other people we’ve spoken to are well within our budget and we won’t spend outside of that, but we will talk to players to get people in. “One player can’t play on their own, it’s about everybody mucking in and we’ve really got family values here as a group and a club. We’re cutting our cloth accordingly and to get all of the people in who are high-quality players bodes well for the club.” Crarey is continuing to negotiate with potential new recruits and those current squad members whose deals the Raiders wish to renew along with joint-directors of rugby Andy Gaffney and Mike Sunderland.”
  9. Town in Trouble

    At last a rallying cry that we can all positively respond to!
  10. Town in Trouble

    Not going to argue with you Nero, however, some of us supporters (who never miss a match) don't live on the nicest side of the county and need the forum to keep in touch as the Town website/Twitter account and N and S struggles to provide any real news. Our near neighbour uses an official voice to address issues on their forum pages whenever they can. Perhaps we need to ask the board if they would agree to a spokesperson ( perhaps yourself ) to communicate with the fans via the forum. It was really informative when Troutmaster was able to give up his time and report back from training sessions and I for one really miss those snippets of information. Interest generated throughout the week is an essential part of marketing a club, the dismissal of the forum as a useful tool for this is a waste of a resource.
  11. Featherstone Match

    Half time tonight: Sheffield 12 Oldham 14. Better for us if Sheffield win? Also, can anyone tell me if Kris Coward is injured?
  12. Bradford Bulls

    Latest Town news! Strong possibility that Brett Phillips, Kris Coward and Perry Whiteley will be available for selection this Sunday against Bradford Bulls. Our Coach is hopeful that Perry and Brett will have recovered from the respective injuries that prevented them playing last Sunday against London. No possibility that Marc Shackley, Jarrad Stack nor Karl Olstrum will make the squad. Best wishes to Chris Murphy who as expected is ruled out for the remainder of the season. The official for Bradford is Mr. Sweet.
  13. London Broncos

    I appreciate your comments Bearman and most of the sentiments I can agree with apart from the fact that you quoted my words and misinterpreted the point of my comments. I ( and most others ) am(are) not primarily frustrated because we are losing games and may be demoted ( over the many decades I have supported the club there have been arguably worse playing lows than this ) nor do I intend to walk away because the team is having a bad run. My point, merely relates to the apparent refusal of the present administration system to respond to polite requests from their supporters for better communications regarding many aspects of the club. I will continue to support the club whatever happens in the future, however, like others, I would like a " we are in it together" ethos rather than the (perceived) present " them and us" approach of today's board. Enjoy your rugby Bearman, I will certainly enjoy my visit to Coventry (when we eventually both meet) win or lose!
  14. London Broncos

    Just noticed a nice comment by the club posted earlier today on their Twitter account. "Workington Town ‏@WorkingtonTown A huge thanks to our supporters who made the long journey to London this weekend All at the club appreciate your fantastic loyal support" Now wouldn't it be nice if it was followed up this week by a frank and honest piece specifically designed to answer the frustrations of all their loyal supporters! All we want is just a little bit more openness and inclusion.
  15. London Broncos

    I am sure both Turnstile and Death to the Rah Rah's are dedicated Town fans, merely falling out over frustrations created by an apparently "take my ball home and not speak to anyone" club. Town will survive, but the quality of its shape will very much be determined by ( alongside other actions ) a willingness by the board to include the fan base rather than ignore their frustrations. Time for open dialogue and renewals of joint endeavours by all parties.