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  1. https://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16551/valley-cougars-torfaen-tigers-and-cardiff-blue-dragons-to-join-southern-conference-league-in- 5 teams in the West group 9 in the East group
  2. welshmagpie

    War of the Roses coming back?

    I can’t help but agree with you, I don’t think this will receive much backing at all and will struggle for any traction or credibility.
  3. welshmagpie

    2019 ins and outs?

    Thank you, sir. I’ll take a look.
  4. Where will I find a full list for all 3 UK leagues? Many thanks.
  5. NRP? Anyway, none as far as we know. They’re able call on a decent player from the Canberra competition and the renowned Ingebrigsten brothers from the Queensland Cup
  6. welshmagpie

    Challenge Cup 1st Round Draw

    Yes, essentially the same club just playing at a lower level.
  7. welshmagpie

    Anyone else excited about the Jamaica game?

    That would be very decent and great to promote for TV etc. A big well done to Jamaica on their qualification. Again, the RLWC organisers should now be looking at really tapping into West Indian communities in Yorkshire and maybe even London
  8. welshmagpie

    Clubs' Websites

    For bad: West Wales Raiders For good: Coventry Bears* *Easy to navigate, user friendly and very professional.
  9. Now is time to build some Northern Hemisphere rivalries and competition. Next year, Wales and France are now technically fixtureless (though are probably working on arrangements as we speak). Time for a well promoted mini-series before the supposed GB tour?
  10. BBC commentator claimed the crowd was 1,250 not bad for a Sunday with England on as well. Had it been on Saturday I imagine it would’ve been more 1,500-2,000
  11. Can’t help but agree with all of this. The Irish forwards seemed to have more power but we handled that very well and were a lot more disciplined which payed off. Spoke to Wales RL chairman during the week about plans for 2019 should we win - he was hoping for 2 home friendlies to continue to build the brand and crowds. vs England (Wrexham) vs France (Cardiff) Thatd be perfect for me. Ideally I’d like 3/4 fixtures but 2 is what he said was realistic
  12. Could be a couple of nice away trips for any Irish fan - pick from Valencia, Moscow, Italy and one of Oslo or Athens.
  13. I’m excited to watch this young Welsh team grow over the next 3 years - I imagine it’ll be a much better showing in 2021 than in the last World Cup.
  14. Wales playing very well and doing the basics well. Ireland their own worst enemy at times, some very basic errors