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  1. Elite 1 follow-up

    Such an important part of developing the game globally that many people forget.
  2. Elite 1 follow-up

    My two adopted French clubs are Salon and Carpentras (both in the same league this year) I aim to get over soon and watch either of them
  3. Elite 1 follow-up

    WHo would be candidates to replace Palau mate?
  4. French RL stream?

    Probably a step too far I'm afraid Hvy. Thanks though
  5. French RL stream?

    Are there any today from Elite One today? Buried in snow here in Worcestershire, would love to pop some RL on before the Mrs has me doing jobs
  6. Catalans about to sign two

    I still can't believe that David Mead is almost 30
  7. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    I wouldn't mind the Knights as long as they were used as a long term plan... lets say they compete in a 2018 and 2020 European Cup and then from 2022 onwards they're to play regional select sides I.e Cumbria, Audr XIII, NZ Maori etc and allow England to play an ideally improved group of other nations in a proper European Cup
  8. I heard that. What an idiot - didn't he say... "Just looking at my notes on all of the players..." some research there
  9. What a way to butcher two fantastic anthems! Come on Wales!
  10. I second all of that. Not been a fun tournament from a Welsh point of view. Lots to do in 4 years with a limited budget!
  11. Can't say I know to be honest best. If it's not injury or personal they should never wear a Wales jersey again
  12. Come on mate. White tore his hamstring - bit unfair on him.
  13. Courtney is a good player (and can get better), he's know without a club after the All Golds collapse. He can step up to championship level me thinks. He's also got union clubs sniffing around him
  14. John Kear very scathing of the team in his post match comments. may explain why Matt Seamark was withdrawn so early - never seen the fuss over him, especially behind a beaten pack