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  1. Abs a player in a non-heartland area. This year has been like no other that I've known. Low numbers, teams collapsing left right and centre. The organisation of the game below the pro ranks is shocking and the standard is dropping... the gap is incredibly massive between each and every level of the game
  2. Good luck to you all at swinton
  3. I'm glad that the club will have a somewhat secure base and a good ground to work from. my concern is mainly that they're leaving an area with 6-8 amatuer/junior clubs within 30/40 mins - that's a big player base. Few of these players will want to travel an hour and a half to commit and would maybe better off at All Golds. There's onlybthe raiders down west, that's a much smaller player catchment
  4. 12 team league for SL/Champ: home and away plus a on the road expansion round* (23 games) top 4 play off (semi final and final) 16 team League One (15 rounds then split to two eights, further 7 games). 1st up, 2-5 semi and final for play off. Extra weekends would allow for lone-cup tie rounds (no other games that weekend hopefully boosting Cup crowds with general fans and amateur players). Also a 2 week international break in May/June. *championship clubs to partner up with southern amateur teams for double headers if suitable ground available. - edit: I'd also have a preseason 9s, admittedly weather would be difficult, maybe go South of France? Anyway, 12 SL teams plus Wales, Ireland, Scotland and France - those teams would get first pick of SL club players.
  5. Is there legs in this concept Hvy?
  6. Read their annual financial reviews Kenny. All explained in there. They do turn gradual profits, not too distant a dream.
  7. West Wales Raiders own Stebinheath Park. I imagine they're new owners of the South Wales club. owning a ground will help in the long run. wales RL now need to source some land in South eastt Wales (in their plans) and develop that for their own use and a base in that direction. Havibg two RL grounds in South Wales would be massive for the game.
  8. How many genuinely active clubs are there in Spain right now?
  9. Edit: sorry, wrong O'Brien
  10. http://www.rugby-league.com/article/40143/new-southern-rugby-league-competition-set-to-launch-in- very good news
  11. The one potential worry... Training numbers for Rhondda Outlaws have been low, I thinking about 6/7 bodies. They need to push for players locally in a strong RU area as this will be a tough league.
  12. There are rumours that in 2019 this league (at least part of it) will join 2/3 clubs from West of England for a full season competition. i imagine 8 teams, 21 rounds kind of structure before a semi and a grand final.
  13. William Barthau not deserve a spot?
  14. Though ad breaks are the reason, your point still (sort of) stands. ive always thought that Southern Hemisphere commentators spend longer periods saying nothing, waiting and allowing the game to develop. They don't sound desperate to have their voice heard. The game comes first, their opinion a very distant last.
  15. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/15236873.Rugby__39_s_13_man_code_set_to_introduce_Six_Nations_contest_while_reviving_its_British_Lions/ Included what would be another England Knights initiative. A welcome plan and idea, I just wish it was full strength England being considered