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  1. I hate a badge that doesn't state the team name as well. Could be anybody!
  2. As a South Wales fan. Big No. Nowhere near ready
  3. My geographic knowledge of NY isn't great. Brooklyn, New York, White Plains and then Long Island... Is that a good spread or could it be better?
  4. Fantastic to see. Some big blokes over there and a strong wrestling foundation, can only bode well for developing RL players.
  5. Only if they can beat Ja-pan I'll get me coat...
  6. That was a brilliant read, well done to all involved. I take pride in introducing a Ghanaian kid to rugby (albeit Union) back in school - he loved it. He's still playing as a prop somewhere in local RU
  7. Yep appears this is the English amateur side
  8. I worry for South Wales. Yes we have a new ground, identity and structure at the club but for me the playing squad is bottom 4 material. We've signed Andrew Gay who will arguably be our best player, Richard Jones who will add a bit of grit and the rest are ideal additions. My issue is that I just don't see enough in recruitment to say we've improved to the extent other sides around have improved. I'll say ambitious: 12th place finish Reality: 15th place finish
  9. Asked mr Mrs, she said no. "You watch enough on the telly!" She said
  10. They seem to provide a very professional service! I'm all for it - especially when we consider it wasn't too long ago that there were half a dozen lower league clubs who offered no merchandise at all.
  11. I'm afraid in the current RL climate, you cannot justify 7 end of season tests. It will be 4/5 maximum
  12. Probably the ideal place to put my condolences about Trent Bourke, Canada international winger who died this past week or so. In his 20's - sad loss.
  13. Salford is nice in my pinion. What's even better is the video promoting it!
  14. Matty Fozard. Was sensational for Wales this Autumn.
  15. Carcassonne and Limoux I believe.