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  1. welshmagpie


    Great news, I like the logo. Realistic target for French RL in the next 5-10 years should be to get Montpellier, Lyon and a Paris team into Elite One.
  2. welshmagpie

    Rugby League in France

    I’m sure Audois, Hvy Wg or a some of our other French based posters will be along to help you soon. Just giving this a bump
  3. welshmagpie

    Nice advert for Middle East Africa Cup

    The only release I’ve seen so far (sorry putting my nose in here) says 2 groups and a final played over 1 week. You’d imagine they mean a straight semi final into final in that short time frame? eligible nations: Lebanon (holders), Nigeria (hosts), South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, Burundi, DR Congo, Sierra Leone (though not heard much recently), South Sudan (purely Australia based players), Morocco. Who’ll compete? I’ll guess at: Nigeria vs. South Africa Lebanon vs. Ghana/Morocco
  4. welshmagpie

    TV games and full stadia

    I agree with you, it’s a more enjoyable watch for a neutral. Dare I say it, it feels more like a premier competition.
  5. welshmagpie

    The worst imports to great britain

    The first one wasn’t Kayle Connor by any chance was it? About 2012?
  6. welshmagpie

    The worst imports to great britain

    Agreed, so out of his depth.
  7. welshmagpie

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Agreed away is an alright jersey. Home is summed up by Ashley Bateman’s face.
  8. welshmagpie

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    West Wales just released both home and away but have done that ridiculous thing of getting the player model to cross their arms.
  9. Two USA internationals and Darcy Etrich say they could be OK. I still don’t think they’ll be within 30 of Millom however.
  10. welshmagpie

    Lord Derby Cup

    Good result for Trentels. Do remind me, is the structure as so... Elite One Elite Two Federal ?? (What’s fourth tier?)
  11. welshmagpie

    Scotland RL hiring

    Louis Senter wasn’t it? If I remember correctly
  12. welshmagpie

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    I’d rate that Haven kit if it wasn’t for that god awful main sponsor. what a waste
  13. welshmagpie

    London Broncos open day

    I really hope that London survive relegation this season. Theres something very likeable and positive about their current set up. Good luck.
  14. https://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16562/wales-announce-under--backroom-staff Lee Crooks is coach as was announced a few weeks back. A fairly hefty backroom team to for running two national u16 sides after over 100 trialled last year Positives all round.
  15. welshmagpie

    Elite Results

    I bet the Toulon game was fun to watch!