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  1. welshmagpie

    West Wales Raiders

    Care to elaborate Gav? Did you go down to Llanelli on the weekend? Be good to hear your thoughts and opinions and what you saw firsthand.
  2. Well done London. This is great news
  3. Anybody have any experience in setting one up and running it? I know Cas run a highly successful one, on a much grander scale. Can anybody also clarify the ins and outs of how it works etc. Many thanks
  4. welshmagpie

    West Wales Raiders

    Interesting quote from today’s Wales RL grand final which was won by Valley Cougars in a live interview streamed on the Wales RL Facebook page, which went something like... Interviewer: So what’s next for the Cougars? What are your aims for next year. Scott Britton: Well if Daf (Hellard) pulls his finger out we can take the Raiders place in League One. Interview: Now... we know you’ve got good working relations with the Raiders.
  5. welshmagpie

    West Wales Raiders

    Difference is I’m not being asked to produce anything for the club, if it was my job I would check and double check anything that I was unsure of.
  6. welshmagpie

    West Wales Raiders

    I’ve no idea I’m afraid, you’d imagine so. Theres a lot of lessons to be learned from this season for WWR and their management. As a supporter of RL in South Wales for the past 15 years I’ve seen many a false dawn. Id argue this is the venture I have the most faith in, they’ve got a great ground which I believe they own which means they are much more financially viable and able to sort their own income. The thing that worries me the most is that they can’t get the most basic off field stuff correct, for example... One support purchased a training top off of their online shop, it didn’t arrive for 3 weeks. He contacted them via Facebook, no reply, tried again to be told that the item was out of stock and that somebody was meant to offer him an exchange but didn’t. Equally their website is an absolute mess. They have two Facebook pages!? Their match day program calls players by their nicknames in the team list and also has the most basic of grammatical mistakes. Hopefully Kim Williams inspires some professionalism across the board next season.
  7. welshmagpie

    West Wales Raiders

    Though I’m not condone Raiders fielding a bare 13, this was the supposed situation of the current squad: 14 available 8 injured 5 international duty (Wales u19) 4 work commitments 3 holidays 3 no communication 1 concussion injury
  8. At the RLEF AGM in Belgrade this week. Interesting to hear whether it’s just an idea that’s been discussed or part of a long term plan that will be put into place over the next 3-5 years.
  9. A lovely summers weekend in the northern henrisphere in June. Friday: Scotland vs Italy (Aberdeen) Saturday: Wales vs Ireland (Cardiff) (15:00) Saturday: France vs England (Perpignan) (17:15) All on the BBC that'll do me just fine
  10. welshmagpie

    The inevitable??

    Target the French population of London somehow, I’m sure they’d love a day out in London supporting a French team. Google reckons there’s between 40,000 - 200,000 French in London Some further research says 300,000 with most in South Kensington. If I’m the RFL or even Catalans I’d be teaming up with 2/3 local restaurants to offer a ‘Meal, ticket, bus’ deal for French people in that area e.g. Meal at La Petit Sud, Transport to Wembley, ticket for £50
  11. I think that’s the important thing with London. Conaistency and continual improvements - we can rib them all we want, but I’m glad that their attendances are increasing year on year. They have to now (whatever league they’re in next year) break that 1,000 mark over the next couple of years.
  12. welshmagpie

    Liam Finn signs for Newcastle

    Fantastic signing for Newcastle, who are doing some great work on and off the pitch in laying secure foundations for the future. Long may it continue
  13. welshmagpie

    New funding criteria

    It’s true, a month or so ago West Wales asked twitter followers to register with the RFL and state the Raiders as their club for funding purposes.
  14. Something slightly radical needs to happen to keep the game alive and kicking (to a healthy standard). the line that sticks out most to me in the article... ’You’ll never please everybody...’
  15. Proof that this system just hasn’t worked for the bottom end of the championship. Roll on normality