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  1. welshmagpie

    Fewer than 17 players

    My suggestion is this: Minimum registered squad of 25 all clubs (none of this 21 for quality argument) before season starts. You cannot go below this number even if you release players (somebody I.e a loan or new signing fills the void). All clubs in top 3 divisions to run a reserve side, and play in localised groups. Reserves to be drawn from community registered players who play community game when no reserve game. What does this look like in action (I’ll pick a random club, London Skolars) First Team: 25 man squad. Reserves (20) 6 u18 players, 4 from London Chargers, 3 from Hills Hosit, 2 from Skolars A, 2 from Wests Warriors, 1 from Brixton Bulls, 1 from South London Silverbacks, 1 from Newham Dockers. Reserve game every 3 weeks.
  2. welshmagpie

    Your England picks to play New Zealand in Denver

    Ah yes, Regan Grace. Born in Neath/Port Talbot, Wales. Good one
  3. welshmagpie

    New Young Halves

    Is Oliver Roberts not a back rower? And also Irish?
  4. welshmagpie

    Arthur Mourgue Update

    But what will be of him without an under 19s? Or will he be too old and play in elite anyway?
  5. welshmagpie

    Niall Evalds

    Interestingly they have a u19 and u16 educational team? Excuse my ignorance. What’s the difference and benefit of this?
  6. Are there any resources available for this? Thanks
  7. welshmagpie

    New Rugby League Conference

    Whole game outside of the heartland (maybe even in it) needs a revamp. Each region I.e Midlands, West of England etc require a development officer to run coaching courses, refereeing courses and to get into schools. With stability in each region we could then look at a ten team, 18 round conference that would be the pinnacle of RL south of Sheffield. Underneath this would then be 4/5 team regional groups that are allowed to develop through the summer, clubs can then opt to move up when necessary (all of these clubs to have at least one junior side thanks to development officer presence). It’s ok to dream isn’t it.
  8. welshmagpie

    Elite 1 Round 17

    Where’s Marginet supposedly off to?
  9. Serious question, how do we realistically stabilise RL in the south?
  10. Northampton Demons also withdrawn themselves from competition in 2018 its not looking so rosy
  11. welshmagpie

    Fouad Yaha to Union?

    Out of curiosity, who are?
  12. welshmagpie

    Breakaway imminent in Wales?

    Where have you heard this from? All clubs at the recent Welsh Premier launch seemed happy and raring to go. strange
  13. welshmagpie

    European Championship 2018

    It is regular though? 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 were the last European Cups. i imagine with the new RLIF cycle having WC Qualifiers wo Years in advance as opposed to one, it’ll go 2018, 2020, 2022 from now
  14. Oakville ran an RL club a few years back: Oakville Crusaders didn’t last long though
  15. welshmagpie

    Dont forget about Fiji

    Still at St George I believe