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  1. welshmagpie

    Sammut wins the day (again) Malta champs

    Squads were based on a points system - one of the Lolo brothers is a full time pro for Niue. Sammut was named in the original squad for Malta which did not go over their respective point allocation.
  2. Anyone know where I can find one for the top 3 leagues in the UK?
  3. welshmagpie

    2019 kits

    The one on the shirt is for the National teams I.e Men’s, U19, U16. The 3 feathers is a national emblem or symbol. The Twitter one is the logo of the national governing body. Just like the FA have their own logo and then one for the England football team. The final (old logo) crops up because of ###### poor journalism (yes you TotalRL) who won’t change it to the new one when posting news stories
  4. welshmagpie

    Sammut wins the day (again) Malta champs

    Yeah Jarrod Sammut started at half back.
  5. welshmagpie

    Best side in the Emerging Nations so far?

    I once watched a Wakefield game in a very quiet Marmaris bar - fair to say the barman whinced every time somebody hit contact (he was an elderly fella) - seemed impressed nonetheless
  6. welshmagpie

    London in Superleague

    Penny for Schofield’s thoughts?
  7. welshmagpie

    Spain v Russia live!

    Could the 4/5 French based players be the difference? Im going to predict: Spain 28-18 Russia
  8. https://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16490/josh-ralph-to-link-up-with-wales-squad-for--internationals "I've been in talks with a couple of clubs for next year and one of my conditions is that I'm going overseas for a couple of weeks to play for Wales. "I've got a lot of pride for Wales and it means a lot to both myself and my family. "Some players would prefer to have a rest in the off-season, but I want to be out there playing and representing Wales." Could well call the 7 jersey his own for the next 10 years. Was brilliant in a losing side against Ireland in his first cap.
  9. welshmagpie

    Best side in the Emerging Nations so far?

    There’s a points system for each squad. They have something like 300 points - an NRL player is worth 100 points, State Cup 40 points etc
  10. welshmagpie

    Best side in the Emerging Nations so far?

    It’s hard to look past one of Malta or Niue. I imagine Niue will take the trophy.
  11. welshmagpie

    Best side in the Emerging Nations so far?

    Watched some of Turkey and Solomon Islands this morning before work. Sollies a typical island side, lots of aggression and energy but very little structure. A good 7 would do them a world of good - they were a joy to watch though. Turkey had more structure and were deserved winners but lacked any real discipline defensively.
  12. welshmagpie

    Good things about this season

    A personal highlight: The emergence of three proper RL juniors from South Wales at Halifax in the Davies twins and Sion Jones.
  13. He’s been fantastic hasn’t he. Been a fantastic player on the pitch, and from what I’ve heard a good guy off it. Been a pleasure to watch
  14. welshmagpie

    Wales RL expand junior set up.

    It would be great to see some junior expansion on the back of this. Particularly Valley Cougars establishing a junior set up (which they started last year). In addition to that, maybe a junior club in far west wales - Carmarthen maybe? And also one in the NPT area (Neath-Port Talbot).
  15. http://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16479/junior-rugby-league-on-the-rise-in-south-wales Moving from U13, U15 and U17 leagues to U12, U14, U16 and U19. On the surface this looks fantastic and will only increase the player pool in South Wales. However it’s worth noting that this season a handful of clubs failed to finish their U17 and U15 seasons. Some didn’t even make the start line.