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  1. The one potential worry... Training numbers for Rhondda Outlaws have been low, I thinking about 6/7 bodies. They need to push for players locally in a strong RU area as this will be a tough league.
  2. There are rumours that in 2019 this league (at least part of it) will join 2/3 clubs from West of England for a full season competition. i imagine 8 teams, 21 rounds kind of structure before a semi and a grand final.
  3. William Barthau not deserve a spot?
  4. Though ad breaks are the reason, your point still (sort of) stands. ive always thought that Southern Hemisphere commentators spend longer periods saying nothing, waiting and allowing the game to develop. They don't sound desperate to have their voice heard. The game comes first, their opinion a very distant last.
  5. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/15236873.Rugby__39_s_13_man_code_set_to_introduce_Six_Nations_contest_while_reviving_its_British_Lions/ Included what would be another England Knights initiative. A welcome plan and idea, I just wish it was full strength England being considered
  6. And Willie Isa edit: just re-read OP apologies
  7. Blocked in the UK though
  8. Backward step
  9. He isn't Welsh captain. That role belongs to Craig Kopczak. nonetheless, well done Rhodri, top player.
  10. How are the club finding it promoting a new/'strange' sport in a sports heavy city? Think Hawks, Falcons etc.
  11. Big defeat for Dorcol, are they no longer the big boys of Serbian RL?
  12. I'd like to see Toronto home games become the stage for the likes of Ryan Burroughs, Chad Bain and whatever other North Americans that they have contracted. As Odsal Outlaw said, they're head and shoulders above the rest. By playing 6/7 domestics at home, they should add more value to Canadian spectators (in terms of connection) and bring the standard down ever so slightly.
  13. You're young... Just focus on playing. The more you worry about positions, the more you will lose focus. If you aren't happy position wise then tell your coach. IIRC you posted something similar a month or so back. Mate - like i said, just focus on playing and taking advice from those who know you best; your teammates' and coaches.
  14. Is he injured?
  15. Keeping tabs on Richard Lepori? Outside chance at a WC spot