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  1. 2018 prospects

    Going a fair bit further down the pyramid I could nominate 1 or 2 from South Wakes who’ve signed up for West Wales Raiders. Taine Hendy; a loose forward (17) could be a very handy player if he continues to develop. Good in the contact but also a tidy pair of hands. Secondly, Archie Snook - currently second row but I can see him becoming a centre. Quick and very mobile. Runs a smart line and defends well. Fingers crossed for both among the many other young Welsh lads dotted all over the UK
  2. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    Didn’t Djalout end up playing fro Swinton?
  3. Embed the Pathway

    What if your a Welsh kid in England?
  4. Whats the best online store

    Mascordbrownz.com for international stuff
  5. Rugby Boots Discussion

    Wear Mizuno mate so can’t really comment. Try them on, if they feel light then surely they’re fine for a back?
  6. http://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16281/join-a-wrl-four-game-league-for- a 4 game mini-season in the summer for new and interested players and teams. i think they may have been slightly better served making it a tag 9s competition so that it is truly open to a wider range of people.
  7. Rookies to watch in 2018

    Apologies. I thought we were talking about Ryan Shaw
  8. Rookies to watch in 2018

    Over 100. I'm quite baffled by his inclusion
  9. Balkan Superleague

    I love this. Would be great to see it grow further with a full season and maybe even semi professionalism and TV. Nations could have local leagues with this league on top during offseason
  10. Elite 1 follow-up

    Such an important part of developing the game globally that many people forget.
  11. Elite 1 follow-up

    My two adopted French clubs are Salon and Carpentras (both in the same league this year) I aim to get over soon and watch either of them
  12. Elite 1 follow-up

    WHo would be candidates to replace Palau mate?
  13. French RL stream?

    Probably a step too far I'm afraid Hvy. Thanks though
  14. French RL stream?

    Are there any today from Elite One today? Buried in snow here in Worcestershire, would love to pop some RL on before the Mrs has me doing jobs