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  1. First time properly watching catalans, god they’re awful. Biggest shame for me? Young prospects like Albert playing in a poorly coached, unfit side who look like they barely (can?) talk to each other.
  2. Eddie Hearn’s six?

    It makes you realise there’s a lot of potential in terms of media faves with the replies, there’s plenty of options. another name - Morgan Knowles/Regan Grace for A Welsh spin?
  3. In his interview, he stated that if you give him half a dozen top SL stars then he could mound them into household names through social media. Who would your 6 picks be? For me: Ben Barba George Williams Tom Davies Tom Johnstone Luke Gale Ryan Hall - its actually a tough pick. I also considered Alex Walmsley, Liam Watts and a couple of others.
  4. That’s what happens when your halves are made up of a hooker and a second row/centre. i wasn’t impressed by the wingers defensive attempt for the most recent try. Lacked serious heart going for that loose ball
  5. Regional leagues 2018

    I heard Midlands was split into two groups of 4? group A: Birmingham, Ravens, Telford, Lemaington group B: Derby, Boston, Notts, Sherwood
  6. Some horrid defence by Cas for that try.
  7. GB Lions Squad

    Basically Wood said a full strength Ireland vs Wales and Scotland minus their best 3 would be unfair and an uneven playing field. RLI will stand their ground, they want a domestic player in the 30 for PR and community reasons on the Emerald Isle. Wood has other ideas.
  8. GB Lions Squad

    Had an a response to an enquiry I made, from a Scotland RL director this morning - Spoke to Tom Ashe about this today. Bennett wants a 30 man squad; 21 English then 3 each from Wales, Ireland and Scotland. The latter will be nominated by their national head coach I.e John Kear, Mark Aston etc. Ireland are yet to be fully convinced of taking part but the RLIF have stepped in claiming its be unfair on RLWC qualification if they didn’t. according to Ashe (who is an advisor to Bennett) the 9 ‘Celtic’ players will be allowed to play in one RLWC game before heading off with GB. Some of the RLWC series will be played before GB leave on tour to avoid major clash.
  9. Vitalini is on his 4th fwiw Crusaders, Gloucs, South Wales, Cov
  10. Dual Registration in 2018.

    Your club have released a statement.
  11. Sheffield stadium

    Temp stands in on February 16th I read on facebook
  12. Talent coming out of Wales

    Like I said... the words of Dafydd, not me