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  1. What’s the situation with the proposed new Montpellier team? The sharks?
  2. Just had a look through his twitter account, the bloke is really in a bad way. Like, seriously messed up.
  3. Please don’t throw Mika and Hepi in as French. Mika is a Samoan international, who was most recently named in the USA train on squad last year. Hepi is a Kiwi. Anyway, moan aside... Do France have any fixtures lined up this year?
  4. Fighting irish and Matt Santos I’ve been working on an ideal international calendar that I think you’d both like. When I get chance I’ll share my idea in here.
  5. A sad state of affairs really. I’ll get the blackboard out and start planning...
  6. Has just made me long for more international rugby league. Despite the fact that I watched 15 minutes of the Italy vs France game and was thoroughly bored, they’ve definitely, somehow, got everything else about the tournament spot on. An RL fan can only wish and hope...
  7. Shaun Johnson to lead them to The 2029 World Cup
  8. Why so few players for Entraigues?
  9. I’m curious, what would you suggest? Maybe groups of 5 - 4 fixtures per year (2 mid season, 2 post season). Relegation between each group? Who knows? Just curious how RL can be different.
  10. Worth noting I’ve seen Gareth Bale play for Wales in front of 3,000 in Moldova. It was the lowest of the lows for a world class player who’s proud to play for his country.
  11. I’ll put together a team for you... this isn’t for anybody to start an eligibility argument, or who plays for who etc.. I’m merely putting forward Wales best possible team on paper: 1: Caleb Aekins (NRL) 2: Rhys Williams (SL) 3: Elliot Kear (SL) 4: Chester Butler (CH) 5: Regan Grace (SL) 6: Jahrome Hughes (NRL) 7: Josh Ralph (QLD Cup) 8: Gil Dudson (SL) 9: Matty Fozard (SL) 10: Ben Flower (SL) 11: Morgan Knowles (SL) 12: Tyson Frizell (NRL) 13: Stevie Ward (SL) - 14: Ben Evans (CH) 15: Curtis Davies (CH) 16: Craig Kopczak (SL) 17: Rhodri Lloyd (CH)
  12. http://www.totalrl.com/ben-flower-hopeful-celtic-players-arent-picked-for-great-britain-as-token-gestures/ “It’s difficult playing for Wales, when you know that most of the time you are not going to come up against the best opposition there is,” he said. “You don’t play in the biggest games. “Playing internationally should be the highlight of your career, but for me at present it isn’t. So if I got a chance to play for Great Britain against the best teams in the world it would be incredible. - I somewhat agree with him but does he not realise that the problem starts with his own attitude and clubs similar to his employers. If Ireland, Wales and Scotland could call up full strength sides then the European Cup would go from strength to strength in terms of coverage, respect and finances - instead it just goes around in circles. After all look at what Taumalolo et al have done for Tonga.
  13. I imagine pigeons don’t fly well over the Pacific either, especially trying to find the Cook Islands.
  14. The latter, I’m sure a g in Samoan is a ‘ng’ sound. Fereti Tuilagi used to take his kids down to my local union club and he would pronounce it Tuilangi
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