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  1. Saw a young Lee Briers tease the Aussie’s with his kicking game in the 2000 WC and as a 9-year-old I thought, this is the game for me.
  2. http://internationalrlsquads.weebly.com/uploads/1/8/8/7/1887190/2019_cook_islands_wcq.pdf 9 debutants, a lot of notable absences for one reason or another. Sam Mataora debuted 10 years ago and has been pretty regular since, he’s amassed a grand total of 7 caps. Good to see the inclusion of Takairangi and CNZ, who should be skilled enough to guide them through this stage.
  3. All stats on the squad available here, with Taupau removed. Isaac Luke just 4 caps away from being in the top 5 most capped players (excluding GB caps) of all time. http://internationalrlsquads.weebly.com/
  4. Tonga Residents have recently played a 3 game series against Fiji Residents, so yes. sign up to the leagueunlimited forums, lots of international stuff is discussed over there. It’ll keep you in the loop.
  5. Vincent Rennie and Jerry Key are two astute signings, they seem to be signing a lot of younger players to which bodes well for their future I guess.
  6. Australian born, New Zealand born, Tongan born... anybody that’s eligible I suppose.
  7. I know they’ve got Hingano, who’s injured and Lange, who is at Catalans but they really do need that all elusive half back. Is there anyone young in QLD/NSW Cup or U20s of Tongan heritage?
  8. It’s a pretty strong side, just again (as usual) lacking half backs. http://internationalrlsquads.weebly.com/uploads/1/8/8/7/1887190/tonga_2019_oc1.pdf I’m also going to shamelessly plug my website here. http://internationalrlsquads.weebly.com/
  9. He’s come a long way since his Hull KR days. A very good player now.
  10. Against which team did this blackout happen?
  11. The next steps for junior RL should be the following... - Consistent age grade sides at all clubs I.e Cynon Valley having U12, U14, U16. - A clear and stable academy for the best players aged 16+ - A junior club between Llanelli and Bridgend (Swansea or the Neath Port Talbot area).
  12. Results from today... UNDER 12 Aber Valley Wolves Junior Rugby League Club Yellow 18-12 AVW Blue Bridgend Blue Bulls Rugby League 24-14 Cardiff Rugby League Llanelli Knights RL 30-16 Rhondda Outlaws Rugby League Torfaen Tigers RLFC 36-10 Cynon Valley Cavaliers UNDER 14 Aber Valley Wolves Blue 58-0 Aber Valley Wolves Yellow Torfaen Tigers RLFC 30-14 Cynon Valley Cavaliers UNDER 16 Aber Valley Wolves 46-10 Bridgend Blue Bulls Llanelli Knights 36-44 Torfaen Tigers
  13. Today... https://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16645/junior-magic-day-this-sunday-as-wrl-look-to-build-on-successful-start-to-june If you’re in and around the area, try and get to this. It’s a fantastic day filled with talent and plenty of smiles on the players faces. Theres guaranteed to be a future fully Welsh international on display as well.
  14. It really didn’t come across well on TV today, did it? The years have not been kind to the old place.
  15. Also spotted the aforementioned Woodbury-Hall toward the left.
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