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  1. I can't understand why Fifita was in such a rush to play the ball, which led to a knock on. Wakefield were winning, in Warringtons half and needed to slow the game down, it was stupid!
  2. But they do have speed on their side. I don't think you are giving either of them much credit. They will probably be as fast as the centres Australia and NZ pick. Plus, at 20 and 22 they have plenty time to put a bit of weight on.
  3. Leuluai will be moving on to the coaching staff. I think he only signed a one year playing contract with the deal being he becomes part of the coaching set up.
  4. Wigan would definitely have lost Williams without the changes. They still might, but at least they can keep hold of him for a few more years. I hadn't heard any talk about Percival leaving, but it is great that such a young promising player is staying in super league.
  5. I don't think you will find too many disappointed Wigan fans. Don't get me wrong, losing is never a good thing, but as fans we know the situation we are in and we really aren't losing by that much. Its nice to see that the younger players can step up if required.
  6. If they can stay injury free they should easily top the table but I think an injury to Gale or McShane could really affect them.
  7. Possibly but he has been like this for a few weeks now. I wonder if there is too much pressure put on him to perform with players missing. Hopefully he will click again soon.
  8. Don't know what's happened to Williams recently but he seems lost. He takes the wrong option so many times, kicking on the 3rd tackle in a few sets and then passing to a prop on the last tackle in another.
  9. Wigan have looked average for the last 3 weeks. They have been void of ideas.
  10. Why has Flower been brought into this?? Seems to be a running theme with Leeds fans on Facebook as well. Surprised Ferres didn't get the maximum ban, I would have thought the rfl would have gone in much harder with this type of "tackle".
  11. He would be silly if he didn't go to the NRL if he has the chance. Get him under a good attacking coach and he could be unstoppable.
  12. Williams links really well with Farrell, Gildart and Burgess. Without them he looks lost.
  13. Williams may have scored twice but he has had an absolute shocker today.
  14. Wigan won't have enough to win this match. Missing far too many tackles. I think if they had Farrell and Gelling they may have had too much for Leeds but they don't and I think Leeds will take it.