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  1. The match as a whole is not one to admire and enjoy. The kiwis are terrible. The individual skill of some of the Australian players is fantastic but personally I would rather watch a great match with two competitive teams showing great skill than this.
  2. What a massive disappointment this game has turned out to be, the Kiwis are terrible.
  3. Percival, Bateman, Williams and Cooper all played good, they weren't the problem. Dropping players like Clarke and keeping players like Widdop is the problem. Some of the SL players played far better then the NRL "superstars".
  4. Needed this aggression at the start.
  5. Half backs haven't had chance to click. Different pair every week!!
  6. Doesn't seem much aggression in this England team.
  7. Our best hooker wasn't selected today, Bennett is NRL obsessed. Shown that he is a very good club coach but definately not an international coach.
  8. Gone backwards under Bennett, the game plan is none existent and the player selection seems questionable to say the least. I can't believe Widdop is still on the field!!
  9. 2 ridiculous penalties from Hicks. Nothing in either of them.
  10. Seems odd to play Brown and Widdop when Brown hasn't played for two weeks and Williams played miles better than Widdop. Hope it pays off.
  11. These two teams are more than likely going to meet in the final, let's hope it's a far more entertaining game than that!
  12. Was it not a penalty for offside? A Warrington hand clearly touches the ball when O'Loughlin has possession and Chris Hill was in an offside position when he jumped on it.
  13. There's a lot to play for for Wigan. A win guarantees 2nd place and a home semi final against the loser of Hull-Warr so Wigan will hopefully go all out in this match to get the win.