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  1. The way Saints have started this match, Leeds could be bottom of the table by the end of it.
  2. Warrington have been so dominant in this match and kept it up for the full match which doesn’t seem to have happened too often this year. They have run faster and tackled harder and just wanted this so much more than Catalan who don’t look interested at all.
  3. Catalan are such a frustrating team to watch. They make so many mistakes.
  4. He didn’t have to do much, Austin was stupid pulling him down, they had a great scoring opportunity.
  5. That was an awful match. Wakefield were terrible, Leeds weren’t much better. Leeds deserved the win but Wakefield’s desicion making was very poor.
  6. If he really is in a contract dispute and wants to leave he would be better off at a super club for at least 12 months to try and find some form before thinking about the Nrl. He hasn’t looked right since his injury and just before his injury he was probably playing better then he ever has before. The fact he is clearly already low on confidence, going to the Nrl and not playing before coming back will just hurt his confidence even more.
  7. Not sure why Wakefield Are looking for a miraculous pass, there’s 20 minutes left. Just get yourself in good field position.
  8. He clearly grounds the ball, I can’t see where you think it touches the line first.
  9. Was hoping for a really close entertaining game tonight, then Catalan decided not to bother turning up.
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