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  1. I thought he was telling the Cas players the ball went back off Shenton and not forward off Inu.
  2. He only lost possession because Hardaker kicked the ball out though. Correct decision imo.
  3. Fortunately Bird was not injured by Acton but the outcome of what he did could have been awful. Acton didn't know if Bird was seriously injured, he didn't know if there was a head injury or a spinal injury, yet he pulled Bird up by his shirt before shoving him back into the ground. I don't understand how some people aren't getting this.
  4. He may have been conscious but was clearly very dazed. The head test just mean he didn't have concussion after the collision.
  5. Cas lucky to get a win there, could easily and probably should have been a penalty to Wakefield during the drop goal.
  6. The ball hit a Castleford player who was offside from the kick. Accidental offside.
  7. Did Adrian Morley not move across while under a superleague ban, albeit different circumstances that led to the ban, that was upheld in Oz?
  8. O'Loughlin shouts abuse and swears at the ref in a very disrespectful manner in every match you watch??
  9. I think we are more likely to see Sam at scrum half next year when Leuluai retires and Bateman at loose forward.
  10. We won't be in the top 8 at this rate!
  11. Same as always, we have no plan B for when plan A isn't working.
  12. He's a better winger then fullback but he's behind Burgess, Manfredi, Marshall and Davies for that position.
  13. Looked like he did on the replay.
  14. No. Think it's been over for a while.
  15. Very surprising they went for two. Just keep running towards Burgess and Marshall who both keep running out the line!