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  1. Week 1 - Starting Lineups

    Is Ash Golding injured or do you just think McDermott will pick Walker?
  2. Super League predictions 2018

    Can't see Castleford in the top 4 this year. Think the loss of Hardaker will have a really big affect.
  3. I think you have still missed the point Bob8 was making!! In rugby league, not much stays secret, be it player transfers, bans etc. Everyone normally knows what is happening before it has been announced e.g everyone at Wigan new McIlorum was leaving well before it was announced. What is surprising with this Bailey story is that we did not know about it weeks ago even though it had not been made public then. Not that there were secrets within the investigation etc. just that it was very surprising no one knew about the story before it was announced.
  4. I can't tell if you are going out of your way to purposely argue with people or you purely do not understand what you are reading. Bob8 is merely pointing out, things like this don't often stay secret for very long i.e. everyone normally knows what has happened before it has been announced. It is the same with player transfers etc.
  5. Sargison back to SL

    Wigan are looking at him to replace Gelling if Gelling decides to sign for the NZ Warriors.
  6. 2018 Predictions

    1. Wigan 2. Saints 3. Leeds 4. Hull 5. Warrington 6. Castleford 7. Wakefield 8. Huddersfield 9. Widnes 10. Catalan 11. Hull KR 12. Salford
  7. Hopefully we can keep Bennett and the majority of this group together. Losing Bennett now would be a blow .
  8. A bit more composure and we had that. Need to learn to stop panicking still!
  9. Looks like it. Could cause a tired team some trouble.
  10. I've never rated him internationally before but this World Cup he had been fantastic. Would love to see him get put through a gap as he is probably our fastest player.