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  1. Couldn't agree more with the sentiment of this article. I have watched lots of the RLWC matches and one thing that has struck me is how Voss makes the games exciting and interesting even when the match is effectible over as a contest. This enthusiasm keeps the viewers engaged with the match even if the result is already known. Even on the BBC highlights you get an impression of exciting matches listening to Voss doing his commentary. Wood is also pretty good.
  2. Here a few photos from Scotland v USA at Salford. #1 Anthems #2 Tomahawks #3 A new Wolf #4 Danny Brough #5 Bravehearts every where Thanks for looking.
  3. I have really enjoyed watching the RLWC on Premier. I had to subscribe and I am glad I did but I am also aware of others who have had access via Virgin. Does anyone have any details of the ratings for them? It would be good to know the reach of their coverage and also how many subscriptions they have generated on the back of RLWC.