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  1. The game really needs rugby league nines to become a commonwealth sport. This will lead to greater advances for the code i think. The Nines is a very good competition and fiercely fought contest. They will be no passengers in the Nines, the winner will be the best nation to contest. That is the way rugby league is played, no quarter given, none expected.
  2. Yes, i was just talking about this on another blog. I mentioned the importance of feeder clubs in the NRL, and how qld and nsw teams are all now feeder clubs to NRL teams. So excess players not needed in the NRL teams simply move back to the feeder teams each week-end. This keeps the feeder teams strong and helps them as well. Maybe this is a way for Scotland, Wales , France and Ireland to improve their domestic clubs. If the Top 12 super-league clubs had to pick a club from each of these nations as a feeder club, this would improve and give more exposure to these nations. That would be 4 clubs from each nation, and if the lower tier clubs also top up this option, then 8 clubs from each nation would make a great local comp and pathway to each of these nations. With relegation and promotion, these clubs could also be promoted to the super-league, that would be the end-game. Having Scotland Ireland or Wales team in the top 12 Super-League. It is a simple idea which is basically how the NRL is now going to work, only difference is we dont have promotion/relegation, we just have feeder club system which helps our feeder clubs stay strong.
  3. I also forgot to mention. Just to get a idea of the way the NRL works with second tier and third tier which is our under 20's comp. The NRL clubs each get 6 rising to 7 million in 2017. The Queensland cup and NSW cup which are second tier now, are all feeder clubs now to the NRL teams, and most rely on their own income. Each Queensland team was awarded a 100 thousand increase only this year. So getting carried away with second tier spending is a little crazy. It is more about feeder clubs which helps future players and NRL club squads which i think now number 30/35 with 25 in the top salary cap. So those players not required each week simply drop back to the feeder clubs. Not sure how super-league works. The point is, being a feeder club makes your second tier club stronger. We also have PNG now in the Queensland cup, again , opening up another pathway for more juniors and players. This might be done with Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
  4. So many positives to this deal. Firstly "league freak" is so far off the mark he looks like a amateur. This deal gives not only the game, players and clubs security, but also long term sponsors as well. Reading the comments about how much each club or lower grade clubs should get, i personally think it should be capped. Not at a rock bottom rate, but at a level where lower grade clubs can still survive nicely but not overspend to make the top tier. That will happen anyhow with relegation/promotion. The one thing you dont want is lower clubs getting into financial strife to win a spot. I also think feeder clubs has to come into play, so you dont get that dog eat dog approach, you get more of a group effort support. Only my opinion. Super-league is basically at rock bottom, so everything now is pointed to growth, much the same as the NRL was only a year ago. And we can all see how far the NRL has come in a short time, example, a 3 million deficit two years ago to a 40 million profit this year. Sponsors will now feel more confident to back super-league, which help grow crowds and support junior growth. Memberships is a area i can see as a growth area and i think growing the touch game has benefits as well. This comes under normal growth and added exposure the game will have now to confidence by this great new deal with SKY. What everyone now should be pushing for to grow the game even further, and one of the simplest ideas to grow the game and get it played in most schools, "Rugby League Nines". Besides a sell-out at the Auckland Nines in NZ, the NRL also holds in Sydney a Cabramatta International Nines http://www.nswrl.com.au/default.aspx?s=article-display&id=88672 which is growing each year and seems to be a huge growth area along with touch which now has the NRL at 1.4 million participants Australia wide. I am not sure who picks up the 4 nations (Sky, BBC), there seems to be plenty of growth areas in international league, along with a Nines tournament, these areas have plenty of prospects. 2015 the 4? 5 nations will again be in England. A BigHit for Wembley would be ideal. I think the 12 teams in Super League is perfect. It will keep the game the best it can be at the top level, which is hard to do when talent moves between two countries. As the NRL continues to grow, and lets not forget it has basically another half of the country plus talent out of the islands and NZ to still grow, then a flow-over will end up in the Super-league. 12 clubs will grow revenues and 'more cash to less clubs' will entice a better quality of player that will be paid more. Lets not forget, its all about money now, loyalty to a code is of little importance, dont be fooled into thinking otherwise. No, cap the bottom tiers so spending is kept in check, and spend the cash in the top 12 teams, so to build worlds best players and pay-checks. Rugby league nines as our international growth pathway.
  5. JT is head and shoulders above the rest for a long time now. Spot on with this award again. Not long now before i see him in the trail match up here where i live, i will take a gold painted boot to the game to remind everyone of his brilliance. hehe.
  6. Yes, thank goodness the game got rid of Gallop and brought in Dave Smith. I have been watching every thing he has done so far, and he has already made huge progress. Here are just a few things he has done, Fixed the second tier, and created a NSW/Qld Super-Bowl finla on NRL grand final day. That in itself opens up huge financial gain and possibilities. PNG has been admitted to the comp. The game now has a further 7 million market. Joined together Touch Footy with the NRL family. Digital growth and grass-roots will benefit as will the regional areas with more games and better support, as well as the indigenous areas having more support and competitions like Queensland Murri carnival. The biggest improvement is the people he now has working around him. He could see that he could not do this job alone, so he has brought together 7 of Australia's best in their fileds to support his team. Greenburg, Dolye, Etc. In the meantime Gallop is still up to his old true methods, telling everyone his new code will be the number one code in Australia while gangs of thugs and bullies run riot on the streets and let of flares and cause havoc while Rome burns. It is not hard to see who got the best deal. For once.

    That is how international sport should be played, at the largest stadiums in the world, in front of crowds full of passion with the action unfolding in front of them. That game was like Ravel's Bolero, it started off slowly, with NZ seemingly in control, then slowly turned and the crowd started to get excited, then half-time and the flute came into the game, as action started again it continued to get more dramatic, as the fans rose and the players delivered, it became a cesspool of excitement and may-ham. Then BOOM. it was all over, but gee, what a game, what a rush. The fans left with a smile on their face knowing they now can compete and next time it could be even better.