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  1. He's been excellent this season, sadly nobody's really helping him out today.
  2. Really enjoyed that, already looking forward to next year's. Connor, Taylor and Whitehead the standouts for mine. Still far from the finished product but some good signs.
  3. The Hull 2 have been very impressive thus far. This has been a very good game for the unitiated neutral, couldn't ask for much more as a way of showcasing the game to the US.
  4. That one looked OK for mine 😃
  5. Our defence is paper thin.
  6. Starting to see why Bateman got picked over Percival at the WC.
  7. Both teams making good yardage.
  8. Well it can only get better from that. Singer struggling with the lack of oxygen at altitude clearly.
  9. wackojacko

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    Me neither, very disappointing 😪
  10. wackojacko

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    Is Samoa Tonga not on Sky?
  11. wackojacko

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    Their lack of size ultimately punishing them against the big Fiji pack.
  12. The ref was right, the only people Cats should be ###### with are themselves.
  13. wackojacko

    Brooklyn Kings v NY Knights

  14. wackojacko

    Arthur Mourgue Update

    The U23 moniker is a bit of a misnomer at the moment, plenty of players in their late twenties.