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  1. That's Catalans best side as well, give or take. York look to have some very handy players, all credit to them.
  2. Made me ###### livid seeing that. Valid point about the necessary diplomacy to get them on board but I'd still be privately seething.
  3. Toronto v Swinton - Relocated

    I imagine other venues were more costly and that, given it's just one game, choosing a stadium that's already set up for rugby simplifies things.
  4. There's already the Balkan Super League with the Greek and Serbian clubs, among others.
  5. Elite 1 Round 13

    If only they would play some.
  6. France's Super XIII details

    It would have to. To get enough players of any quality to play for 13 pro sides, there would need to be significant overseas recruitment.
  7. Guasch "we have to walk away"

    I agree with a lot of your post but Guasch is more or less doing exactly that.
  8. Guasch "we have to walk away"

    On s'est fait voler (la victoire) AFAIK, although go on the French forum and you'll find plenty more colourful descriptions
  9. Guasch "we have to walk away"

    In what sense? While I agree that the language barrier can result in issues between players and refs, this suggestion of a deep state conspiracy is embarassing.
  10. Guasch "we have to walk away"

    While there were some issues with the ref yesterday, there were far more issues with the team and coaching. Guasch needs to take a long hard look at himself and his team before throwing his toys out the pram. And then learn some pragmatism and diplomacy.
  11. It was a poor call that, no doubt. He's not had a good game.
  12. Cats have decided they're no longer interested in defending that edge... interesting tactic, let's see if it pays off.
  13. Nice hands from Tomkins, thought for a minute they might not give that either there.
  14. Cats looking sparkier than usual if still a few key players short of a good side. We look .
  15. TO 50 Barrow 4 FT