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  1. wackojacko

    Widdop and price

    I'm not suggesting he isn't but Widdop could potentially be the most important player in SL. With him at Wire it could even be your year (but for real)...
  2. wackojacko

    Widdop and price

    Widdop would be by far the best half in the comp. Anyone who would prefer Connor for the next couple of years needs their head checked.
  3. wackojacko

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    I think this is a great idea although I think at this level there's no point in manufacturing teams, taking the countries who are actually producing juniors (there generally being a little less disparity at this age group) would allow the best of developing nations to be scouted and help boost the national sides in the future.
  4. Can we please not have this argument again in any case? It's been done to death and it would be nice to have a thread about international rugby league that's focused on the actual games being played rather than this same insipid debate.
  5. I figured it was just that it was a one-off qualifier so it should take place on neutral ground and London is easy to get to and we have clubs there already.
  6. wackojacko

    War of the Roses coming back?

    Well I'm relieved it's not what I thought, although the name is admittedly really dumb.
  7. Greece will surely struggle given their issues with the two federations although if they could sort that out they'd have a good case, certainly given the fairly considerable diaspora down under. I think Norway will struggle with a lack of heritage players but if they could build up that network they could be in for it as Russia are fairly reliant on domestic players. The kind of squad Italy are able to put out could vary greatly but Spain would probably have to find a number of strong heritage players to compete with them. It looks like it could be an interesting battle for those last two places and we'll definitely get a face we haven't seen for a couple of decades (or never).
  8. wackojacko

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Surely the Ozzie 3 can't be called Badman???
  9. wackojacko

    Jarrod Sammut leaves London Broncos

    Yeah, can't say I'm particularly pleased about that as a signing. Maybe he'll be more impressive behind a winning pack but I'm not confident.
  10. With only one meaningful 9's competition every 4 years, the chance of us getting specialists any time soon seems remote... A 9's World Cup seems like something you could do once a year, particularly given it's only a weekend. Glad it's happening, shame it's half-assed.
  11. wackojacko

    Catalans v Wigan in Barcelona?

    Yeah, the girlfriend is significantly keener for this than a weekend in Wigan (I don't know why...)
  12. wackojacko

    Catalans v Wigan in Barcelona?

    Confirmed today for the 18th May at Camp Nou. Blocking it in my calendar as we speak.
  13. wackojacko

    Widdop wants UK return

    Sydney Morning Herald are reporting that he's actually handed in a transfer request, which might give it a little more substance.