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  1. wackojacko

    Barcelona record crowd?

    I know I'm a Wigan fan so a bit biased but I'm incredibly excited about going to this game. It being in a fantastic city is a huge draw but the fact that it's at Europe's biggest stadium is one hell of a draw too. Despite some of the more pie-in-the-sky thinking that is sometime seen on this board, I never really thought I'd get to see Wigan play at the Nou Camp. I don't think I'd have been able to persuade the girlfriend to go on a weekend getaway to the DW. And even if there's only 25K in the bottom of it, so what? I'd love it to get 40 but it's hardly going to spoil anything for anyone.
  2. wackojacko

    Anthony Gelling to London

    Understandable for Escaré though given his lack of game-time. Has performed well when called upon but I guess just unlucky that Tomkins then Hardaker were at Wigan.
  3. wackojacko

    PNG players in the UK

  4. wackojacko

    PNG players in the UK

    Wouldn't these be Aussie expats?
  5. wackojacko

    SBW to Toronto??

    Yeah, wouldn't count at all the first year if they've never played pro RL before IIRC.
  6. On the other hand, I do see the argument. Tomkins is better at fullback (and a better fullback than Gigot IMO) so getting the best out of your star signing might be a good call. Gigot was excellent in the centres when he started this second stint at the Dracs. But I guess if your halves can't cut it (which remains to be seen given it's only the first game of the year), then there'll have to be some rearranging.
  7. wackojacko

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Shame that.
  8. wackojacko

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Incredible, who was that?
  9. wackojacko

    Connor & Sammut banned

    It's the star players' fault.
  10. wackojacko

    Widdop and price

    I'm not suggesting he isn't but Widdop could potentially be the most important player in SL. With him at Wire it could even be your year (but for real)...
  11. wackojacko

    Widdop and price

    Widdop would be by far the best half in the comp. Anyone who would prefer Connor for the next couple of years needs their head checked.
  12. wackojacko

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    I think this is a great idea although I think at this level there's no point in manufacturing teams, taking the countries who are actually producing juniors (there generally being a little less disparity at this age group) would allow the best of developing nations to be scouted and help boost the national sides in the future.