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  1. I'd certainly be ###### off if I was a Samoan fan and Milford ###### off when there was a place for him with the Kangaroos. But I'm not and I'm ###### off at this.
  2. Yeah but your opinion is "DON'T WATCH IT' because some people don't want Aussie cast-offs. You can say it all you like but it's that that I disagree with.
  3. I actually don't really mind that, as I said if they were any good then it wouldn't really bother me. But choose one, don't come play for England as a last-minute option. What I mostly took issue with is that you think English fans have no right to care who plays for their team and to hold them to a higher standard than the opposition. It's their team. Of course they care more.
  4. It's not incoherent to care about your team more than the opposition. It represents you to some extent. I don't think it's unfair of anyone to want people in their squad who genuinely care about representing them, this isn't the business of the club game.
  5. Again, quite clearly, just talking about my team, England.
  6. Not really, no. Pretty clear that English people don't want mediocre heritage players who'd much prefer to play for Australia. International sport doesn't work if you can play for everyone.
  7. Can you not see the difference between your team and someone else's team? Unsurprisingly, people here care a lot more about England's selection policy.
  8. What gets me is that they're not that good. If we were looking at guys who would make a big difference to us, if Cherry-Evans wanted in at halfback then I'd be open to that. But these are old Aussies who just want a bit of international football, McQueen's already played for Oz and it's clear we're a poor second for him. If they're just squad-filler that doesn't need flying over, get Greenwood in there. Better to give some experience to a talented 24-year-old than to a fading 35-year-old Aussie who was probably never really good enough for England, let alone to beat Australia.
  9. The quality of Google Translate is always satisfying. Apparently he's moving into a villa in Orrell - there can't be many of them.
  10. I'd definitely have him in the squad. Safe pair of hands in the halves with a fair bit of experience.
  11. It wasn't available in the UK, I guess because the BBC have the rights. Not surprising for it to be geoblocked, most BBC content is. Get a VPN.
  12. Christ they're awful.
  13. Talk about blue chip sponsors.