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  1. Ecstatic with the win, top defence and a couple of cracking tries. Great to see all those departing leave with a trophy. Any doubts I had about Wane were misplaced.
  2. Looked to be Navarette rather than SOL?? In any case, just pushing and shoving.
  3. Escaré leading the biff. That'd got you some good odds.
  4. Awful read Lineham but great work from Leuleuai and Gildart.
  5. wackojacko

    Zak's Back

    For mine, I wish we'd get rid of him. Don't like the club tacitly condoning his repeated poor behaviour and I think we'd be better with Escaré at fullback and the cap spent elsewhere (in the halves for example).
  6. Centrone's departure confirmed today.
  7. Their backline needs a little defensive work but generally is sound and exciting in attack, what they really need is some heft and depth up front. There are some props hanging around in Elite 1 that look like they could make the grade and then Sarrazin might have to get out his chequebook.
  8. wackojacko

    Serbia v France Live!

    54-2 or thereabouts.
  9. Sutton has only made errors since he's come on. Is it really that greasy?
  10. Didn't expect to expand my vocabulary during a Wigan match.
  11. I normally appreciate his posting but it becomes deranged whenever Wigan are involved which is a shame.