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  1. Scored 2 tries today and one was a beauty. Looks a great prospect.
  2. Probably not settling with his partnerships? Looks like in the Widnes squad for Monday and surprised doing well with Widnes at a higher level. Hope he does better when returns.
  3. How has he played for Hunslet?
  4. I see looking at the comments he is playing badly for your team? Quite surprised as played really well against Castleford.
  5. How is Ryan Ince playing as the lad supposedly has promise and speed. Played recently for Widnes and did not look out of place.
  6. I can not believe Ed Chamberlain is playing badly in League 1. He had a cracking game against Castleford who are no mugs.
  7. I am looking forward to the game and hopefully we will bring a good following.
  8. Any of our Youngsters you would like on loan?
  9. Sorry Thunder Fan,and I think a few Widnes fans are upset too after getting their tickets and booking a coach. Hope our Youngsters can give you a game and be nice to see a few of you at the Magic Weekend again.
  10. It is nice to see all these comments, and I see there is Geordie Viking on our forum. You are all welcome on our board.A few moaners as you could guess, and it is a pity we are not playing first teamers on Saturday.
  11. Thunder fan if advertised correctly, and possibly post near the time on the Widnes forum.
  12. Thank you and I hope we keep our good connections going with the Newcastle people and club. Magic weekend I loved.
  13. Yes matey.
  14. Looking forward to the game, and hopefully a good social with my Newcastle friends.
  15. Heard Widnes interested in Miller, and is using this as a stepping stone to play for Widnes. Must be one of the best in the Championship.