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  1. I'd just like to see those behind some of these recent comments sign off with their full names so we know they are not just facetious comments or confidences betrayed behind cosy monikers ?
  2. Tom Curwen biggest miss in the forwards imo he's been excellent and could do with Joseph back. Maybe Dave Clark hasn't actually seen just how strong and effective JP can be as I have to agree if he's still at the same level as last time I saw him he should be one of the first on the team sheet
  3. I'll settle for less pens and less mistakes :-) ....and yes no try given away just before half time
  4. Without wearing rose tinted glasses I can honestly say I haven't seen a game yet where I thought the other side were a better team. I have seen some frustratingly poor discipline and too many errors but I'm well impressed with the potential this team has and I was gone end of last season thought we were done, I'd had enough. What we have now is well beyond my expectations. I'm with Wonderofwood and some of the Barrow boys, as this team develops they are surely going to improve, really start to gel, and I'm going to enjoy watching it. I've been guilty of knee-jerk reactions too to bad performances but I think a bit of patience will be rewarded this season.
  5. I agree seems a really good work out and nothing like the hammering many were expecting and we're only going to get better....looking forward to next week.....
  6. Can't argue too much but would like to have seen Rooke there unless he's nailed the wing position?
  7. Well Doran's the only one with anything remotely approaching a kicking game...
  8. Joseph a good signing in theory but we don't get much luck with injuries. If Town cut out the errors they could make a fist of it, I believe there is a good team there, if not well I'll go with the doom mongers
  9. I agree. DavidM has a point when he says they pays their money but you can't really condone such incessant abuse. Maybe there is way of converting that abuse into "Oh Worky Worky" and "Town Town" etc. Maybe some of our younger supporters (Good on them!) could run a course for them ?
  10. I must get to Specsavers thought Callum wore 7 today
  11. Agree Rooke to FB if you want some threat from that position though Chamberlain sound. We didn't get the run of the ball so much first half but once we started to gain confidence second half showed just how good we can be. Curwen deserved Mom really aggressive powerful performance though Forber had a good game. So many (well the more vocal) supporters seem more concerned about screaming insults at the ref rather than supporting their team, really irritating, he was just your average ref , he did his best. Overall though an improvement for sure on the in-disciplined performance against Newcastle. Well pleased.
  12. Seemed to do alright against Newcastle, didn't he do the full 80?
  13. Well said. I also think not many (players or fans) foresaw us having the promising squad (and board) we have now
  14. The frustration of the fans is totally understandable as you can see there is the basis of a good side there but that performance yesterday was painful at times, actually most of the time, and all that beat us was a more disciplined performance from Newcastle who gratefully accepted the possession WE continually gave them, nothing to do with the ref. Thought Clark's after match interview was about right though; he's knows it was inept but he's not going to go in with the big stick which is probably the right approach but boy do we need to tighten things up.
  15. Yes we do; Rooke, from what I've seen of him he would slot straight in at FB