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  1. ....and anyone subscribing to the " Best ever Town 17" thread will appreciate just how pivotal non local players have been in bringing success to the club over the years - we have to take that lesson on board going forward ?
  2. Glad to see Shelford back he'll liven up dummy half!
  3. Jenkins, Young and how we could use a Savelio now; great players but can’t agree about Matt Sturm who I considered very ordinary. Suddenly surprisingly he has a great game and then I’m told there were some Warrington scouts watching and off he goes.
  4. ...and deserved. He (Leigh) obviously don't get what an incredibly dumb and dangerous thing it was to do
  5. Most 'exciting' FB I've ever seen was Sione.
  6. I agree Callum should be an 80 min player where ever he plays but why not shake it up a bit like we did a few weeks ago with Shelford often taking over the acting half-back role and occasionally offer a running threat? Shouldn’t Howarth play a role more like Cooke did for Donny? He had no pace but boy was he effective.
  7. When is Callum back?
  8. The difference at dummy half between the two teams certainly in the second half was the difference for me. They were full of threat and zip from dummy half while we had Howarth whose stock delayed pass was so easy to deal with and was difficult to generate any momentum from. Need Callum back urgently. Mind you Keighley would just no doubt have knocked his block off too with impunity.
  9. One team steam rolls the other for half the game then (I’m sure its sub consciously) switch off and lose intensity; you see it all the time even in the ‘best coached’ super league teams. All part of the learning experience.
  10. You miss the point totally. Its the way you sneakily use an anonymous player to have a go at the coach i don’t like. So unnecessarily divisive. I’ve not said everything’s fine but I know where we were at the end of last season, I know how many injuries we are getting; we’ve been unable to field the same team twice. I don’t expect us to be walking over teams whoever they are. I’m happy to recognise this as rebuilding and he comes over as a decent guy on the radio lets give him a chance for petes sake. I haven’t checked back but I’ve also got a feeling it might of been you who accused me of not being a ‘true fan’ a while ago?
  11. One anon quoting another anon in a negative, unhelpful and insidious way - just what we need
  12. Phil Joseph injured again?
  13. Got to say its great to see a Town management so active in looking for and replacing players especially when facing the usual Town luck with injuries etc. Very refreshing - hats off.
  14. I've had to miss it. Any scores yet?
  15. Good discussion; really on the fence on this one. If married life has calms him down a bit maybe he would be more reliable but has that diminished what made(makes) him such a strong aggressive player? Can't blame anyone for leaving last year and I can't just disregard the player he has been for Town over the years.