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  1. Seems we have a cracking full back in Rooke, don't know who the 15 was but he was impressive as were 14 & 16. The young lanky winger has a great step and speed to burn. Chamberlain looks the part. For a team playing together for the first time thats got to be pleasing especially the way the they improved 2nd half and would have won it had it gone on another 5 mins and maybe another minute if the tackle count had gone back to one as it should have done. I could see it so why couldn't the officials? Not sure about the some of the props on show though; weight in the wrong places. Not sure how they are going to fare against the hard nosed top teams but looking better than I expected. Enough there to keep me interested. PS I shouldn't get too excited about the crowd just yet there were plenty there from Widnes
  2. Whatever your definition of a "supporter" I've given it 24 years, home and away, plus extra financial support through thick and thin. Last years mess made me question what I was supporting when the clubs only communication with its supporters was simply to ask for more money. I suspect you might be for ever stuck in a trough Ginock1 though would love to be proven wrong.
  3. Partly out of respect to the new Board and partly due to a last remaining ultra thin strand of optimism I will attend the first few home matches with the hope of seeing a competitive side. Should it not be and at the moment my head tells me bottom half of the table (so we're really going to beat York & Hunslet are we?) the disappointment and anger of last seasons debacle will mean I'm out until such time as we have "rebuilt".
  4. HELLO TROUBLE Squad Numbers: Keighley - 31 All Golds - 31 Hunslet - 29 South Wales - 29 Barrow - 28 Doncaster - 28 Newcastle - 28 North Wales -27 Haven - 26 Toronto - 25 Coventry - 23 Oxford - 23 York - 23 Hemel - 21 Town - 17 London - 14
  5. Well if you compare the games won last season and the relative league positions one is on the up and one is on the down? Just think it would be more logical to reward success on the pitch and give Barrow the chance. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it though.
  6. Disagree, it should be Barrow better to reward success than failure?
  7. its actually the view of the whole Haven squad then?
  8. He was carrying an injury most of last season though wasn't he?
  9. Maybe you didn't see Brett P against the Kiwis?
  10. That's the Flier I think ?
  11. ...... or paid out since May?
  12. If I recall correctly it was the first score of the match and we went on to lose?
  13. I meant "reliable if not necessarily outstanding" though accept the term can be regarded as insulting. Apologies to those players.
  14. I think TotallyTown's views are fair enough. Not so long ago there were those on this forum lauding Townie123 who was certainly more of a troll. At the moment what do we really have, just a few mainly journeymen players from last year have re-signed. There is nothing “yet” (Ritson apart) to get excited about that I can see. Smacks to me of Emperors new clothes. Fair enough we are rebuilding with all that entails but seems like thats all it will ever be and why call him for saying thats not draw enough for him as indeed it isn’t at the moment for me. Things could never get that bad though that I’d go and watch football instead.
  15. If abusing someone else viewpoint adds credence as you seem to think then your viewpoint is teetering on moronic. The last part of the season showed the players were good enough, there were just never enough of them to ever have an injury free 17. These players you’re saying good riddance to made me proud to be a Town fan! They seldom left anything on the pitch, and now surprise surprise they are moving on to clubs with a bit more ambition than Town as I suspect money is little to do with it. Good luck to them. I guess its good riddance to ‘disloyal’ supporters as well ? Anyhow, I’ve had enough of the way all were treated last season and the here we go again “oh we’re rebuilding”. I think Wonky is right and I wonder where the squad is coming from next year. Anyhow good luck to the new look board and to the team next year in whatever form it takes. I’m not saying I won’t be back with my support in all its forms but the odds are less than even. No doubt you’ll give me a load of Sh*t too as well but this is my last post and I won’t be responding.