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  1. He is certainly honest... but.
  2. Not a good sell by Alex Simmons when he describes the Toronto players as footballers / athletes who didn't make the grade.
  3. Half measures. The St Helens pie butty is a steak pie sandwiched between two meat and potato pies.
  4. Sadism. Lets call it what it really is. If given the opportunity to get away with it this #### would do it to people too.
  5. Clapper your proverbial in his coffee mug for a few moments then when he makes a brew quietly sit back and be proud.
  6. Just say "there are two sorts of people in this world those interested in RL and the less fortunate".
  7. Harry as royal patron = Union development officer as RL patron.
  8. Sounds South London and Chav. Maybe just an element of that Jamaican patois that inveigles itself into white Yooof culture.Certainly not a smattering of anything Northern.
  9. Squirrel traps are usually designed to kill them. If it is chewing through a barrier you could daub some Bitrex on it to keep them away.
  10. Ah so you were the guy.
  11. Paul Merton simply isn't funny!
  12. Politeness is irrelevant. Is it polite that a RL patron would be personally invested in championing the morality and values of U in schools .
  13. Is it a toga themed party, Emperor Nero may be a good costume?
  14. You can't be helped with this. If you believe HRH's alliance with the ambitions of the RFU are irrelevant then you are deluding yourself. His alliance and personal affection with U will determine the extent of his RL patronage. He will not overtly promote RL in the face of this. He is a spokesman for an organisation that denigrates not only the sport of RL but the people involved aswell. Fawning over this is something that is personally unworthy especially when the benefits are at very best illusory.