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  1. Sorry Derwent, Alan attends the fire brigade at Sellafield along with a few others, but he insists he is the back bone of the shift,
  2. Hock

    Just with his name on the team sheet should bring extra punters through the turnstiles.
  3. Hock

    This wasn't from a club official,
  4. Hock

    Been told that the club are still trying to get sponsors to finance the signing,
  5. Coach 87 798 postsport posted 17 hours ago I think 1 Siddal 2 West Hull 3 Wath Brow 4 Hunslet 5 Thatto Heath 6 Mayfield 7 Kells 8 Egremont 9 Myton 10 Underbank 11 St Pats 12 Normanton
  6. the biggest question now has to be who his replacement will be, it has to be someone that understands the game from the grassroots up, just hope it isn't a job for the boys crack.
  7. The game has gone backwards over the past seasons with Mr Nigel in charge, maybe sport England will look favourable now on our game since Mr Woods is departing, fingers crossed.
  8. New shirts.

    Sorry for my English and lack of commas and full stops ect, but yes Advantage sports had the licence stripped from them, and your polo will have came from Pakistan and re labelled in Hull, STEEDEN.
  9. New shirts.

    They will have came from the same factory in China that the ISC shirts came from the other season, the company Advantage sports lost the licence to do the ISC shirts so they picked up a licence to supply and manufacture STEEDEN kits, ISC stripped them of there licence after so many complaints from both amateur and professional clubs, think they are based in Leeds, but all there kits are definitely made in China.
  10. Town website

    Mossop has been a loyal servant to the club over the years, but last season he didn't do a lot for me on the pitch, and at times didn't look interested, I'm not just saying this because he is rumoured to be going to Haven, think it would be best if he moved on in my opinion
  11. Newcastle Thunder Academy in Cumbria

    If evidence has come to light that both Haven and Town are still working and talking on a way forward towards building a academy why was this meeting told differently by the rfl, the question should be asked why, some people are telling lies and its the game of rugby league in Cumbria that is suffering.
  12. Newcastle Thunder Academy in Cumbria

    Gary, think the rfl have some explaining to do about the comments that they made at this meeting if they are untrue, think the problem that we have here is transparency between both the semi pro clubs, the grass route clubs and the rfl reps, everything seems to be he said she said, don't think we will have this until everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet, for this everyone has to get together, when was the last time everyone got around a table to talk about the problems we have in west Cumbria with our great game.
  13. Newcastle Thunder Academy in Cumbria

    Just been told that both semi pro clubs are very unhappy about the comments made at Tuesday nights meeting at Lowca by the rfl representatives, by all accounts a couple of people from rfl telling a few pork pies, in the mean time the game in Cumbria is going down the pan.