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  1. Water under the bridge now and the search goes on, at this stage of the season it wont be a easy task attracting players,
  2. Its the same having players in a team that don't want to be there, if they are not a 100% you will never get the best out of them, good look to the lad,
  3. Think a lot of supporters worried, but you just have to keep your fingers crossed that something will come out of the blue to lift the club,
  4. Can someone post a list of players signed for this season, and have we any idea of the amateurs presently training with the squad,
  5. That's a very serious comment you have made about amateur players and steroids, I watch a lot of CML games and I've never witnessed any individuals running around a pitch wanting to kill someone, not sure what armature teams you have ben watching.
  6. Not sure who everyone is but I'm sure gillmeister will agree with me that the other local clubs including Ellenborough Kells Wath Brow and Hensingham also have a lot of young talented players coming through their structures, but not sure what you are saying when you say a CARLA and a strong county 21s team would be good for the youth development and would help with the gap especially when you turn 16 you have to play open age which is a huge gap, in my view 16 through to 21 is a massive gap,
  7. Sorry WML, but it just doesn't work for a young player to join a semi pro club just because he is good in a local league, they would have to be very special to make that jump, In both the championship and championship 1 you have a vast number of experienced players including x super league players, academy players who have all been in that environment for a few years, a young amateur would not be able to compete against them both physically and mentally. FACT
  8. Putting a young amateur player that shines in the local league in to this league would be asking for disaster, this league has so many x super league players and seasoned professionals playing it would be asking for trouble,
  9. Good draws for both Brow and Egremont,
  10. trying to eat whilst reading the post, nearly chocked on my steak, no it was gammon, steaks for special occasions.
  11. £100 for a playing shirt, are you joking,
  12. At the end of the day club loyalty is not on most players priority list, ive said it before money talks,
  13. he has been a great servent to all his clubs, the Brow, Haven and Town,
  14. Think its more like Mattys body is telling him that enough is enough, he has never pulled on a rugby shirt for what ever club he has played for and not given 110%
  15. Think the best arround at pressent is Oneills, Haven Kells Egremont WBH and a few others amateur clubs with them,