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  1. Watched a few games recently but mostly Allerdale teams against Copeland teams, a couple of the Allerdale players did look a bit big and very fast for there size now you come to speak about it,
  2. That's a very serious comment to come out with about the amateurs,
  3. The biggest problem is the teams discipline, the amount of penalties is ridicules.
  4. so does that say we only have 16 fit players?
  5. Sorry but todays performance wasn't worth £15, 2 very bad teams apart for Towns 17mns in second half, poor JP only getting about seven minutes was disgusting along with Haven giving Worthington 10 minutes, no wonder local lads get sickened.
  6. This is something all clubs are going through, even the amateurs, its hard times for everyone,
  7. Think they should be looking at younger age groups like u9s 7s ect,
  8. And if the parents want to accompany the kids let them in for half price, hopefully this will also encourage them to attend, more money the better.
  9. Get the local schools and amateur clubs to put teams together to play prior to the games and at half time, generate interest from the bottom up from these youngsters, give them a day to remember, they are the future players and supporters of the clubs,
  10. that's what I meant. but they easley get over 350 at normal games,
  11. What a sad state of affairs, no club can continue with a crowd below 500, local amateur clubs in local derby's will attract bigger crowds than 375, and the NCL clubs will treble that number, so both Coventry and Hemel games will be played at a loss if they don't look to attract more spectators, think its a long term problem for championship clubs that they have to keep working at.
  12. the problem with the rfl is the people at the top, they haven't any idea what is going on at grass route level, they don't understand how its only the league and individual club volunteer's keeping our great game going, the rfl community managers have been given so may different roles to cover its a joke, the game is split in 3 sections now, super league, championship and community game, and the gap is growing apart every season, only way forward is a restructure and a good clean out at rfl, starting at the top with mr woods.
  13. Think Town are involved with sky try but Haven returned the money as no staff to push the project forward, the rfl are more interested in super league than anything else, the old development officers have long gone, these guys helped the amateur clubs increase there player numbers at youth level by helping the clubs break in to the local primary schools recruiting new players, they also worked closely with club when attracting grants for coaching first aid/ child protection courses ect. Sadly the rfl have lost and a lot of funding from sport England recently, this is down to them not reaching there targets in player participation, over the years they have tried to pull the wool over sport England's eyes, with cash not going to the grassroots' game, instead of community development officers they now have individuals who have multiple job rolls, and in different areas of the country, they are left with multiple tasks including development, league administrators, welfare, registrations, schools rugby, local academy teams, and on and on, sorry but the rfl are blinkered of the problems the grass route clubs presently have, but yet they keep adding more and more hurdles in front of the loyal volunteers who work tirelessly in keep the amateur game going.
  14. This will give some of the new players a opportunity to develop, it was said it would be a slow process building a squad from scratch, think Haven also said this but they are now looking to buy promotion, not working tho,
  15. Advantage Sounds a bit like Advantage Sports, they had a licences to produce ISC kit last season for clubs but the product was rubbish, ISC have since removed the licence from them,