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  1. Sorry Kaz, all the players from both Haven and Town play the clubs off against each other for cash every season when they can, Callum and Bret both had talks with Haven last season, people keep saying about how certain players are loyal to there clubs, rubbish cash talks full stop,
  2. Olstrum on gardening leave now at Whitehaven,
  3. Behind the scenes talks have been going between both clubs for a fortnight now, think someone mentioned it in the Keighley posts but it was swiftly denied by the club,
  4. Sorry but Clark hasn't a clue, I couldn't believe it when he was announced as the Town coach, especially after he was sacked by Widnes from the Cumbia academy,
  5. Hope so, if you watch some of the old YouTube Wigan St Pats games you will see him scooting from dummy half, taking on the opposition and organising the team,
  6. Sorry I should have said some of the players,
  7. Joseph would have made a big difference yesterday, and he will be a big asset when fit again, apart from Joseph I'm not completely sure if the other players on the injured list are injured,
  8. If Town had done the basic's in the second half as they did in the first it would have been a comfortable win, wild balls out on 3rd and 4th tackle to the wing, the Keighley quick play the balls ripped Town to bits in the final 15mns of the game, and Szostaks defence very poor, he was left standing looking at fresh air when they scored the last try, he done the same last week also.
  9. I said it earlier before the game kicked off, the team must play for the full 80 and not switch off, and what did they do, todays touch judges didn't help the ref today, 3 incidents that he couldn't see but in plain view of them including forward pass for on there last try, and on two occasion's in the second two attackers left Szostak looking at fresh air, he to me is not up to the job,
  10. Think Keighley will be a lot tougher opposition compared to last weeks, but as long as Town play for the full 80mns and cut out the daft errors it will be a good win.
  11. Good player Prior, watched him a few times at Kells and Brow whilst playing for St Pats, very elusive and quick, also exciting player as he likes to play off the cuff at times,
  12. go to nat conference web site and it will be on there
  13. players have to realise that when in the refs ear they are winding him up, think the ref today could have been a bit stronger, at times he had 2/3 London players around him in his ear, especially number 6 Brown,
  14. That would be a strong 17,
  15. Could be right there bomberisgold