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  1. Ken Thornett

    A great player and a nice man. Full of typical Aussie grit. I have his photo on my office wall.
  2. Please help London Skolars

    It is a bit rich begging on the forum. After being a season ticket holder for 10 years they lost my support this season when they announced the original fixture list with home games on a Saturday starting at 6pm. Only after the season began did I realised someone had seen sense and moved them back to 3pm. It was too late then for me. After putting up with extremely poor facilities last season, it seems it is not much better now (according to the begging post). They really need to get themselves in order fast. No wonder attendances are so poor.
  3. New Website

    Great enhancement. Much much better than the old one! gazza
  4. Skolars v Gateshead

    Very disappointing display, particularly after the Chairmans apology for the way they played against the Scorpions. I have no idea what Joe Mbu should do, but I do have one suggestion..... The defence on the left side was appalling and I would sentence that side of the team to 20 hours tackling practice reminding the players that you cannot run without your legs. I am looking for a vastly improved performance next week. gazza