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  1. Don’t bother lads, we only want Sir Moz and Johnny

  2. Outrage in the office as @matthewrlambert refers to the great Zizou as 'nothing but a show-pony'

  3. @garethwalker Great scoop. Nice work Gareth 👍🏻

  4. Jesus wept, someone has just renewed their wedding vows on the One Show.

  5. RT @actuallyhelenw: I booked a short term room in London and when I got there on Sunday it was so disgusting and filthy I couldn't stay. Th…

  6. Get VAR they said. The panacea to all ills they said. How wrong they were!

  7. Bournemouth 2-2 Wigan Athletic. Last-minute equaliser avoids a cupset, but it adds to a hectic schedule for Eddie H…

  8. @gavinwillacy @jowillacy @Pneawaydays And you’re Fred Elliot? 😉

  9. RT @awinehouse1: Story here:

  10. @Rod_Studd Where’s that Rod? I’ll have 10 of the Queen’s finest on that...

  11. @Rod_Studd @SkySportsDarts Can’t wait Rod, one of Britain’s true sporting greats. Commentary isn’t too bad either!

  12. @gavinwillacy “Send the buggers back.”

  13. RT @DTguardian: This is a tough read in parts and, plainly, wasn't an easy decision for @RhianBrewster9 to make. But he deserves to be hear…

  14. RT @AndyGilder:

  15. RT @reid6peter: Pathetic!