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  1. What a great book, magnificent , well done to all involved
  2. Tangle

    2019 season tickets

    We usually miss a couple of games on holiday but I have still bought 2 tickets . At my age I would miss more on cold days
  3. Tangle

    History of Oldham Amateur District League

    Took you long enough to wake up
  4. Tangle

    Chris Hamilton

    Little know it all comes on here for company
  5. Tangle

    History of Oldham Amateur District League

    I was wondering when you would wake up
  6. Tangle

    Danny Langtree......

    http://Good luck Danny and all the best you have been great to watch
  7. Tangle

    London Skolars Away

    This isn't the first time we have been messed about in London a few years back a game was moved twice when we had booked an hotel. So we aregiving it a miss best of luck to everyone travelling and best wishes t.o the team.
  8. Tangle

    Chris Hamilton

    Little know it all is waiting he knows everything
  9. Tangle

    League restructure

    Which company is that many have gone bust in recent years
  10. Tangle

    14/9/18 - D Day

    I to will not attend another SL event
  11. Tangle

    Bookies corner

    Backed oldham with 20 start,not for the first time have sky bet been too generous
  12. Tangle

    Seven Games

    Sorry not yours dave
  13. Tangle

    Seven Games

    More tripe
  14. Tangle

    Coach banned for abuse to ref

    What a load of tripe
  15. Tangle

    Workington Town

    I had a cold dinner does that count