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  1. Tangle

    London Skolars Away

    This isn't the first time we have been messed about in London a few years back a game was moved twice when we had booked an hotel. So we aregiving it a miss best of luck to everyone travelling and best wishes t.o the team.
  2. Tangle

    Chris Hamilton

    Little know it all is waiting he knows everything
  3. Tangle

    League restructure

    Which company is that many have gone bust in recent years
  4. Tangle

    14/9/18 - D Day

    I to will not attend another SL event
  5. Tangle

    Bookies corner

    Backed oldham with 20 start,not for the first time have sky bet been too generous
  6. Tangle

    Seven Games

    Sorry not yours dave
  7. Tangle

    Seven Games

    More tripe
  8. Tangle

    Coach banned for abuse to ref

    What a load of tripe
  9. Tangle

    Workington Town

    I had a cold dinner does that count
  10. Tangle

    What is happening to MY beloved club?

    Perhaps some of the people who go on and on about how the club is so badly run could tell me when it has been run well . I have been watching since the early fifties and of the people in power have bought badly not invested in the ground etc etc
  11. Tangle


    I think you have been sat in the sun to long
  12. Tangle

    What is happening to MY beloved club?

    Ask Jim Quinn what happened to our beloved club,.
  13. Tangle

    Guess the attendance versus West Wales

    Did anybody notice all the empty seats at Wigan and at saints it's not just Oldham who are struggling.
  14. Tangle

    Guess the attendance versus West Wales

    pome and my better half will be there that's all that matters in our house
  15. Tangle


    I am afraid the crowd will be down by 2 next home match as we carried on to France for our holidays after Coventry .Back to normal for the Workington game .As to the scores there where some one sided matches in the fifties .