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  1. wedontneedrhinos

    Whitehaven at home

    Nothing on officail site as usual, which is poor, but to the bad old days when tje johnsons use to run it
  2. wedontneedrhinos

    Oulton v Sheffield Eagles 2003 programme

    Bump, any news on this one......
  3. wedontneedrhinos

    Whitehaven at home

    And they have done. Next round of cup due to be played 12/13 may. Cant see haven playing twice over that weekend, unless they play there reserves in our game.
  4. wedontneedrhinos

    Whitehaven at home

    Maybe its me, but if have beat Rochdale in the next round of the challenge cup that means they will be through to play in the round after which is the same weekend as our new date with whitehaven. Am i right?
  5. wedontneedrhinos

    Oulton v Sheffield Eagles 2003 programme

    Hi wembley98, I have sent you a personal message. Cheers
  6. wedontneedrhinos

    Oulton v Sheffield Eagles 2003 programme

    Thanks for replying. Yes, have played each other twice over the years. 2003 at South Leeds Stadium and later at Belle Vue, Wakefield. When i got to the stadium that night in 2003, just before kick off i was informed that the programs had sold out. Tony Lazenby (yorkshire programmes) had one advertised in one of his catologues not long after the game, however when i enquired about it he stated he could get his hands on any. That could mean there wasnt any left or none ever produced. If you could find out for me either way, it would be appreciated.
  7. Oulton v Sheffield Eagles 2003 programme wanted desperatly. Will pay very good money if anyone has a copy. Please reply or DM me if interested....
  8. wedontneedrhinos

    York vs Hunslet

    Anyone know what the attendance eas last week? Cant see it announced anywhere
  9. What is that then? DM if you dont want to put it on here?
  10. wedontneedrhinos

    Seasons 89/90, 90/91 & 91/92

    Hi bigm1, sent you a DM. Cheers
  11. wedontneedrhinos

    Seasons 89/90, 90/91 & 91/92

    Hi folks, Appreciate its a long shot, but does anyone have the results, attendances and team line ups from the above 3 seasons..... My Dad wants to update his programs with this info. Any assistance, would be useful? Thanks
  12. wedontneedrhinos


    Assuming we get to the final. Whats the date any ideas?
  13. wedontneedrhinos


    Anyone know who we will get? Homes, 3 aways.
  14. wedontneedrhinos


    Or even better when he found out there none of his thailand ladyboys over there
  15. wedontneedrhinos

    So who's going to Toronto?

    Think he found one called 'youngboys'