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  1. Right. Thank you for that explanation. Has any Bulls fan managed to piece together what their squad looks like yet? I hope they will be competitive on the field and keep their fans. Last year's POR fixture was a grand atmosphere, both sets of fans. The Championship needs much more of that.
  2. Thanks. Yes, probably that's my confusion. Previously(2013/4 and before) the Bulls paid the council directly? Then the RFL bought the lease from the council. So now the Bulls pay the RFL. On another point, news of the 26 player names now includes Colton Roche, who played for us last year and I liked his style. Straight and hard running.
  3. Sorry, I dont understand a word of that. I never read Parky.
  4. Thanks. I thought it was a 150,000 pound figure previously. Perhaps that was something else. I have been reading most of the thread! The landlord being Bradford council?
  5. So what's the set up with the rent at Odsal for Bulls2017? How much do they pay in rent? And maintenance? And what was the set up with the rent at Odsal for Bulls pre2017? How much did they pay in rent? And maintenance?
  6. JS thinks Wakey are putting a strong team out and Im happy with that. We need a test after three comfortable work outs. With Hardo getting a knock last week, I'd really like to see our number 2 fullback have a run, be it Briscoe or Johnson. In the halves, I think the fact that Aston is already getting a run is a big indicator that he will spend a lot of time here this year. So with Wildie showing up well, that's four halves for two crucial spots in the team. I hope we get the best combination right early on in the season. If Jack O is back (great!) maybe that means that Kitchen and Lyons will not be kept on?
  7. Nothing's set in stone, is it? It's sport. All sorts can happen.
  8. Righto. I didn't hear that. If that's the case, it might be useful to give him a run there this week or next. Just to see like.
  9. Who covers IH at full-back? 2nd choice right now is Kyran Johnson, I'd say. Not sure anyone else can fill in there.
  10. Pretty much agree with all of TPH's original analysis. Im not sure how Ulugia, Walton and Misi all fit in the same 17. And Im sure JS is really happy that Wildie appears to be a genuine half-back option. Grinder's is a valid point too. JS has often gone for 3 starting props and two on the bench. If you need five in your 17, we only have 4 in our 21 man squad to date, so we already need Jackie O or Baldy on DR to cover that option. I'd rather not count those DR chickens before they've hatched, but I think we look ok at this stage.
  11. IIRC correctly James Lockwood got a 2 year ban in March/April of 2015. Do the math as Americans say...
  12. Final score 46-4 and the last try of the match to Hardman.
  13. Half-time 26-0. Tries from Walton 2, Duckworth, Briscoe and of course Ian Hardman. Three goals from Briggsy.
  14. Teams are in. A few changes from last week....