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  1. Billionaire American's wife: "Where are we going on holiday honey? Maldives? Bahamas? Vegas?" Billionaire American: "Lincoln in England. We can have a look at the cathedral and then catch a game at Hull FC." Billionaire American's wife: "I'll pack the suitcases!"
  2. Dewsbury will be gutted.
  3. Yep. That was a fair old scrape. A mate of mine who works with concrete is preparing a bid for the rebuilding job. An electrical fault on the ship apparently.
  4. My tuppence worth. The disciplinary committee often get it wrong. There is plenty of room for improvement. The inconsistencies are maddening for fans. But.... There is no way on God's green earth that they are somehow biased against Fev (or any other club). They are just doing their job (not particualrly well at times).
  5. Of course. The situation with the resrves comp is a total shambles and a disgrace. Everybody apart from the top decsion makers at some SL clubs and the RFL think they should be brought back. But.... It's 2017. Fev are running a smallish squad that's already had a number of suspensions and injuries. At times we have really relied on Leeds which is not ideal as they can easily let us down because ATEOTD they are looking out for themselves. Hopefully 2018 will be different.
  6. I wouldn't disagree with that Phil, and said the same myself earlier. But the nightmare scenarios oulined by Rob L and Elppa above make you think. Giving a player half a game all season long then playing him the match before he goes out on loan doesn't make a lot of sense on the face of it. And if Briggs (I know he's a stand -off but all hookers & half-backs are pivots) is persona non grata, then it makes less sense still. We still have SIX wingers (Briscoe, Turner, Ducky, Johnson, Misi (not playing centre at the mo cos we've got three other centres) and Handley often) for just TWO places. But now we're going with just FIVE pivots for FOUR places every week?
  7. Aston in. Day in. Briggs out. Go figure.........
  8. Best rugby league autobiography ever, bar none...... Terry Clawson, all the wrong moves.
  9. That's fine then. Sam Day can go to Dewsbury now.
  10. Up for t'Cup this Sunday. So there'll be no Sam Day playing obviously Walts & Frankie injured. Thackers and Briscoe banned. No Leeds players except Aston perhaps? I don't know the set up with his loan deal. So my maths says that's 19 players left and that'll be the 19 for Sunday!
  11. Makes sense. Good player who needs game time and he's not getting it at POR.
  12. So, not wanting to be controversial or anything, but the oldest rugby league club in the world is...... Featherstone Rovers. All the other (older) members of the RFL are rugby clubs who went over to the Northern Union. But Featherstone Rovers never did. They were formed, as a rugby league club, in 1902. And are still here today. The world's oldest rugby league club.
  13. Yes. The yellow was harsh tbh
  14. Injuries starting to take their toll just at the wrong time for Fev. See Rovers website for details: We have a squad of 23 players plus have used 7 of Leeds players. That's 30 players in total. Of the Leeds 7, 2 are fixtures in their 1st team Mullally and Delaney. 2 more are regularly in the 19 Baldy and Walters, 2 more are injured Handley and Ormy, and that leaves Aston. Of FEv's 23, 2 we haven't seen this year Johnson and Misi. 2 are banned or will be banned Moore and Briscoe. 2 are injured Walton and Mariano. 3 are reported to be coming back from injury Tagg, Knowles and Briggs. SO including all the players due back, we've got a squad of 17, maybe more of Briscoe's ban starts next week or if Baldy/Walters don't make the Leeds 17. But SIX of those players are halfbacks/hookers. Therefore possible line up.... Hardo Turner Ulugia Hardcastle Duckworth/Briscoe Thacks Aston Bostock Carlile Coops Davies Knowles* Tagg* Subs: Wildie, Griffin, Lockwood, Briggs.