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  1. This article is worth a read - https://rugbystrengthcoach.com/mental-toughness-comes-many-flavours/ The main argument is that mental toughness (if it even exists) is context-specific and comprises of several factors i.e. task focus, discipline, concentration, durability, aggression and emotional control. I don't see any reason to think that players are worse at any of those factors now than previously, when the game is faster, has more decision-making and has stricter standards off-field than ever before.
  2. Lower body gym this morning, having to be very creative as my injured hand means I can't really grip anything. Followed that with 3x1km running at 5:00, 4:40 and 4:15, with 90 seconds rest between reps. Will do an hour of yoga this evening too.
  3. Are you making the argument that there is absolutely nothing referees can do to influence the speed of the ruck? Have you not seen some of the rugby played by Saints and Cas in recent years?
  4. Been doing yoga every single day the last few weeks, though im self-leading which is hard work! Partially dislocated my thumb two weeks ago so my gym stuff (particularly upper body) is taking all my powers of creativity. A new gym has opened walking distance from work though, so im now doing 3-4 gym sessions rather than the 2 previously. Typical week currently is 7 yoga sessions, 2 rugby trainings and a match, 3 gym sessions and 1 cardio. Weight is pretty steady around 78kg.
  5. Good signing for Hull and I find the criticism quite bizarre. Virtually all Saints fans would have rather kept him but can't blame the lad for wanting to play regularly and he's behind two of the best wingers in Super League.
  6. If there were ideological differences between the two, seems strange that that wasn't discovered at the interview stage!
  7. Yeah I'm expecting that, though I'm trying to treat it with a degree of curiosity. I've found I have loads more energy and focus today than usual which is quite interesting...though meditation has been impossible! My girlfriend has actually been on the same medication previously (Sertraline) so I at least have a reasonable idea of what to expect. Yeah I've got quite a few people actually, I think I've been lucky in that I'm quite willing to talk about my depression. My rugby mates have all been brilliant which has been a huge help, and my girlfriend has too. I've also had conversations previously with my manager at work about it so he can make accomodations there too.
  8. I've still been reading occasionally, just stopped posting for a while - http://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/334209-suicidemental-issues/page/5/ Still been exercising pretty consistently, though I've had injuries to my wrist and hand which have made everything harder. I've been doing yoga more frequently now, probably 5 or 6 days a week, though with my injuries I have had to avoid all the exciting arm balances and stuff! On Friday I also ran for the first time (outside of rugby) in ages! I did 4x1km with 1 minute rests inbetween, with times of 6:00, 5:00, 4:37 and 4:17 for each KM. I think I can go faster but just wanted to work out my pace and not overdo it.
  9. I've been pretty depressed for the last month or two and I think particularly concerned about that given it is no longer Winter (when symptoms typically peak for me). What struck me most was the complete loss of pleasure from things I usually enjoy, though generally I have continued to show up at least! I had my first doctor's appointment in 5 years on Friday - I have previously just learned to manage things myself. The doctor said he was actually quite impressed at my self-awareness and how well I've seemingly managed things previously. Given the typical stuff (meditation, exercise, yoga, gratitude diary, omega 3s, vitamin D, sunshine) etc don't seem to be working, I started SSRIs yesterday. I have a reasonable degree of scepticism about anti-depressants but that might be a good position to be in. It seems like the first week or two are meant to be worst in side effects, and today I was very jittery this morning, but that is the only side effect so far at least!
  10. It was still a crusher tackle. No issue with that card.
  11. A Cas victory wouldn't surprise me. I think Saints have been poor the last couple of weeks and have won by virtue of having better players rather than by playing better. Hopefully Roby is back.
  12. I thought it was a knock on, and think if it was sent upstairs as No Try it would have stayed one. A reflection of the stupid video ref system at the minute. Entertaining game and Salford played well, but some poor defence at times from us. Quite a few young kids in our middle though so they'll be better for the experience.
  13. Holbrook has said he won't rest players unless they have niggles. I'm happy to take him at his word. You mean to tell me a bloke who consistently breaks tackles and finds his front makes the defence give penalties away to slow down the ruck? This is hardly news.
  14. Can't believe how many times we butchered half breaks and failed to take a drop goal when we had the chance. Still not convinced Fages is the answer to our questions at halfback.
  15. This sort of talk has it's place, i.e. very occasionally. If you do it too often it becomes meaningless. Motivation is overrated.
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