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  1. Pretty indifferent to this news as a Saints fan. Good kicker but massively limited otherwise.
  2. I was born and grew up in St. Helens, went to primary school in St. Helens, secondary school in Wigan and played my rugby in Wigan. Literally all of the experiences you mention are familiar to me.
  3. You do realise St Helens and Wigan are pretty close to each other right?
  4. Good signing for Cas. Not a world beater but a solid player and much better than what is currently on their right edge!
  5. Not really, halfbacks particularly are at a premium and he wasn't even at a strong club. He got dropped to the bench for Sam Williams last year!
  6. Called this before the season started. Does some flashy stuff, especially against weaker teams, but can't manage a game and there's a reason no NRL clubs wanted him.
  7. New Years Resolutions were: - meditate 2 minutes every day (currently averaging 20/day this month, have missed 5 days this year) - read 10 pages every day (have read 38 books this year, haven't missed a day) - keep a gratitude diary (have missed 6 days this year) Time for me to find some new habits to improve! Think I'm going to make an attempt to start learning French by using duolingo every day, and start to tidy up more regularly.
  8. Metres made is indicative for a prop - you can't call yourself a prop if you're someone who ballplays and doesn't carry the ball. For example, James Graham in his Man of Steel season still made 4000m with the ball. If he gets picked I want him to perform, I just think people severely overrate him - you cannot be a prop if you don't excel at carrying the ball.
  9. He wasn't in the top 20 for metres made in 2017. Walmsley was top with 4,256m. For comparison, McMeeken was 20th with 2,717m. He wasn't in the top 20 for tackles bust in 2017. Walmsley was 7th with 80. For comparison, Johnson was 20th with 66. Best prop in SL? Seriously?
  10. If this is mainstream Conservative, perhaps that is the issue?
  11. Completion rate can be overstated in importance. If you're chancing your arm and looking to move the ball around, higher errors are a risk of that but have the benefit of moving the defence around. A lowish completion rate shows an attitude to attack which created points for us.
  12. Two hours of hot yoga tonight, probably upwards of 40 degrees. A year today since I tried yoga for the first time too! Now I'm probably doing 15 hours a month of teacher led yoga and another 5 myself on top of that, so it has escalated pretty quickly!
  13. Rugby training Thursday, 2 hours of hot yoga Friday, full body gym and yoga Saturday, Sunday was easy gym and rugby, and this morning was lower body gym. Weight is down to 78.5kg now which is good, hoping to get leaner to improve my speed. Not really making an effort to lose weight, have just cut out some empty calories I had in my diet when I was trying to gain weight.
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