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  1. Some of my recent reads are: 1895 And All That by Tony Collins. Absolutely brilliant book, loads of stuff about the early years of RL that I didn't know. Makes me feel even more proud to be part of such a sport. The Corner by David Simon. Another great book, by the writer of The Wire about life in Baltimore. Interesting and tragic in equal measure and some really interesting arguments put forward about welfare. Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker - Very interesting, not only understanding the science behind sleeping but also the impact of not sleeping enough, and also how pervasive it is. How Democracies Die by Daniel Ziblatt and Steven Levitsky - Very good book, looking at the 4 indicators of autocratic behaviour, with a lot of references to Donald Trump. The book made some interesting arguments about how to reverse the slide to autocratic behaviour. Evicted by Matthew Desmond. A look at the relationship between poverty and the people at the precarious edge of Milwaukee's low income housing market. I read the first 200 pages in a day which speaks volumes to how good a book it is! Worth reading more here - The only books I have read and not enjoyed recently are The Establishment by Owen Jones (which just seemed like a list of statistics to me) and Anti-Fragile by Nassim Talib (it should have been half the length it was). Currently on 43 books for the year! Next is Learning Curve, a look at student rugby league, by Dave Hadfield.
  2. Saint 1

    ‘League 1 South’

    Have you not considered that is the point of this league?
  3. Saint 1

    ‘League 1 South’

    They're the same players already running around for those teams this year. I'm pretty sure none of those clubs I named have conceded a walkover this year. I don't think they have to appeal to the actual semi-pro clubs though i.e. Hemel, WWR etc. If they did, and those clubs decided to enter this instead of League 1, they would cease to be semi-pro anyway - the £80k funding is conditional on being part of League 1 AFAIK.
  4. Saint 1

    ‘League 1 South’

    Mascord is mistaken here. Travel is subsidised and there is an expectation of clubs meeting certain standards (to be confirmed), but it will generally be amateur clubs making the competition, such as those named in my earlier post. I don't think there will be any rules prohibiting paying players, but that isn't the background the clubs will be coming from.
  5. Saint 1

    ‘League 1 South’

    I would guess likely teams would be: Bedford Tigers, All Golds, Valley Cougars, London Chargers, Nottingham Outlaws (potentially), Torfaen Tigers, West Warriors. Perhaps Cov Bears 2s could be possibilities depending on whether 2nd teams, with the risks they bring, are going to be allowed in. Maybe WWR or Hemel depending on how the RFL are feeling. In addition to that, maybe the likes of North Herts Crusaders, Eastern Rhinos, Telford, Sherwood Wolfhunt may be tempted if travel is subsidised, however these are clubs which haven't (to my knowledge) yet demonstrated the ability to play a longer season, and I also haven't heard them say any ambitions of doing so. There were never any rules against paying players in CLS as far as I know. A competition similar in structure to the NCL i.e. clubs taking the lead would be a real positive. Why would he? It's an amateur competition.
  6. Saint 1

    The Culture Wars Is this not white privilege? I'm privileged to grow up in a pretty stable family with the sort of social safety net that other people don't, therefore I donate to a homeless charity. I'm privileged to have a good social support system so I donate to a mental health charity for people who may not have that support system. I'm aware of the subliminal impact of names on a CV so recently suggested to my manager at work we remove names from future CVs before selecting. I was privileged to have a family where both parents worked full-time and to work full-time myself, largely built on my unbringing, and therefore I advocate for income redistribution. Nobody is saying you didn't work hard for it, just that we all have undeniably privileges. I worked really hard to get into a top 10 university for Economics. However, that interest in economics first came because my dad would buy a newspaper every day and I was encouraged to read. My parents bought me books for birthdays, and our house had a computer meaning my intellectual curiosity wasn't hampered. More primally, I never had to worry about violence or hunger or warmth. Stating that those are privileges in no way diminishes the fact that I have worked hard, it just means I am not presenting an unrealistic narrative whereby my entire success was built in a vacuum.
  7. Saint 1

    Those nice tories

    "Different way of doing things".
  8. I can see the merit in the South one, but it would take support and planning from the RFL. I am not sure they have either the willingness or the competency required.
  9. Is it really that surprising that players are more willing to turn up when playing weaker teams? They're professional in name only.
  10. Saint 1

    Dear Diary

    I was meant to be starting my new coaching job this week so booked 4 afternoons off work. Due to unforeseen complications I'm now not coaching, and have all this free time! I don't know how people complain about getting bored when they're off work; I could get used to this!
  11. Saint 1

    Yorkshire men’s play offs

    I think it'll be a Batley vs Bentley final in Premier, with Batley winning. Not the most controversial prediction!
  12. I think it feels important to make distinctions between left-wing people and left-wing policies. As an example, nationalisation of the railways is pretty widely supported (I'll try and find a link later). With Corbyn, is the issue his policies or his competency? I'd say more of the latter than the former.
  13. Saint 1

    Our new position in the EU

    It's fine, the £ has always been over-valued. Nothing else could possibly cause it to drop so significantly.
  14. Saint 1

    Harry jepson 2018

    I got it from here -
  15. Saint 1

    Harry jepson 2018

    No, Hammersmith said they couldn't play the final on the Sunday due to a wedding, and RFL were unwilling to move it, so North Herts took their place.