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  1. Well given he keeps picking Connor I would assume he has seen a comparable amount of Percival. Maybe he gives him a squad place because he thinks Percival is worthy of one, but that he is just not a better player than Connor? Wellens is another of the coaches so I will assume he is aware of Percival.
  2. Saint 1

    New NCL Teams

    A few years back we had a really strong youth & junior section but we have struggled over the last couple of years. We're changing our strategy for next year so hopefully it'll bear fruit. With that said, we have a bit of a non-standard player recruitment model, with a lot of our players coming through the student game. Outlaws currently deliver coaching at University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent, and also have players coming from Loughborough too. For context, the two unis in Nottingham probably have about 100 members between them each year. Nottingham is also 1 of only 3 cities in the UK to have 2 university RL teams in the Premier divisions, the other 2 being Leeds and Newcastle.
  3. Saint 1

    New NCL Teams

    I think we have had multiple pitches since that time! This is our new (permanent) home:
  4. Saint 1

    Dear Diary

    Obviously it depends on the yoga class but in my experience the classes are taught in the mindset that the instructor is a guide but everything is optional. Whether that means you do easier stuff than everyone else, harder stuff than anyone else or even just nap for the entire class, nobody really cares in my experience. Part of the point of yoga is that you notice without passing judgement on what you can and can't do. I took 10 work colleagues to Hotpod Yoga (yoga in a 37 degree heated pod) last night, and it was the first time 8 of them had ever tried yoga, with a real mix of fitness. They all enjoyed it and found it challenging to the right degree, because any decent yoga instructor will make things scaleable to ability. I would just say go and give it a try. I started because I tried one class with my rugby team, and now I'm going to 10 - 15 classes per month. I couldn't speak highly enough of it, both for the physical and mental benefits.
  5. Saint 1

    Dear Diary

    Sorry to hear that! Those feelings are very familiar to me, they're a big part of the reason I took up yoga to be honest. I don't think anything has helped me quite as much as yoga has, this has been the most bearable Winter in years so far.
  6. Saint 1

    Dear Diary

    Yesterday I did 2 hours in the gym, 2 hours of hot yoga, 2 hours of rugby coaching and walked 11 miles. It's days like this that I remember why it is so difficult for me to put weight on!
  7. I don't think it was fitness. I think we controlled possession better and shared the work out more and consequently our forwards won the energy battle. I just wish some of our wingers could play centre or fullback, it would give us more options for future internationals.
  8. I was pretty insistent before this series that Lomax should be in the team due to his classy ball playing. Quite nice to be proven right!
  9. Nice eyes up play there. Think we have been better at exploiting blindsides this second half.
  10. Very nice try. I think part of the reason we look better going right to left is the service from Hodgson is better that way. Massive howler from Rapana there. I'd say Lomax and Williams have been slightly better. Don't see what Tomkins is offering but unfortunately there aren't many other options. I think he's been really good both weekends. Actually carries to break tackles every time.
  11. It's a common strategy now to kick high to the best ball-carrier and try and get numbers in the tackle given they can't change direction while catching the ball. It also puts us in a corner meaning NZ can defend tighter and be more aggressive with their line speed. Both Makinson and McGilvary are strong carriers, but given Johnson is the main kicker and is a right-footed halfback playing on the right side of the pitch, kicking to Makinson is much easier than kicking across his body to McGilvary, which would be much more vulnerable to inside kick pressure.
  12. Saint 1

    Suicide/Mental Issues

    I think speaking personally, the initial conversation feels easier to me than the subsequent ones. I have told numerous people about my depression, including most of my close friends, my entire rugby team, some work colleagues, my girlfriend. However, bringing it up over and over is harder because there is nothing different to talk about, it is just there, worse than normal with no particular reason and no way to fix it. As much good work as things like Andy's Man Club and State of Mind do, to me contacting them almost feels futile because there probably isn't much they can say to help. With that said, I think I have found productive coping strategies. With coaching 5 days a week, yoga a few days a week, gym a few days a week, mindfulness, meditation, a vitamin D supplement and only working 4 days a week over the Winter, it would be easier to name the things I haven't tried! A fresher who joined the rugby league club at Uni when I was Captain took his own life a few years back. I had only known him for a week or two and it still had a profound effect on me, I can only imagine the pain the people closer to him suffered. This year I'm hoping we will have a State of Mind session with the two universities I coach at and Outlaws just to reduce the chance of something similar ever happening again. My employer run the same scheme and I considered going for the role of mental health champion. Unfortunately, even though my employer are trying to be better on mental health, my concern was that if time commitments aren't considered with regards to project work then the scheme would actually be detrimental to my own mental health!
  13. Saint 1

    Rugby League in the Spectator

    The coaches job is to win first and entertain second. If you can do both, great, but if not then every coach should choose winning every time. That only holds if the rest of play has no impact on winning the ruck, which bluntly is not true.
  14. Saint 1

    Team For Second Test

    He can't pass. As a consequence of this, he's an ordinary fullback at Super League level nevermind internationally.
  15. I think with club games you know where the singers are and they generally congregate together, and there are obvious songs to sing. Neither of these apply to England, even if we played regularly enough to build familiarity. Beating the Kiwis doesn't feel anything near beating the Aussies for me. I know the Kiwis have been very successful in the last decade, but England's record against them isn't actually too bad in the UK whereas Australia have 45 years of beating us.