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  1. Part of the reason we haven't produced any great fullbacks (in the last 30 years anyway) is because we play a lot of our good runners (with some passing ability) into the halves, and they often end up making mediocre halfbacks instead, largely because they are mainly runners with weak organisational qualities. See George Williams as an obvious example. Additionally, we place a much higher premium on wingers in this country for some reason, whereas in the NRL it is largely seen as a place to develop until you can play fullback, given 1) the player can earn more at fullback 2) the player can have a much greater impact on the game at fullback. As a result, we have loads of great wingers who are skillful, athletic and defensively solid, and we limit their involvements to finishing off tries and making early carries on exit sets.
  2. Saint 1

    Widdop - Wire

    No, 2020.
  3. Saint 1

    Fitness Thread

    22.5k steps today on top of whatever fitness was (I don't carry my phone for it). Pretty active day for me! Tomorrow is relatively easy cardio in the morning, half an hour of yoga at lunch and rugby coaching again after work.
  4. Saint 1

    Fitness Thread

    Do you not find working back and legs today negatively impacts your deadlifts tomorrow? Didn't get to sleep as early as hoped so skipped the rowing intervals. Did sprints, jumps and then squats working up to 115kg 6x2 and a few accessory exercises. 4 more gym sessions to go and then I have a much needed week off (of sorts). Going to do some fitness tonight before coaching instead!
  5. Saint 1

    Fitness Thread

    If it's any consolation, today I haven't left the house! Given my depression, I tend to find the more that I exercise the more energy I have, so staying in good habits is really important for my mental health. They are offering free 3 day passes and have 230 gyms nationally, might be worth a look! It's not for everyone but could you exercise before work? Willpower depletes over the course of a day and also it's very difficult for life to get in the way if you train in the morning!
  6. Saint 1

    Fitness Thread

    I'm up at 4:45 for the gym tomorrow, doing some acceleration work and a lower body session, followed by some intervals on the rower. I'm at that annoying point of my (self-written) gym routine which means each session gets progressively longer, meaning I will likely be there for about 2 and a half hours! After work, I'm gonna be coaching for 2 hours so a reasonable amount of running around there too. Could you just pay for a session or two at a nearby gym? Should only cost a few quid per session. If not, there's plenty of good bodyweight exercises if you do get bored with sit ups and press ups!
  7. Saint 1

    Losing and Gaining Weight

    A big part of the problem is people drastically change their behaviour as a temporary means of losing weight, rather than just gradually changing their behaviour and weight loss being a consequence. The carbs at night thing is a myth - a carb is still 4 calories per gram whatever time of the day it is consumed. I'm also in this few percent, more due to activity levels than anything. I maintain weight at 81kg at around 4000 calories a day. This isn't anywhere near as enjoyable as it sounds, with a lot of liquid calories and a ridiculous food bill. I think here though the changes in weight are more a reflection of short term impact of salt and water retention than anything else. While it's interesting, I think people often attach themselves to short-term fluctuations in scale which don't matter. I see your point about deprivation a lot at work - people worrying about a small 50 calorie biscuit here or there. Given it takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose a pound of fat, I think for most people they deprive themselves of 1 or 2 tiny treats which would have no material impact on their weight, the mental effort of resisting temptation ends up having a more significant impact on their weight loss (or lack of) when they finally succumb to temptation and have a big meal.
  8. In the last 2 weeks I've read: Why Buddhism is True - brilliant book about non-spiritual buddhism. Some hard concepts to grasp so I will probably revisit at some point, but definitely provided more impetus for my meditation. Factfulness - Quite a good book, essentially about how human instinct is to think things are worse than they actually are. Lots of really interesting data and I think I learned a lot from this book. Chasing the Scream - One of my favourite books of 2018, looking at the racist origins of the war on drugs, the consequences and where drug laws are likely to progress to next. Ghettoside - A book about homicide in one of the poorest areas of LA and the disparities between areas, with the human costs that brings. Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People about Race - Interesting book looking at the history of racism in the UK. I disagreed with some of the arguments, but then I'm not sure whether that in itself is a reflection of my own biases. Who knows! The Biology of Desire - A book about why the disease model of drug addiction is wrong - exposed me to a lot of arguments I hadn't heard before, but potentially a bit too much detailed science info for me. Currently reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, which is good enough while not being anything revolutionary.
  9. Saint 1

    Those nice tories

    It almost makes you wonder whether there is any other possible reason for their 'legitimate concerns'.
  10. Saint 1

    Suicide/Mental Issues

    On the other hand, I work for a large company (FTSE 100) and I think they are moving away from just lip service to be fair. Half of that is just having compassionate managers, but they've signed up to the Time to Change pledge, have Mental Health Champions and Mental Health First Aiders. On top of that, everyone has access to financial planning tools, a 24/7 online GP service and all managers have been sent information on managing mental health issues. I'm currently working on a really high pressure project, where the head of my company for UK&I and EMEA is getting weekly updates from someone a few desks down from me. I went to my manager about 6 weeks ago and explained that I was struggling with my depression, and he basically told me that if I ever needed to leave work, to just do so, because I'm more important than the project. The idea of demoting someone for a mistake is unthinkable; I'm not sure if that means I work in a particularly good company or you worked at a particularly bad one!
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    So you agree, we should put on ferries to 1) stop them risking their lives 2) make sure they become legitimate, contributing members of society? Glad we are converging here.
  12. Saint 1

    Dear Diary

    I managed a headstand today. I've been working on it since September, and if it wasn't for old videos I wouldn't remember quite how bad I was!
  13. Saint 1


    And none of this was what you were talking about. You were saying bout how people coming here and paying more in taxes than they use in public services, somehow results in public services being more strained. It's just not true, in the presence of competent government.
  14. Saint 1


    A lower dependency ratio helps public services rather than hinders them. Given you keep stating this falsehood, I can only assume you are arguing in bad faith. What is that if not anti immigrant?