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  1. Maureen, it is easy to set it up so fans can buy over the phone or online and have them delivered or collect them from the ticket office on match days as we used to do so it is possible. The counter argument is that selling at the shop only drives footfall but if fans decide to give it a miss because of the travel issue then it's backfires
  2. Can Duffy take us to the next level? He's unproven, apart from getting Swinton to play attacking rugby he hasn't exactly lit up the Championship. There is an argument that if you've nothing to lose you can throw the ball about at will. Can Fev do that with the pressure on the team? Sharp deserved at least to see the season out. If Briggs isn't injured then he'd play this Sunday wouldn't he? From what I've read elsewhere he is carrying an injury. Time will tell.
  3. Not given a fair chance and obviously doesn't fit in with the club's plans which is strange as John Duffy's has only just taken over and probably hasn't had time to speak to him yet so who has made the decision?
  4. On a serious note, he didn't get a fair crack of the whip at Fev imho and is a good player at Championship level.
  5. Just to clarify my position, I hope John Duffy can deliver what is expected of him and he will have my full support as has every other coach we have had, I just fear that we could be in the same situation of welcoming a new coach in 12 months time if he doesn't
  6. If 2nd place was the target this year then I assume it will be the same next year? It was tough this year and will be next so who will the coach be in 12 months time I wonder? Answers on a postcard
  7. Without a doubt he'll get sacked
  8. Don't like the headline in the media and don't understand why he's been sacked. If the club want to plan for next season without JS then there must have been a way of that happening without sacking a coach who has done a good job for us and has unfinished business in the Middle 8s. That said, it doesn't surprise me, I can't remember the last time anyone left the club on good terms
  9. Bear in mind we're up against some full time teams, I think at least 4th is a good achievement. Which coach would you say was doing a better job post Powell if Sharpy hasn't taken us forward?
  10. 1 Misi - At least he stuck at it and carried the ball in plenty of times making more ground that the forwards. He led by example today as he often does. That's it for me although someone might have shone in the last half hour after I left
  11. If that's the case then It wouldn't surprise me. The club just need to remember what happened when we last got rid of a decent coach, one Mr Powell. I've criticised JS this season at times but you can't deny he's done a good job with the team and his reaction today says it all. It's some of the players who need to leave not JS
  12. We can, when the attitude of the players is right. Today wasn't about lack of ability but lack of application and it isn't JS's fault, It sits with the players
  13. Listening to JS's interview on Radio Leeds some of the thoughts on here are shared by him.
  14. All season the club, coaches and players have been praising the support from the fans especially away ( I don't count myself in that as I've not got to many games this season but a lot of fans have been home or away every week) then they turn in a performance like that. It was obvious Fax would be up for this one and I expected that we would match them to lay down a marker for the middle 8s but we were a mile off. I don't blame the coach, I reckon he has been hammering the message home all week about intensity, I blame the players. If they can't be bothered to get up for an important game (for the fans if not the players) then they need to take a long hard look at themselves and I hope some of them are left on the sidelines next week, even if we have to draft in some Leeds youngsters. If that is what is going to be on offer in the 8s then I can see us finishing 0-7 again. Our much talked about defence was poor, they were walking through us all over the park, the kicking game was poor and sometimes we looked clueless in attack. The club did their bit to market the game and once again the fans were let down by the players on the pitch. Fax were excellent today, reminiscent of us against the Bulls last season. I like the way they play when attacking and we will struggle to beat them in the 8s unless there is a change in attitude.
  15. Fev by less than 10 but wouldn't be surprised if we lose it, only because there could be a reaction to having already qualified for the top 4 even though that would have been a topic for discussion amongst the players this week.