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  1. It could be in the lock up with the box with the market stall clips in, I had a new flag with FEV ROVERS on that went missing at the club which i'd like back if anyone comes across it. I wanted to use it to raise funds for the club by getting it signed up but then it disappeared
  2. Why isn't Briggs in the squad? Can't understand it
  3. With the injuries we have at the moment and without the availability of the DR players (assuming they're not available) there's nothing between the two clubs at the minute. Fax are a good team and it wouldn't surprise me if they turned us over but home advantage should give us the edge.
  4. Wouldn't mind Hull KR at home, big following and a decent chance of victory. It would make for a cracking cup tie
  5. Misi sin bin sufficient so that's good news It would help if the charges or otherwise were done at the same time as SL or a couple of days later even if the hearings are the following week as it gives fans some idea of what their players are facing if anything
  6. According to Koukash on Twitter they're a bunch of thugs and he doesn't want them in SL. Sounds like Rowley has influenced them already
  7. Fev 1st, if we need him then so be it
  8. Well done, not easy to beat a SL team regardless of how they are going in the league. 2 down already
  9. I understand that Mark, hopefully we won't pick up more injuries or bans. The big debate is whether the RFL mandate that clubs should run reserve teams. Funding needs to be available but I believe all clubs should have them. That way there is a place for squad members to get a game and youth to step up. As we've heard recently though the RFL won't stand up to the SL clubs so there's no chance of them enforcing it in the Championship
  10. The club are doing the right thing. Sam needs game time and isn't getting it at Fev, We have no reserve team now so what else can he do? I'd rather him go away on loan for a month then if we do need him he'll be match fit and ready. In the meantime we should have enough cover. The alternative is that Sam sits out his contract then moves on to another club at the end of the season as he will want to be playing
  11. Just seen it myself and agree it was harsh. Let's see what the RFL make of it, hopefully common sense will prevail.
  12. I agree they can't see everything hence why I said there is a need for them. I just think they are ruling on some things that have already been dealt with by the referees on the pitch that don't necessarily need further action. 2-3 for a deliberate trip is harsh in my opinion. The referee only gave a yellow not a red so obviously saw it and didn't think it was worthy of a red
  13. David, to be honest I didn't see the tackle but the disciplinary committee seem hell bent on dishing out punishments for things that were dealt with on the field of play by the referees and it is ruining the game. I agree there is a need for them but 2-3 games for tripping which Thacks is facing seems to be way over the top so there might have been nothing in it but we now have to wait for the panel to pass judgement.
  14. Cooper Aston Turner
  15. Makes the decision to rest some players against Dewsbury look like a bad call. It's good that expectations are high but sometimes the reality doesn't match those expectations. He probably needs time which might mean this season is a write off as far as the top 4 is concerned.