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  1. Personally don't agree with it. Taking banned substances, getting a ban, letting the club, your team mates and the fans down then coming back to the same club after the ban is up to resume your career doesn't sit right with me. Second chance yes but not at Fev.
  2. Thanks Colin.
  3. Why would it be remote? Fev have gone into administration in the past with the land still at it's disposal so it could happen again. MC seems to have it under control but getting into that top 4 has to be a big target for the club financially, hence the pressure on the team to perform.
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  7. Match DVDs are made available to order online for people who can't get into the shop to collect them.
  8. Five amendments that will enhance Rugby League matches for players, spectators and viewers will come into effect for the 2017 season Betfred Super League, Kingstone Press Championship and League 1 and Ladbrokes Challenge Cup to make the game safer, more exciting and more continuous. The changes have been devised by the RFL Laws Committee, a group with game-wide representations and relate to scrums, goal line drop outs, 20 metre restarts, 40/20 kicks and markers. RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood, who chairs the Laws Committee, said: “The changes will allow more exciting and continuous play which will enhance the match day experience for players, spectators, coaches and TV viewers. “The Laws Committee took into consideration views from across the game and I am sure the changes will be well received by everyone involved.” The Law changes and amendments were approved by the game at a meeting of the Rugby League Council held on Thursday December 15. Details of the changes are as follows: Scrums All defensive players outside the scrum, other than the scrum halves must retire ten metres or more behind the mark where the scrum is formed and shall remain until the ball has emerged correctly from the scrum. This previously stated that defensive players outside the scrum had to retire five metres or more from the scrum. Goal Line drop out The previous rule of a player being able to straddle the dead ball line or touch in-goal line and be awarded a 20m restart has now changed. Where the ball is stationary in the in-goal area comes into contact with a player in touch, in goal or over the dead ball line, the ball is deemed to have been made dead by that player. The ball must have bounced on the ground either on or over the dead ball line/touch in goal line for a 20m restart to be awarded. 20 metre restarts An additional rule is now included in the 20 metre restart law that the initial tackle affected on the team taking the 20-metre optional restart shall be a zero tackle. 40/20 kick The changes regarding the 40/20 law now clarify where and when the tap kick will be taken. It specifies that the tap kick will be taken 20 metres in from the touchline where the ball first crossed the touchline but no closer than 10 metres from the goal line. Markers Provides clarification on the position of markers once a tackle is complete. - See more at:
  9. I'm going when we play them.
  10. I like the idea, especially the Mark Aston trophy v Sheffield Eagles. If we get Tubby to present the trophy in the centre spot himself at least we'll see him do something on our pitch
  11. Congratulations to Leigh Centurions, well deserved. Leigh invested when it mattered, when promotion was available. The challenge for all Championship clubs was to get in that top 4 then take on the 4 SL teams and if you're good enough you go up and fair play to them, they're sat on 10 points and my club are on 0 so do they deserve it? yes they do.
  12. Hardo Tagg Ellis
  13. Struggling to pick 3. Thought the whole team were superb today. 1 Misi - Every time he ran the ball in he did with a purpose. 2 Bostock - Just needs to know when not to offload but always looked dangerous 3 Cooper - Had to be patient and wait for his chance again but took it well and didn't look out of place
  14. Taulapapa - Apart from trying to the catch the ball on his back I thought he looked aggressive and dangerous every time he had the ball Hardman - Has been missed, consistent as usual Thackeray - One of his best games for the club
  15. Easy, turn upon Sunday and support the players. If the club need our help in any other form I'm sure they'll ask for it