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  1. I respect your comments. But unfortunately Elstone controls SL. So his commitment stands with SL. If you want SL then get ready for some very harsh decisions. Regardless of what you can bring to the table. Personally id have stuck at Championship level until 2021.
  2. Well it really didn’t offer anything only than a trip to Toronto in both Leagues. How SL view that is another thing, but again hopefully Toronto are SL’s problem next season.
  3. Hopefully Toronto become SL’s problem. As for Ottawa they will become the RFL’s problem in more ways than one. Sky won’t be looking at broadcasting rights for L1 and the championship will again devalue with only Toulouse and the relegated side from SL. The onus is really on the lower tiers to get going on this now. IMO of course.
  4. I read Ottawa are accepted in principle to join L1 in 2020! Does that mean it’s down to building a squad? New York obviously not in a position to do that given a backer has declined. Good luck to Ottawa and also NY for having a go.
  5. The ball is grounded short of the line.Someone chirps up if that happens in SL it’s given as a try.. What a bunch of idiots.
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