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  1. SL17

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    Well hopefully for you they get it right next season. As for fulfilling a destiny,change is required as your destiny wasn't fulfilled this season. The powers that be re: Argyle will react accordingly. Also the TWP should follow next season in a professional manner,as if they had been promoted to the promised land. NO match batches.
  2. SL17

    What now for Toronto?

    There’s always next year...
  3. Just looks as though some have abstained.. If you're forced to vote and don't agree with the options available,what choice is left will be taken.
  4. SL17

    London in Superleague

    Don't Toronto have a say in that?
  5. Go well at Salford. Just a bad start for him..
  6. SL17

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    Have no fear, Mr Argyle would have set the season goal to Rowley. That would have been minimum reaching the Million Pound Game, which he has done. However Rowley's personal goal would have been promotion to SL. Next season the bar will rise again, forget the five year plan as that's just a cushion for failure/excuse. Rowley knows he has failed and he isn't the only one.
  7. Theres always the odd one out Patrick. At least you had the desceny to congratulate them.
  8. SL17

    What now for Toronto?

    Regroup, apologise to sponcers. Get shut of MCcrone and go again. A guaranteed five year plan wasn't it. Go Wolfpack..
  9. Quite comical really, wonder what will happen to the London players..Some people are truly lost when it comes to reality.
  10. Next season for Toronto is massive. If they can fill the ground as quick as it emptied today they'll be on a winner. Good learning curve for the Torontonians today. Never take anything for granted.
  11. Interesting to see the M62 now turns to the M25.
  12. If he spent his time playing RL as he does talking to the ref,he'd be a good player.
  13. He played better for the Broncos Harry. That tells you another story.