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  1. SL17


    Probably dependant on when he reached 19..
  2. SL17


    Then simply don't post. Read first and don't call anybody a troll without a darn good reason. Nite..
  3. SL17


  4. SL17


    Not so much over yours Twit..! Sorry Tiwit.
  5. Actually its consistent with your inconsistent comments regarding TWP. You avoid the word youth as using it as a gimmick to support game. The point of youth is development and Toronto not the TWP are decades behind that point Stop using the word expansion without expansion as an excuse to create growth.
  6. I couldn't care less where the youth comes from. The point is growth is it not?
  7. With respect,my ideas of growing the game have never changed. Its called YOUTH.. Something that has been left behind for three decades. Now it comes back to haunt the greedy.
  8. Not quite sure what you are implying. But the statement is no different to Perez's two years ago. In fact 4 years ago..
  9. Positive in what way? Have we not already seen the same jargon previously! Same day different ##### springs to mind.
  10. 140 years and the game still remains. Good luck in your quest to change that.
  11. If all eyes are on promotion. They have even less chance now.
  12. I'd say the motive is missing from this thread. Argyles hand is most definitely being called.
  13. What has home attendance's got to do with selling X amount of tickets of which the final will be played at Wembley?
  14. Possibly the RFL are concerned the business plan isn't running to plan. So the RFL's plan is to call Argyles bluff into getting it back on track.