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  1. Poor first half,better 2nd but never really rocked the boat. Nice passing at times but Riddy well deserved MOM..
  2. I await your comment with interest come Sunday H..
  3. Good grief, are you suggesting Drew Hutchison was?
  4. SL17

    Betfred Championship Weekly

    Where does it say podcast?
  5. I can see through you, even if others cant.
  6. Surely technology improves... How does the 10% commission work out (for Clubs) on E tickets?
  7. These Southerners have never got to grips with banter...
  8. There's a difference with a ball being stripped and one that's dislodged.
  9. What is the sudden urgency from the good Dr? Along with his backers! Widnes said no chance, along with Bradford and the Cumbrian failure. I don't seem to comprehend his wave thought. But then again its all talk.
  10. They register as a company in the UK to get around various scenarios. One being Visa's, but the main director has to be a national of that Country, hence Noble.
  11. The club has had a massive refinancing deal. Millions isn't it? 20K surely is pocket money.
  12. Can't see it happening. He's been in Cumbria, Widnes and now Liverpool. Failed on the first two and Liverpool looks like going down the same lines. Keeps him in the limelight, but now its getting boring.
  13. Lets take the expansion route.. Sod all money. Lets take the good Doctors wallet. Your choice!