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  1. Thats last weeks news. Any update on the last 20 years?
  2. Wow!! looks like someone lost a bet.
  3. You fail to miss the point DB had to put up a £1m bond with the RFL to secure the £1.3m SC.
  4. SL leach off the community clubs to start with. His comment states, If they dont make SL by 19 they will be given back to the Championship for free. What was/is the cost for a SL club taking a player from a community club? An educated guess would be around £500. So in reality it cost the SL club nothing. But the fact is that those rejected players who have played the game since knee high, will simply say stuff this sport and not arrive back at Championship. Does GH have an answer for that?
  5. Set, look forward to that.. Thanks.
  6. Not a one in position to catch that, only Makinson .
  7. Wakeys forwards are just stood still, nobody running onto the ball, no second receiver. With the size of that pack they should running riot up the middle of the park.
  8. If that had been London given the line speed against Widnes, they would have walked it. But Leeds have a 18th man to fall back on. Diabolical refereeing and completely changed the game. Hewer ruined it.
  9. Aye, Edwards claim to fame will be a scrum 10m in. Does he realise they are not contested anymore? Good luck with that venture.
  10. The change to the video ref in the qualifiers, is he can only intervene if he thinks the offence warrants a sin bin or Red. Who was the video ref? Was he watching something different to us?
  11. What about Touch Judges? Hes made a absolute mess of it,in the second half.