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  1. The player pool becomes even less, when you take into account the number of part time players, that would never switch to full time. Plenty won't switch because they have income that betters a FT position in RL.
  2. Well they won't break records because the game is stagnant. If Sky could have two games alone the GF and MPG would be the ones. That doesn't support game for me from a media point of view. We all see how SL reach the GF, but we don't see how Championship or L1 clubs reach the 8's. Its always been a continuing issue in this sport. SL needs answers to their questions,but now is the time for the lower tiers to go their own way. The effect on SL with losing the lower tiers will only leave one winner. Thats whats been created now and it's time for the lower tiers to turn the screw.
  3. But 16 is not 20,is it? Fax already had the opportunity to go FT ,but in their words chose the reserve route over that.
  4. They do it to accommodate viewing figures,surely.. I must need another drink..
  5. Are you sure...... We haven't got 20 FT Clubs..
  6. It makes no difference.Sky don't switch a fixture to accommodate attendances.
  7. You cant quite grasp the difference between viewing figures and attendance. For the last twenty years you'll find the viewing figures will far outweigh the attendances.
  8. Its a spectacle that supports Sky viewing figures. Let SL have Sky. But let the rest go their own way.
  9. We haven't got 20 FT clubs.
  10. Same ideas,nothing changes only the structure. The MPG brings the entertainment.You need a structure thats on that level. You also need the financial resources to support that. Again, leave SL to SL. The rest can make their own way in an environment where they are not dictated too and make their own unrestricted opportunities. Lets see where SL will be in 12 months time.
  11. The RFL is the players Union.
  12. Yes Bob,and for that reason the proposals should accommodate accordingly.
  13. It ignores the fact that clubs require that income to survive.Some 20 years of a downward spiral should have alerted them,Sky had ran its course. I've said it before,leave SL to SL. Let the rest fend for themselves,they will make more money and have better unrestricted opportunities.
  14. Its not a thought,its a fact. As an established business which all are. Should you be dependant on something that may not be there a year later? What happens if the funding is reduced? What happens if they get no funding?