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  1. Ovenden Grunt


    I wouldn't be too happy if the Fax players were laughing and joking just after a defeat.
  2. Ovenden Grunt


    Hopefully against Bradford. ?
  3. Ovenden Grunt


    Hope he does it on Saturday for you and against the bullies! ? Great on his day, doesn't have too many though.
  4. Ovenden Grunt

    Halifax prediction's

    Toovey not started then? ??
  5. Ovenden Grunt


    Slowly but surely I said. The people I know are sick to death of DR, Bradford and the fat controller distorting the leagues with their SL favouring ideas.
  6. Ovenden Grunt


    Surely more than 718. Fax used to regularly bring more than that but the people running the game don't give a toss and slowly but surely are killing it.
  7. Ovenden Grunt

    Halifax prediction's

    Looked more than that to me. ?
  8. Ovenden Grunt

    Halifax prediction's

  9. Ovenden Grunt


    Now there's a surprise, a nice one though. Great for Fax fans who won't travel to POR.
  10. Ovenden Grunt


    A hard tie, no tv coverage, hardly any away support equals not a lot of brass to be made. Other than that a great draw.
  11. Ovenden Grunt


    Sick as the proverbial! ☹⛄??
  12. Ovenden Grunt

    Well done Swinton

    Brilliant result. (Fax fan in shuddersfield ).?
  13. Ovenden Grunt

    we dont need help from bradford.. do we

    Very well said x 2.
  14. Ovenden Grunt

    we dont need help from bradford.. do we

    Very well said.
  15. Ovenden Grunt

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