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  1. Are Les Catalans attendances plummetting. Why didn't Les Catalans attendances continue to flounder in the other years when the have finished bottom but weren't relegated? History tells us you are talking nonsense.
  2. Will Leeds break SL attendance record?

    I'm a little disappointed in our marketing efforts to be honest and I'm not sure we will get to 25k when we have proven we can. However I agree entirely we need to start breaking these records and pushing things forwards and get some competitive elements to these sorts of things
  3. Most heartland clubs would go in to the British championship. Expansion sides in to the sl2 Sheffield and Newcastle would go to SL2 The traditional teams would their league to play in and win. There would be the option of a secondary cup comp with the SL2 and championship sides. The SL 2 would largely be current expansion sides allowing them to focus on getting people through the door and playing RL and the SL clubs taking responsibility for players and youth development in these areas. So your SL2 would be made up of teams like Newcastle Sheffield York Coventry Wales Bristol Cumbria London Ireland and scotland. Each allied to an SL club. As those areas grow and if they reach a level where they can be an SL club they can be promoted and a new development area joins. If a club like NY or whoever need time in a lower league before SL they can go in to SL2. As for the RFL not being able to justify spending money on that. I'm not sure they could justify spending on anything else.
  4. The RFL have about 7mil cash in hand are eligible for many grants and undoubtedly cheaper loans etc. It may be wishful thinking but the alternatives simply aren't suitable. As for being made permanent, owning half of it gives a pretty clear sense of permenance.
  5. Sorry if I wasnt clear. I don't think they are ready now.
  6. Personally I think a franchised SL with a separate British championship below it. I'm coming round to idea of an SL2 but not as a rebadged championship but as a development tool players and new areas as feeder teams/areas for SL clubs. Where they would function as the SL reserve sides and the pro pathway for and expansion area and have that league sit equal to be entirely separate from the British championship. As for London's home, I think the RFL should partner with a football club looking for a new ground, go in 50/50 and have it as the southern centre of excellence and London's home ground. Trailfinders isn't appropriate and moving around isn't helping. We need not only a permanent home for London but RL in the south.
  7. Removing p+R doesn't close the door. Just asks that you'e ready before you go through. Seeing a repeat of 2014 would be more damaging to London than them not being promoted.
  8. Bradford are the most likely SL club in the lower leagues but their priority should be keeping their youth development going and finding a way to stop odsal being such a millstone rather than going for promotion through the 8s We have seen that story only a couple of years ago. It didn't end well.
  9. Trailfinders is not big enough. It's beneath super league and unsustainable to run an SL club out of there. There is a big difference between a ground which even it sells out every single week guarantees London to be the lowest attended side in SL and asking them to rent out wembley.
  10. Are they going try and run an SL side from the park they currently play in?
  11. The next Catalans Dragons coach

    Justin Morgan is a decent shout. If they want a French coach they need to develop one and probably outside the club.
  12. A once-off game that embarrasses Australian RL that will be played 3 times and be between England and NZ.
  13. What do.we have? Put Toulouse and Toronto to one side and how many clubs in the lower leagues are actually in a position to make a run at SL Batley Dewsbury et al don't even want it. Fev want it but are nowhere near. If London get promoted they will immediately need to move and rebuild again. Halifax tried a run at it a couple of years ago, very nearly went bust and have had to come back. When we talk about a closed shop who are we actually talking about shutting out?
  14. Imagine being a professional journalist and writing that screed accusing others of embarrassing the game and calling something a 'once-off' event.
  15. Salford v Catalans in New York

    seems a bit convoluted to be honest. I think they went for Catalans for a few reason, 1) they are usually a relatively less well attended game, 2)They have to travel anyway 3) they had agreed to it. 4) they are a french team highlighting the international nature of the comp. On top of that i dont really think you come out up by trading the easter monday game for a game 3.5k away on a week everyone else has off.