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  1. I watch sport to find out who the best is. Ive very little interest in finding out who the worst is.
  2. scotchy1

    Tyrone Roberts heads home

    I hope, as Moran is one of the leaders of us going in to this brave new world Wire go all out on marquee signing.
  3. Brilliant. The championship can be the championship. The clubs in it can enjoy it and try and win it building a great competition their fans enjoy. The clubs in SL can enjoy it and try and win it and build a great competition their fans can enjoy.
  4. i think there is a clear gap between the SL clubs and the championship clubs. I think some SL clubs arent good enough I think they are still better than the championship clubs. I also think that even if they werent even if this gap doesnt exist, it doesnt matter, swapping one club not good enough for another club not good enough is an entirely pointless and in some ways counter-productive exercise.
  5. scotchy1

    2018 Kits

    Possibly, I can see that being a risk. I can only speak from my personal position but there is no way i would buy that style of jersey. An old style proper one I definitely would.
  6. Means we have no one to interchange with Roby though.
  7. If its so interesting go find a tv company to broadcast it, sponsors to sponsor it and build a fantastic competition between clubs like halifax and featherstone and leigh and batley and dewsbury and oldham and workington. Enjoy it. Try and win it.
  8. Salford are a mess. They arent our bar. Im just not sure of the wisdom of worrying about whether or not one club that isnt good enough should be replaced by another club that isnt good enough. If Salford arent good enough, and Halifax arent good enough what difference does it make that we have Salford instead of Halifax?
  9. scotchy1

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    You would have thought the obvious option would have been for the NRL to give the RFL the rights to the pacific tests in Europe and the RFL/NZRL to have given the rights to the Denver test to the NRL in the pacific region. Or for all them to have given the rights to the RLIF for the overseas sales and shared the money. Ive said time and again we have missed a massive trick by not making 23rd June international RL day and had games all day. 3 from Australia from kicking off at 4pm, 6pm, 8pm Sydney time, so 7am to about 1pm London time. Then games in England at 2pm and 4pm, france in france at 6pm London time, leading right in to the build up and kick off England v NZ at 9:30pm London time from 11pm onwards Sydney time. Bundle them all up, sell them as a package 16 and a half hours of consecutive live international sport. With Origin the next day. The Rugby League World Wide Weekender.
  10. scotchy1

    2018 Kits

    Its partly the simplicity though im not hugely against the simplicity but also the collar as i say, the fit, the material, they whole style. I get that a lot of it is to do with performance and thats the way sports jerseys look today but I think they miss a trick not bringing out a fans version which is like a proper old style cotton Rugby jersey with proper collar, more comfortable fit
  11. As ive said Toronto and Toulouse are different question and ive accepted Leigh arent that far away from those clubs. But there is a massive gap between Salford, Widnes, Hudds, Wakefield and Fax London and Fev. Its a yawning chasm. What we criticise Wakefield, Widnes and Hudds for is the uppermost potential of those clubs. London play in a park in front of hundreds.
  12. Im not sure that post is kicking anyone. Im also not sure i have kicked the championship clubs. Im also not defending the rubbish SL clubs. They need to improve. In fact my whole point has been based on the fact they arent good enough. Salford arent good enough, Widnes arent good enough. Getting to the level of Salford or Widnes isnt good enough. Thats the crux of it. Salford need to be better, Widnes need to be better, and club coming in can't be trying to get to the level of Widnes or Salford, they need to be better.
  13. That position of strength can be created by simply choosing the right amount of teams. 14 was too many for where we were and being in the middle of a financial crisis. I have to disagree, i think there is a pretty clear gap and even if they werent im not sure a gap is needed to justify the change. Also it isnt a closed shop. Thats important.
  14. Toronto do look competitive, but the reason why i have ignored Toronto and Toulouse is that they arent evidence of the championship clubs catching up. They are simply new clubs jumping through hoops to get to SL. If anything the heartland clubs in the championship look like they are getting further away given the likelihood that two will be overtaken by these new clubs.