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  1. Better than origin in my opinion. A big challenge for both sides. Imagine a side of Hopoate, Vunivalu, Hurrell, Leilua, Fusitu'a, Hayne, Lam, Fifita, Segeyaro, Sims, Murdoch-Massilla, Papiili, Taumolo, Pangai Jr, Paulo, Sims, Koroisau Be great to watch and favourites imo.
  2. Id love to see a proper 9s series. See each side go big in at least one game per year. Id like to see a combined pacific island side tour the UK and vice versa A replay of the GF as a stand alone opening game of the season.
  3. Why bother making these thing up? Super league introduced midweek games 3 years before Bradford were relegated. I wonder why you picked those two years? Bradfords average in 2008 was 9247, in 2009 was 9677, in 2011 12814, in 2012 12784. Its almost as if you thought we were stupid and picked 2 years that should disproportionately low attendances and thought nobody would notice. The silliest thing is that even with you picking Bradfords worst years, that 2010 average would have been better than 5 clubs got last year. The 2014 (which was a disastrous season for pretty much the entire league) would have been better than 4 got. Those 2011 and 2012 averages would have been the 3rd best in SL btw.
  4. scotchy1

    Player Drain

    Problem is, Super League will struggle to take advantage of something like a world cup win if all (or most) of the stars are playing in the NRL (amongst many other reasons).
  5. Leeds have been appalling at times this season, unable to turn a corner and not a team you can put any trust in. However. Widnes had the game v London in the palm of their hands. They should have run away with it or at least put them away comfortably but as soon as London vaguely threatened Widnes collapsed like a pack of cards. Toulouse had to throw the ball around and really throw everything at leeds just to stay in touch and that told in the end as the leeds pack got over the top of them. Its not going to be the same for London this weekend, if they perform like they did and let leeds get away like they did Widnes the game might be over by half time. London need to keep patient and stick with Leeds, they need to keep the scores low and keep leeds within a score to pressure towards the end where Leeds game management has been appalling all year.
  6. Super League kinda is falling apart at the seems and Super League most certainly is crying out for big teams like Bradford. And I'm not blaming falling attendances purely on Bradford. I dont need to. Bradford's failure caused a fall in attendances. They had big attendances, they were lost. There is a demonstrable correlation between the loss of a club getting amongst the highest attendances in the game and attendances going down. It would be a mathematical marvel if there wasnt.
  7. If you want a professionally produced strategy then Im not going to do it for free, no. If you want a brief outline. Find a niche for the challenge cup. It needs a better flow so it can create momentum, it needs to build prestige rather than be devalued by cheap ticket offers and double headers, it needs to create a unique match day experience and it needs to get out there and sell itself. Like actually sell itself. As in talk to people and convince them to buy tickets.
  8. People have this strange tendency when it comes to franchising to imagine a criteria it would be judged on, then imagine an overly specific and flawed way of measuring that criteria, then insist that such measurements should be rigidly stuck to, then point out that such a criteria is clearly flawed, overly specific and sticking rigidly to it means franchising wouldnt work. It really isnt that complicated. Are Leeds of the standard we want an SL club to be? Yes Are Wigan, Saints, Warrington, Hull, Les Catalans? yes Fine they are all in. Are Castleford? not quite they have some failings about they stadium. Are they trying to rectify them and would including them mean excluding a club who is an SL club or a club much closer to being an SL club? No. Fine they are in. Same goes for Hull KR and Huddersfield. Boom. We have 9 clubs already in. Move on. What about others who want in, Toulouse, Toronto, Wakefield, WIdnes, Salford, Bradford, Leigh, Fev, New York, London, Timbucktoo? well clearly none of them are of the level we want from an SL club right now so lets look at their plans from getting from where they are to where we need them to be. Are those plans good, well researched, well evidenced plans? Do they have proof of the financial backing to execute those plans? If the answer to both of those questions are yes. Brilliant. You're in. If either of them are a no. Sorry, try again next year. If that means we go with 10 clubs we go with 10, If it means we go with 20. We go with 20. Its really that simple. We don't need to look at Turnover or Crowds or any tick box exercise because standard x doesnt necessarily achieve outcome Y. Leeds generally make a slight profit on a turnover of around £10m. Set a standard of a turnover of £5m and they would make a massive loss on that turnover. So either be good or tell us how you are going to get to good. And when we get many clubs at good our definition of good gets harder. And if people want to argue that its not a clear and transparent process and that the clubs in SL will only think of themselves my question is this. Why wouldnt they want more big clubs in SL? Why wouldnt they want good clubs in SL? Why wouldnt they want you helping to grow their pie?
  9. Of course it is. Its utterly moronic to pretend SL hasnt lost something major losing Bradford. Thats not even an opinion. Its fact. If you want to trace the biggest contributor to the fall in SL attendances its pretty easy. Its Bradford. You may not see the difference between Salford playing Widnes in front of 2k and Bradford playing Leeds in front of 22k but its pretty easy for everyone else to see.
  10. You going to pay me?
  11. Bradford should be in SL, i dont think anyone disagrees (outside the usual rivalries) Bradfords problem is their stadium sort those issues so its no longer a millstone around their neck and they should be in tomorrow. The clubs in SL are by and large the clubs that would be in SL under any objective or really most subjective judgements. There are a few who are borderline and a few not really there and I can't really understand the idea that the other clubs would want these borderline/not really there clubs ahead of the likes of a fully functioning Bradford. Why would St Helens or Hull want Salford instead of Bradford?
  12. We already have that. The 26 clubs outside SL's votes are equal to the 12 clubs inside SL's vote. And our constituencies are set by population (generally) so London has more constituencies than Scotland. There is a strange idea that goes around that SL wants to keep out potential big clubs currently in the lower leagues. SL is absolutely desperate for them to be in.
  13. You could turn the season on its head somewhat. Finish the Challenge cup on May Day bank holiday, starting on Boxing day with group stages giving the lower league sides guaranteed home games v SL opposition every year. Have 16 sides qualify for the knockout rounds and re-direct the current additional funding for making the qualifiers to the 4 (or more) lower league clubs who qualify for the last 16. Extra games early in the season means that the league season can be shortened and you could give a more even distribution of funding to the championship clubs and still reward those who achieve but do it earlier in the season so they can then plan with the money in the bank rather than on the hope of earning it. Gives a new niche to the challenge cup making them a target for lower league clubs, give us competitive games early season so that the league season has a running start with everyone up to speed. And Boxing day rugby league is already something of a tradition, Boxing Day RL on the BBC seems like it could break through to the general public. Could have games every day between boxing day and New Years day and would be easy enough to plan as the group games mean you could put a decent match on every day
  14. Its a little disingenuous to read his comments that way, he is pretty clearly talking about it in the context of a TV deal.
  15. There are fewer loop fixtures for SL clubs under the suggested plan than there is under the current one. The problem isnt that there arent enough players, its that there arent enough clubs.