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  1. I think anyone who has been to elland road recently would be delighted at being able to sit somewhere they fit. I love elland road and it has a great atmosphere but it is not a comfortable place to be. Also the prices arent expensive nor did they go up that much. The problem is three fold, the game as a whole struggles to make an impact, the clubs presence in the city is nowhere near what it was and the club made a strategic mistake thinking that people would just come back, it allowed people to get out of the habit.
  2. Good. Homophobic, sexist, racist propaganda rag. Plenty of better ways if reaching people that dont mean debasing yourself. A game that was borne out the working class rebelling could be no truer to its roots than leaning in to this and telling the sun where it can shove its coverage We would get more coverage from everywhere else by banning the sun than we ever got from it.
  3. The cricket stand is attached to the north stand, so none of the amount spent on the south stand was for the cricket side.
  4. The competition at the top is plenty interesting. That's why more people will attend and more people will watch a game between teams at the top than at the bottom. It's become a bit of a selective bias from some on here that sees the opposite.
  5. Which is why I'm suggesting that SL take that on. The operators of the cameras are generally freelancers but there is no reason we would ge tied to them anyway. Sky would ge paying more for the rights but saving on production costs. Additional costs to sky (or another broadcaster) would only come for additional content (content they wouldn't pay production costs for).
  6. Elite sport is a brilliant thing.
  7. You misunderstand me Sky wouldn't be paying for the increase in outlay for match production, they would pay more for the rights because SL had taken in the costs for production. SL would taken the costs of match production which would be met in part by the Sky, the benefit to SL would be try to create economies of scale to make games 3, 4 and 5 cost les per game, and then sell that content on to sky and other providers.
  8. Because the defenders can't steal the ball. As you say, coaches fear losing possession, if you allow ball steals with multiple tacklers involved then you will see a greater chance of losing possession and coaches will look to minimise that, they will do that by getting attackers to find the ground quickly to complete the tackle and by stopping players promoting the ball for an offload.
  9. The costs of the hardware are pretty accurate (though obviously rounded up), the costs of actual production is a guess but that's simply because it would need to be decided how that would be done but im confident you could do it for those figures. Its not a massive amount, even at SL level, about 10% of the current tv deal, but there is incentive for Sky to pay for it, because that's what they currently do. Sky meet the costs of production, if SL were to do that then Sky would make a saving there. Largely it would be cost neutral to them and they would have the option, if they wished of buying more content.
  10. Its funny to see you pretend this is some kind of gotcha. It literally says that the threat of relegation and relegation are hugely damaging above. That is literally the reason I said I was against it
  11. but again, they could do this because of the defensive structures, techniques and quality of the time.
  12. The championship changed their rules last season mid-season, and are rumoured to be doing so this as well. So lets not pretend this is the big bad SL clubs throwing their weight around. Changing the rules mid-season isn't ideal, but if the decision is made that this is the best way, delaying it a year and making next year some transition year not only delays us putting in place what we believe to be the best system, it leaves us with a damaging transition year where nothing really counts. I would be in favour of this change, at any time, whether Leeds were at the top or bottom of SL. However, lets say Leeds do get relegated, is forcing them to play in the championship for a year, the year prior to the new TV deal, before promoting them again to a franchised league doing any good for anyone? Is anybody going to watch Leeds run through the championship racking up big scores when promotion is already guaranteed? The standard for promotion will constantly be moving, that's success, that's it working. If you aspire to be in SL, make yourself good enough to be in SL, to contribute to SL. If you do that, why wouldn't the other clubs want you in there? your participation means more for them. That's the reason for admitting Toulouse and Toronto. Their contribution to the whole. That's why they are handpicked. Its why other clubs aren't. The door is never shut on other clubs forever, they get to that point and SL will want them to get in. Bradford especially, why wouldn't SL clubs want Bradford in? We know how big and positive their contribution can be. The only reason Bradford wouldn't be admitted in to a franchised SL is that they haven't dealt with the fundamental infrastructure problems of their business that has meant for the best part of a decade they have been completely unsustainable. They only difference between P+R and Franchising in Bradfords case is that under P+R Bradford don't have to deal with the issues that has seen the business built on sand to get promoted. That is not a good thing.
  13. Both, attendances are pretty poor, viewing figures for these games arent great either. You absolutely can beat a good bit of car crash TV, I can list you off lists of great games I have enjoyed watching and remember. None of them were the generally turgid, low quality relegation battles we get.
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