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  1. scotchy1

    London in Superleague

    Jesus Christ that's a lot of effort to make yourself look silly.
  2. All clubs can go bust. The possibility of them going bust isn't the reason for excluding them. The likelihood of them doing so is the reason for excluding them and not permanently, but simply until that likelihood is brought down to an acceptable level. There is no contradiction there. Treating a club likely to go pop (or certain my likely to struggle in SL,) and a club unlikely to go pop differently isn't a contradiction or hypocrisy. It's common sense. Pretending that different things are the same is lunacy.
  3. Scrap the cap and trust clubs to run themselves properly Address the some of the other issues with a points system to encourage clubs to build squads how we want them to be built
  4. scotchy1

    Ideas thread

    It expands to cover those who are in it. But we arent going to attract more people by doing what we did this year, or 10 years ago, or 30 years ago. We are where we are because of what we have done.
  5. scotchy1

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Starting 2020 id like to see each club offering a Super Season ticket, for an extra £150/£200 on top of your season ticket you get access to OurLeague app showing 1 L1 and 1Championship game per week, plus a ticket to the CC semi-final double header, the CC final, Englands test against france and the 3 Ashes games. I'd also like us to go big, at least 170k capacity, announced before the season starts with 3 match season tickets advertised all season. This series has been let down by a lack of ambition, poor organisation, late changes and will be pretty disappointing. England will be GB and in the pacific next year. The Ashes series needs to be huge and there is no reason it shouldnt be being planned, advertised, and sold the moment this series ends.
  6. scotchy1

    Junior Kiwis v Junior Roos - freaky try

    Well no because there is a specific definition of a knock-on. Knock On means to knock the ball towards the opponent's dead ball line with hand or arm. So a knock on isnt to play the ball forward without kicking it. It is to knock the ball forward with hand or arm. So if you havent knocked the ball forward with hand or arm you cannot knock it on even if you have played the ball forward without kicking it. I assume that you arent allowed to kick it with the heel for some reason to do with a PTB but it seems a ridiculous rule and im not sure why we would need it these days.
  7. scotchy1

    Ideas thread

    This thread is a lot of what Robert Elstone is talking about. A lot of people inside the tent saying what they want on the assumption that if we do whats traditional we will gain new fans. Fact is its doing what we have always done that has seen them stay outside the tent. To gain new fans and new engagement we will need to do new things. Things that maybe don't appeal to those already inside the tent.
  8. All of those things are irrelevant. Its not hypocrisy to treat different things differently. Its common sense. Wolves going bust and wolves now are a different proposition. It would be nuts to pretend they are same. Why would we ? The problem with your argument is it ignores the reality as it is. Hull arent pennilessin the Boulevard, Bradford arent cashed up with a world champions squad anymore. Its not a reality we need to deal with. Maybe in an alternate reality Huddersfield don't have Ken Davy's money. But they do in this one. Perhaps there is a world where pre-Caddick Leeds went bust or pre-Moran Wire did. But this world isnt it. So it doesnt matter. Its of no consequence. Because nobody is saying that if those things change we couldnt adapt. Nobody is saying that if Halifax suddenly didnt play in a half-finished stadium, if they had more than two pennies to rub together, if they werent having to ask players to take pay-cuts, then our judgement of them couldnt change. Of course it could. In fact that is the whole point.
  9. scotchy1

    Sean O’Loughlin to Leeds

    Would be an odd signing for a club going through transition.
  10. scotchy1

    How to break the ‘Big 3’

    The fact the game went fully pro was obviously going to have an effect and one of those was always going to be to exacerbate the difference between clubs who had money and ones that dont. Scale matters and the scale changed in 1996. Clubs who could compete at semi-pro level can't compete at pro level. Like it or loathe its the natural evolution of the game that some clubs would be left behind. RL's problem is that whilst some clubs have stagnated, they have havent been overtaken like they should.
  11. Far from being mutually exclusive they are inextricably linked. Many peoples first experience will be a big event and the more regularly attending league games the bigger the pool to sell those big events to.
  12. scotchy1

    Superleague is becoming boring.

    Im still not sure that tells us about the speed of the game. Regardless, my point was more focused on the game being faster when it is in play and i think that would be borne out by (if we believe those numbers are representative of NRL v SL) the fact the Roosters made more metres from fewer tackles. So the Roosters went forward more whilst the Saints went nowhere more. Saints, a more dominant side in SL than the Roosters in the NRL, made fewer metres per PTB by a noticable amount. That is counter-intuitive to the idea that SL is a quicker, more open game and the NRL is slow and conservative. To my eye this is because the NRL, when the ball is in play, is played a lot faster. Even if, for the sake of argument, we accept the PTB is slower, once the ball has been played the game is much faster with fewer dropped balls, a lot more completed sets, fewer errors, better decisions from hooker, better halves, more strike three-quarters being able to bring out special plays. Because of the better quality there are two interconnected effects. 1. Clubs dont get the amount of penalties walking them down the field so NRL sides have to go 80metres to score. SL clubs can go 30 metres, get a penalty and start more sets in the opponents 30. 2. Because the attackes are better NRL clubs can't afford to give away the penalties an SL club does because if you allow an NRL club to start a set in your 30 they are more likely to score. So the NRL clubs have to be quicker in play because if attacks have to go all the way down the field to score and defences have to be quicker because penalties are more of a punishment. The relative paucity of quality on both sides of the ball in SL creates a different, poorer game
  13. scotchy1

    England Squad to Face New Zealand

    If you are going to try and be all sassy. Learn how to use the quote function properly first. 😉
  14. scotchy1

    England Squad to Face New Zealand

    Bateman, Gildart, Greenwood, O’Loughlin, Tomkins, Williams, Clark, Hill, Ratchford wont be playing against france. Handley, Holmes, Mulhern, Shaul, Sutcliffe, Whitley have all come up from the Knights for the France game and but not for the test series. So i would think we would see Shaul Makinson Sutcliffe Lynne Johnstone Connor Myler Graham Hodgeson G Burgess Whitehead Greenwood Holmes T Burgess Mulhern Whitley Milner Possible that he may not wish to risk Connor before the series having only recently come back from a big injury so Handley in at centre and Sutcliffe in at S-O, I think that is likely as I'm not sure why those players would be called up from the Knights if not to play.