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  1. Will be interesting to see what Broncos do if they do stay up. Yates, Abdull and others already moving elsewhere.
  2. RL can defo afford to cast London aside.......
  3. Any update on the Saints fan in the ambulance? He looked in some real distress.
  4. Agree it was a great crowd. Shame, for me, it was mostly away fans. Not sure we have made many inroads this season on the supporter front. Fair play to saints for their away support for what, for them, was a meaningless game.
  5. I don't think saints rotated a huge amount to be fair. Their lineup was still stacked. Similar to Wigan, London blown away early, only to grab a foothold and then to dominate. Morgan Smith is really excelling. First game for Italian and Hungarian friends I took. They should retire now.
  6. Sir Kev carrying on doing a great job then. Have they thought he might be the issue?
  7. Hull and Catalans Both rugby league drag queens. From a distance either can pass as a team, but neither has it where it matters.
  8. Looking forward to seeing Saints put 80 on Hull at Wembley. Should be funny.
  9. Excellent - we might be able to pull 500 for a Championship London Derby. Having seen Skolars in the pre-season game vs Wigan youth - I was very unimpressed. Is it more the quality of Skolars or a drop in the quality of the other sides?
  10. Shame a large part of London (EU citizens) can't vote in a ref but can vote in the EU elections...... Going to be a meltdown on here - but well done Brexit Party. Great stuff.
  11. Well, if Sky could ever work out how to put a camera on a gantry facing the busy bit it would help. Even with Leeds building a new stand they couldn't manage it, and that is a purpose built RL ground. Mind you - not sure Magic has ever looked full and, at best, 8k more over the weekend would only have added 4k fans per day, assuming all of those sat in their seat all day.
  12. Genuine question - is it a failure then? Seems middle of the road to me. Factor in Nou Camp and any impact on Wigan fans, London being there and the match making - I would say it has been fair enough.
  13. sorry - confused with Dacia deal
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