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  1. Even if I gave an opinion at this stage then how can you understand what I may be forming my view of the situation on if you haven't bothered to look at what I am referring to ? As I have said previously, it was you, not I, who made a complaint about how a certain group of people are portrayed and, as you haven't contradicted the statement I made about your own ethnic background, I assume you have made your judgement on how they feel about being portrayed in such ways without actually being one of those people you are defending. Therefore, if so, why can't you give a similar opinion on another group of people without actually being one of them ?
  2. Agreed and I don't really mind what he has gained from the venture as without him there wouldn't be a club at all. However, for the club's sake I do believe that some new blood in required but it's matter of someone willing to buy him out and run the show.
  3. Copa said ... I’m asking you, a local, to explain it to me from a local perspective. I think that’s very important for me to understand. So why is the Monty Python skit as bad as the Black and White Minstrel show? I want to know your local view. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - You keep asking me for my opinion yet you were the one who made the initial complaint about certain groups being made fun of. I then just asked you to watch the sketch and tell me if you thought there was any difference between doing so to that section of society and the ones you mentioned and why it appears that people who make such comments about discrimination only appear to do so in defence of some particular groups yet fail to give similar support to others. You ask for a "local view" but why is that necessary ? You made the complaint about indigenous Australians being targeted and also the shop with Golliwogs, the concept of which began in America. I would suspect you are not an American aborigine yet are giving your view of those subjects so why not on the Monty Python sketch ? If you really want a local view then I point you to the following .... Let me be clear ... I wasn't arguing with your views, I was just pointing out that although many social groups regularly receive support from people for being discriminated against there are also other sections of society that are equally targeted yet in those cases it appears to be ok to do so because of their perceived social standing. -------------------------------------------------------------- In reply to .... Again, yes I agree that what happened many years ago was wrong but that was then, so why should the people of today - the vast majority of whom are sympathetic to equality movements - be made to feel that they are responsible for those acts of generations ago ? Do you hold current-day Germans or Japanese people responsible for what happened in the World Wars ? I doubt it. So why act differently towards other groups of people for what previously occurred ? Yes, everyone deserves equality but that means EQUALITY of today and not wanting more just to right wrongs from the past.
  4. I do have a great deal of praise for Chris Hamilton with regard to him having formed the new club and kept it in operation all these years. However, I do feel he has now done all he can and it's time for him to let go and allow someone else to take charge. Yes, I'm sure it would be hard for him to step down after all he has done but ultimately it might be best for HIS club. I'm sure his experience would certainly be welcomed somehow behind the scenes by any new man in charge and I think the club supporters would certainly always thank him for what he has done. The question is "Is there anyone out there willing to take it on ?"
  5. Copa, you obviously have no intention of wanting to be shown that mocking people for fun is not just limited to those you have mentioned. To check the sketch was still available to view I have already located it on the internet and watched it again ... simple. Is that not possible for you to do ? You appear loathe to want to view it yet keep pushing for me to answer your question even though it was you who first made a claim of certain people being discriminated against and to which I then replied and asked you to give an opinion on the sketch. In fact by you not wanting to become aware of other groups of people who might be the subject to ridicule you are yourself only wanting to protect certain sections of the community.
  6. I can understand peoples' comparison of RL with cricket yet I think this is again a matter of how those not involved with a sport actually perceive it to be. The world body of cricket, the ICC, actually has 105 member countries. Yes, many will not be known to outsiders of the game but equally would supporters of other sports - or even many within RL - realise that there are 53 member countries of the Rugby League International Federation ? However - and whether you enjoy the game or not - cricket in England is perceived as a truly national sport even by those who do not really have an interest in it whereas most of those who do not follow RL would probably still think of it as just a Northern game. It is all down to the perception of the game by those outside it. As an example - How many people are actively involved or truly passionate about rowing and what attendances are there at competitions when clubs face each other ? I suspect comparatively few, yet many of it's participants are household names - and have even been Knighted - purely because it is in the Olympics when they are given much publicity. The general perception of those outside the sport would be that rowers are super-fit, dedicated athletes - which, yes, the top performers are - but no more so than players in the Super League, yet would they be considered as such by those same outsiders ? I suspect not.
  7. Or GUBRATS ...... Guaranteed, Union Brings Rarely Achieved Try Scoring
  8. Copa ? Cop-out more like it ! I am certainly willing to let you know who I am referring to but first of all go and watch the sketch and give me your opinion ... although I predict you will now say it is offensive just to back up your own point of view. Yet those who will have seen it, including from Yorkshire, will almost certainly have taken it as a bit of fun and not offensive. These days however some people are on the hunt just to find the slightest thing to complain about so they can claim that they are badly treated.
  9. I note you have tried to switch the emphasis of the discussion and haven't bothered answering the points I made, so .... Do tell. Have you ever complained about the Monty Python sketch and, if not, why not ?
  10. The BBC Sport website has recently run a poll asking for people to name their best-ever one day international Indian cricket team. After showing the results then people have been commenting on the selected team. One such comment featured the following .... "Without India, international cricket would just be a niche sport like Rugby League." Therefore although we all think RL is TGG, we are of course looking at it from an insiders point of view but it appears the game has never really grown in many other peoples' perception of it. Probably similar to chess - most people not involved will just have a perception that it is a game where two old men sit looking down at a table for hours on end and that the Russians are top of the world .... whereas the truth is that the World Champion for the past five years has been a Norwegian who won the title five years ago when aged 22. Many outsiders still believe that RL players are overweight and just come out of the pit to have a fight on a muddy field. Until such perceptions are changed then the game, unfortunately, will never really expand in the public's view of it.
  11. If you are so concerned about mocking people for a laugh then why not also complain about such things when other types of people are subjected to it ? ie: Have you ever complained about the Monty Python sketch when they made fun of Yorkshire people saying they used to have to go down the pit for hardly any pay ? ( ... and this comment is from a Lancastrian supporting the Yorkies !!!!!!) I suspect you haven't because it is only certain types of people who are these days "protected" by the politically-correct brigade. By the way, you may have noticed that I didn't use your type of language and wrote "made fun of" instead of quoting the phrase you actually used - and deleted it in the quote of you I have used above - but, again, you don't seem to think that such comments are offensive whereas others might do.
  12. Racism does go both ways of course ..... (not that the other way ever makes the news that often) This is English black soccer player Sol Campbell "whiteing up" to promote an upcoming election with the message of telling black people to prevent white people being voted in ... yet when white people "black up" they are said to be racist (ie The former Black & White Minstrel Show on tv).
  13. If only 'Sheddings hadn't been sold to B&Q. That's Battye and Quinn by the way ! I just wonder what they think of the current situation.... but they are probably not at all bothered ?
  14. Update to previous post ..... The police are not going to be taking any action against Jo Brand for her "battery acid" comment and the BBC are still defending it as a just being a joke. Surely David Argyle's unwise comment was less harmful than Jo Brand's ... in fact, his comment was probably more about of his view concerning the people of Swinton rather than the individual concerned in that he was surprised that people in that area would welcome a black person into their community. As with Jo Brand's comment, it was just an off-the-cuff remark and was not intentionally meant to insult anyone and, with David Argyle having made an apology and shown contrition by resigning from his posts, I for one would give him another chance and ask the RFL to refuse his resignation.
  15. At Buenos Aires ... apparently the only rugby shop in Argentina (obviously for the 15-a-side code) which just opened last year. I went in and asked if they knew of the 13-a-side game, which they didn't. Therefore I showed them a clip on You Tube. The man there was very impressed, especially with our play-the-ball system after a tackle and himself said it appeared quicker than Union. Good luck and many thanks for all your efforts Pulga.
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