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  1. Dont think luck had anything to do with it, the lads worked all the match and got what they deserved
  2. which Brown
  3. Danny Bridge
  4. Aaron Brown
  5. Just found it submitted early guilty plea got one match ban
  6. Anybody any news on this, been on RFL website but can't find anything other he's been charged with a grade b offence
  7. Reading the league express and saw Brownies been charged for contact with the official. Was at the Featherstone match but never saw this, anybody see it.
  8. How the f@@k did Sykes get man of the match, a lot of other players did a lot more than him, he kicked a drop goal and that's it, missed tackles, bad passes and poor decisions. Rant over that was a great team display, well done lads
  9. Penalty machine and the first to whinge when things go wrong
  10. Are all of your team fit, apparently on 12 trained on Monday
  11. Don't know how Iggy got man of the match, think Morton deserved it, Douglas, Brown and Glover outstanding, best effort so far this season.
  12. being very optimistic and saying we will score in both halves. Rams12 Wakefield 46
  13. We got what we deserved that second half performance was abysmal, played down one side of the pitch all the second half, our props non existent in second half, need a miracle to stay up
  14. Agree the lads tried hard but the second half was very poor. Moving you most effective attacker from loose to stand off and never giving him the ball seems a bit strange. Hope the injuries we got aren't serious a couple limping off at full time
  15. Just heard they are that stuck for players Brownie is playing centre