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  1. Hi and thanks for all the advice, still looking, have to get time off work first though
  2. Hi don't know if this has been asked before, are the club sorting a package out for this game and has anybody any idea of what sort of cost we are looking at to go.
  3. Some positives out of that game. We competed for the full 80 minutes, that makes a change. Wingers look quick, strong and looking for work. Unlucky being held up over the line a couple of times. Thought Brownie had scored, would like to see the video to confirm. Negatives....still giving soft tries away, our errors cost us at least 2 tries. Still giving away stupid penalties, that cost us the game. Just wonder how we will go on against Leigh
  4. Is the match still on
  5. Lot of positives from the match, still think they use Brownie to much as a dummy runner, he runs some great lines so give him ball now and again. Still giving away soft tries and too many penalties.
  6. Just read on the Facebook page we now have a physical conditioner, Adam Mitchell from Keighley. Hopefully this will help some of the players last a bit longer and we won't surrender in the second half, fingers crossed
  7. Spoke to Brownie after the match he said he had gone over on his ankle and is fit to play
  8. Spoke to Browny after the Swinton game and he says he has not been offered a new deal, just have to wait and see I suppose
  9. any news on any players coming back from injury
  10. Just to get back on topic, speaking to Brownie and he hopes to be back this week or next. How's Hale doing,what's his injury.
  11. Got to agree BSJ, can never find anything out. Brownie got problems with the knee, don't know about Grady. How long before Fazz is back?
  12. Has anybody any news on the injury situation. Hows Dalton, when will the other injured players be coming back.
  13. So happy I went today just to hear the bulls fans bleating about the ref, makes a change doesn't it. Well played lads, best display so far. Now we just have to beat Oldham. Hope we didn't pick up any serious injuries.
  14. Think Brownies looked out of sorts for a while, all they do is use him as a dummy runner, never seems to get the ball these days, bound to get disheartened. Be good to see Speakman play but will GM risk it. Agree with Grady back to centre wasted in 2nd row. Just have to wait and see which Dewsbury team turns up this week
  15. Head that Farrell is injured