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  1. Todays game

    The initial contact was on the chest and then up into the face, spoke to both players after the match and both said it was never a sin binning
  2. Bradford Bulls Game

    Thought we looked ok with Brown and Knowles combining on the left in the first half but it never happened in the second half and Sykes needs to stay on the pitch
  3. Sheffield Eagles Game

    Brilliant result well played lads
  4. He signs.

    Any updates on who has signed and who hasn't
  5. Toulouse

    What a result, outstanding 1-17 a brilliant team effort
  6. Eagles still have no nest

    Cannot believe they prefer a womans football team to a rugby team, whats going on
  7. Player of the season (regular season)

    Also depends on what the player or players agent thinks they are worth
  8. Toulouse predictions

    Dont think luck had anything to do with it, the lads worked all the match and got what they deserved
  9. Oldham game

    which Brown
  10. Oldham Born Players

    Danny Bridge
  11. Oldham Born Players

    Aaron Brown
  12. Charged

    Just found it submitted early guilty plea got one match ban
  13. Charged

    Anybody any news on this, been on RFL website but can't find anything other he's been charged with a grade b offence
  14. Charged

    Reading the league express and saw Brownies been charged for contact with the official. Was at the Featherstone match but never saw this, anybody see it.
  15. Batley predictions at summer bash.

    How the f@@k did Sykes get man of the match, a lot of other players did a lot more than him, he kicked a drop goal and that's it, missed tackles, bad passes and poor decisions. Rant over that was a great team display, well done lads