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  1. Other than Oldham at home, toulouse second team in the cup and Sheffield away we have been absolutely dire this season, so hardly being a drama queen, nor are the growing nimber of supporters who feel the same way. we threw away a 16-4 lead and were a shambles in the second half at Dewsbury - hardly inspiring stuff is it. the rot has set in and shows no sign of stopping, think its spread to your brain too and is affecting your judgement of what you are watching, or maybe you like spending money and feeling ripped off each week.
  2. That's been my point from the outset - failure this season could be absolutely catastrophic in terms of finance, not to mention losing players as we wont be able to keep them, Diskin is struggling to work with a decent squad, so I hope hes better on a shoestring with worse players. The silence from the club though is deafening, we love the pats on the back at Batley, but whenever anything goes wrong or the supporters dare to say how they feel about things the shutters come down - its all well and good making a rallying call to a small number of fans, but we are currently losing supporters hand over fist the way we are playing, there'll be no one left to galvanise soon. All we can do is hope that things change, if not it could absolutely ruin us. weve tended to get lucky riding out poor periods like this in the past, but ive never known the fan base be so unsettled, its a very concerning time and you just wonder if one day our luck will run out. I have to say though, if as I fear we get walloped at Halifax and again at home to Hull KR the week after, the club cant really hide from the fact we would be in a massive hole by then.
  3. We had some poor seasons under Kear, but when the board backed him and pushed the boat out and got the players in we had that great year last year. this year we have a better squad with more money than weve ever had and are serving up dross week in week out - thats the issue.
  4. No he didnt. He recommemded Andy Hay.
  5. Tony gave you one. As did i. problem is there are only a handful of people with the power to do anything about it, and all we can hear is SILENCE. So as paying fans who love the club and turn up to watch all the hard work being undone week in week out, we have to collectively make our voices heard, and not cower away and suffer in silence as so many of our supporters do for fear of upsetting people - the aformentioned 'happy clappers'.
  6. Maybe we could all move to Germany and pass comment on things we dont watch. then we can live in a happy oblivious wonderland where everything is rosy in the garden and eat sausages all day?
  7. Theres a few which is staggering. theres loyalty and theres stupidity, then theres Batleys happy clappers! heard him on the radio, im sure its the same interview they play every week, hes like a stuck record. blaming players for not doing what he tells them and taking absolutely no accountability himself. you would think he would revert to plan B by now, he's had 8 momths to get them playing how he wants, its a simple enough game. utterly clueless. I dread to think how many Halifax and Hull KR will get this next 2 games.
  8. What a load of rubbish once again. we are the new Ostriches. Keep burying your heads in the sand - going nowhere under Diskin FACT.
  9. Dewsbury have 8 start with the bookies., very generous that on our recent form. Can only see our poor run of form continuing, think ill give this one a miss.
  10. By all accounts depending who you talk to Diskin wasnt Kears recommendation.
  11. My whole issue is that we simply dont have the time to wait for him to get to grips and learn the ropes - its proving to be potentially catastrophic for us on field and no doubt could lose a fortune off it. maybe one day he'll make a good coach but we should be aiming to emulate last year and instead we are being used as a guinea pig while a novice experiments to figure out things more experienced coaches would have sorted out before a ball was kicked!
  12. One drinker never agrees with anything I say so not sure how you can disagree unless you watch my every interaction! During my time on this forum, there have been 4 coaches. thrornton, who apart from the odd flash here and there we were very poor under. harrison who I rate highly, think he did great and I was dissapointed when he left. kear - we had 2 great years and the rest was forgettable, you must admit 2014 & 2015 were 2 long arduous slogs with little to cheer - he should have gone after thatbut showed his true class with the backing of the board to sign some quality and was rewarded. and now Diskin, the coach who has the best squad we have had in years, the most money we have ever had and is coach in the most important season we have ever had in terms of progressing on the field.......and its not happening. I wear my heart on my sleeve and am honest and open in my views, i dont think this guy has it and its frustrating as we know the team are capable of so much more and we should be doing way better. i give credit where its due, and give Kevin and the board enormous credit for all they have done at the helm, kevin in particular is a great bloke and as supporters we are in great hands with him running the club but IMO this is the one decision as a club we have got wrong - of all the seasons, this was not the one to take a punt on an inexperienced coach. time will tell, as a loyal supporter i really hope im proved wrong, but ive a gut feeling i wont be.
  13. Not a surprise that to be fair. If I were praising him you'd have the opposite view!
  14. If the rest of the squad were playing with a heart half the size of Lillycrops we'd be doing alright. He was the only highlight today in a totallt imept display.
  15. Youre still a very poor team so I was surprised at some of these predictions, we at Batley are even worse hence your good friday win. I expect you to progress in the cup next Sunday though.