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  1. I cant fathom why they dont play it at the end of the season with the winners of both grand finals playing in a big showpiece event. As it stands at the moment they are just meaningless friendlies.
  2. Tommy Holland

    Thanks Kevin, nice to know you missed me. I wrote last season off mid season, and I didnt miss much by all accounts - first time in many years i've missed so many games, I may have been one of the most vocal but I wasnt the only one. New year new hope - it cant get any worse surely?
  3. Tommy Holland

    We love signing forwards, its the Batley way. No doubt One or 2 of the pack will become makeshift centres once the annual three quarter depletion kicks in.
  4. 2018 Squad.

    Luke Menzies has the best agent in the world, he kept getting him full time deals at various clubs despite the fact he wasn't very good after leaving Batley, and he's now got him a gig in the WWE as a pro wrestler. Next stop Hollywood or the white house for him with this guy guiding his career, Batley are way too small fry to be on his radar now. Sykes is too old, but we do like re-signing former players who wont cost the earth, so I'm sure Hemingway will be in our price bracket and on the wanted list.
  5. Expansion Clubs.

    If the rumours I have heard are to be believed, after next season there will be a 16 team super league and a 16 team pro-am championship with 2 more overseas clubs included, and below that an "expansion league" where clubs will need to apply for a franchise to join the championship going forward with straightforward promotion and relegation between the top 2 divisions again. A mad rush to survive for the clubs in League one next season, make the cut off point or be culled. Makes sense if the RFL are already putting feelers out amongst the poorer performing league one clubs.
  6. MOM London Broncos V Batley Bulldogs

    Should give it to the brave souls who travelled to watch that.
  7. Deadline day

    Being the best of the also rans is hardly anything to celebrate whether theirs a trophy on offer or not. I cant get excited over the possibility of winning a trophy for finishing 5th, its complete nonsense - the shield really is the ultimate Mickey Mouse trophy. The whole concept needs a revamp IMO - this is like giving out certificates for taking part at a school sports day so everyone feels included - mediocrity shouldn't be rewarded, there's winners and losers, its the nature of sport.
  8. Deadline day

    I tend to agree, its a pointless trophy to win IMO so its a real tough one to care or get motivated about - being the best of the also rans inst much to get the adrenaline going, I've not been to the last few games as its just a series of dead rubbers from now until the end of the year for me. I think we just need to draw a line under what has been a massive anti climax of a season and look to rebuild for next season and hopefully add a few quality additions to pep the squad up.
  9. Wolfpack get US tv deal

    As someone with strong links to Toronto having family there and living there a few years ago, but also as someone who is what they would call a "traditionalist" in my views on the game, I find myself wrestling with this constantly. I think its great for the game that the Wolfpack are gaining in popularity, but I cant help feeling like the owners millions would be far better spent investing it into a North American league and getting a solid pro competition going over there, the amount of money spent so far flying teams to and from Canada including their own trips and travel costs could have sustained a league competition for a year or more. At the rate its going, we may as well merge with the NRL and have a global super league - although I reckon that may well be the long term plan, which wouldn't be a bad thing for the elite. I hear the structure will change after next year, no doubt to ensure Toronto get into Super League one way or another - but the farcical running of our game isn't their fault, and I wish them every success.
  10. Dogs v Rams Heavy woollen derby Part 4

    Surely cant be any worse than the last 3 meetings. We've improved in recent weeks without being particularly brilliant by all accounts, and they are playing really well, so if this goes by the rule of "the form bookk goes out of the window" for derby games, Batley might just edge a close albeit poor game by 4-6 points. Could also see Hallett nipping over for a hat trick though and us taking a real drubbing. Would be a brave man to bet on this one.
  11. Great Get Together

    I didnt go so cant comment but from what I hear it was a great day and the media coverage alone is great advertisement for the club. Pleased to see Matt Diskin is finally getting to grips with the squad and that hopefully things will continue to improve on field - all Ive personally ever wanted to see this year is the team playing to the potential we know it has, which it hasnt up until the last couple of weeks - lets hope they can keep it up.
  12. Corner turned

    And your point is? I think you are confusing me with someone who gives a sh*t. Everyone has an opinion, we'll never all agree, at least ive stuck to my guns in my view on our current plight - some folk have however certainly shown me they have more faces than the town hall clock during recent weeks. ive only ever wanted the team and club to kick on from last year but its not happened. Heres hoping we do start to improve.
  13. Corner turned

    Like i say can only go on what I was told, if they played like they did at the summer bash then its a good effort from our boys.
  14. Corner turned

    i didnt go to the game so cant really commemt on the performance, but nice to hear the side played well, albeit we still lost and according to some who attended Toulouse were somewhat out of sorts, so definitely a bit premature to say weve turned the corner, but its a start. The next 3 games are huge against teams around us in the table so lets hope its given the team some belief - 3 more defeats in those games though and we've missed the turning for the corner and driven straight into someones wall. Heres hoping for better days ahead.
  15. Diskin poll

    Lets try this again Made it public so we can see who voted and weed out the Dewsbury saboteurs.
  16. Total lies from our chairman

    Only tried to make the point that he cant really judge the mood amongst the fans when hes not here to experience it. Its a pretty valid point. You cant say the milk is off or not without smelling or tasting it.
  17. Total lies from our chairman

    Not playing the victim at all, I couldnt care less what folk think of me. I was just putting in some context to make my point.
  18. Total lies from our chairman

    For what its worth Kevin, heres my two penneth on the whole saga. Some of the personal comments and abuse ive had (some from employees of the club no less) for merely stating an opinion border on the ridiculous, when all ive ever done has been to state we are dire and the coach needs to go. ill pass on tomorrow and for the forseeable future as a result of this. Life is way too short to feel threatened and intimidated for having an opinion on something im paying for and care about. i love this club as we all do, its about time people at the club and those who still believe in this coach stopped taking all the criticism to heart, in my view 99% of all the views about the current situation are constructive criticism, yes some could be worded slightly better but a lot is born out of sheer frustration at the lack of action / unwillingness of the club to even acknowledge there is a problem, and the fact people loyal to the coach and employees of the club seem to be so sensitive to people voicing concerns speaks volumes that they too know theres a big problem here, constantly biting at the mere mention of there being something wrong when its clear for all to see. Supporters wanting a coaching change are no longer the minority and growing by the week - and the pressure and vitrol will only increase after the inevitable woeful defeat that we all know is coming again tomorrow. I applaud you for coming on here and commenting Kevin, you know who I am and as I have stated many times on here, you do a good job and I have no issue with yourself, but I do think in order to try and resolve this you may need to take a step back, be a bit more open minded and look at the situation that is growing around you and look at the situation from the view of the paying customers. We are not getting value for money and being taken completely for granted, and we cant all be wrong.
  19. Diskin poll

    If that makes you feel better than we'll go with that.
  20. Diskin poll

    I never insulted anyone. Your website is all copied and pasted - unless me pointing this fact out offends you - but that says more about you than me if thats the case. there is no 'what now' as if action was being taken none of the numerous fans would be up in arms like they are at present.
  21. Diskin poll

    I said i think this sample is an accurate reflection of supporter feeling overall. Certainly from the feeling you get in and around the fan base at games id say this poll mirrors the strength of feeling on the subject. Not that you'd know of course, unless theres an article about it you can copy and paste to your website.
  22. Diskin poll

    75% wanting him to go, probably higher if you exclude the Dewsbury voters. id say thats a pretty accurate reflection of current supporter feeling overall. not that anyone with the power to change things will pay any attention to what the paying customers are feeling.
  23. Diskin poll

    Wow, i had a look earlier, its all cut and paste stuff from other sitesanyway. First and last visit.
  24. Vote with your feet against Toulouse

    Let me make one thing clear before I post this - we all love the club and want it to succeed and I take no pleasure in posting this but it needs to be said. Following Matt Diskins comments to fans after the game, telling a number of them to 'f*ck off' I feel as supporters enough is enough and we should take action at this situation. I know some wont but on principle we need to send a message to this man that he cannot get away with this, even if the club still back him. Toulouse will bring no fans, and the crowd will be poor, so lets give him what he wants and 'f*ck off' and leave him 'coaching' to a virtually empty ground and see how he likes it. vote with your feet, we as paying customers cannot and shall not be treated this way. Please spread the word and lets send a clear message to Diskin and the club that things cannot go on like this and that we are not going to accept this rubbish any longer. United together as supporters we need to be heard.
  25. Diskin poll

    I completely agree, but as a supporter of well over 30 years i have to say ive never known such a revolt amongst the supporters and my love for this club and my consumer rights compel me to continue to make waves until someone listens. I've always been told from a young age to stand up for what you believe in and fight for what is right. This is no longer a minority of supporters 'rabble rousing' the majority of fans are now demanding change. The worrying thing is, the more supporters speak out, the more they are ostracised by the powers that be and those who still blindly refuse to admit thigs are wrong so as not to lose favour with people. I'd love nothing more than to be proved wrong, but lets face it, this is arguably the worst season in a long long time, and deep down from the supporters to the coach to the car park attendant, we all know this isnt working - we all love the club and are at war with each other over it, yet everyone knows what needs to be done. IMO though its beyond the bad performances now, we have a coach who openly swore at paying customers and there were children present, and the board havent even addressed the issue. So much for a family club. The coach is a disgrace and needs to go for that incident alone, but it seems we condone this behaviour.