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  1. It seems like copying an idea that makes sense in big cities of the USA into a setting they don't work. It would probably make more sense in Inner London where there are sharp racial divides.
  2. Not clever for an event in the East Midlands. There are a lot of poor white towns in the region, traditionally safe Labour seats but the party underperformed in them heavily in the 2017 election. Lincolnshire has a lot of poor white Eastern European people (admittedly not potential voters in a general election). On the other hand Leicester has a sizeable Asian middle class. Doesn't seem well thought through
  3. Norway option is nearer to 95% of a cake, but with the option to also have a slice of other cakes
  4. Raise the minimum wage to broaden the tax base I'd say
  5. The Culture Wars It's hard to think of a better example of someone writing something deeply racist and believing they're anti-racist. The basic premise of the article seems to be that skills tests benefit white people who are more skilled. This premise is not just racist but also demonstrably false given how many high skilled and educated Asian people there are, and increasingly this applies to people from some African countries too. The part about regional immigration agreements being racist in effect is largely true for Europe, but less so with the Trans Tasman agreement given that a lot of Maoris have taken advantage of the chance to move to Australia
  6. Front National have the most French MEPs
  7. I'm not sure being the largest economy would achieve this to be honest. We have the same size economy as France but a much smaller influence in Brussels
  8. Being part of a larger whole doesn't always give you more influence than being a smaller independent unit. Compare Catalonia and Switzerland both a similar population
  9. Apart from VAT those are all benefits of EEA membership not EU membership though. We'd probably have to pay almost as much to be EEA members though We'd probably be able to make a direct contribution to poorer European countries like Ukraine and Bosnia, maybe also the poorer countries in the EU, if this would look better politically
  10. Not sure Japan owning business here is any better or worse than Germany doing it (providing we keep employment rights)
  11. Yeah. Japan are currently negotiating a trade deal with New Zealand, a non-EU country with less than 1/10 of the population of the UK and (slightly) further away than the UK is. It's nonsense to thing they'll want to punish the UK (currently 6th largest economy) purely for voting to leave an organisation they're not even part of
  13. Conspiracy Theories

    If the American government really were working with aliens I think Donald Trump would have told everyone on Twitter by now. I also really can't see countries like Brazil keeping it quiet if they knew
  14. I think you're grossly underestimating the pace at which free trade is progressing amongst many countries. The likes of New Zealand and Chile have signed loads of free trade deals. I don't know what Japan will do but we're the sixth largest world economy and most of the world aren't in the EU so we're clearly not going to be indefinitely punished by the whole world the way you're claiming The much greater difficulty is negotiating with the likes of China, USA, but especially India and Mercosur Japan probably won't copy and paste, but Canada have said they'll do just that so it's not unprecedented. The reality is that Japan is a country that will sign a free trade deal with us, it's too early to know every detail and exact timing
  15. Personally I think we'll get a deal with Japan, but it may or may not take more than two years (if we sign up to TPP, then we'd get a better deal immediately; if we join EFTA and stay in the EEA Japan could quite easily fax us a copy of their deal with the EU to sign; not saying this would happen automatically but it's possible)