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  1. Thank you for all your kind messages, we are all so very touched by your love and support. The Funeral will be held at Dewsbury Crematorium Tuesday 13th September 2016 at 2pm. Afterwards at Batley IDLC (Batley Nash). All welcome. Thanks, Cath, Jordan and Niall x
  2. We have
  3. Gotta say i love the Polo shirt, my las is gonna call into club Saturday to see if they have three for myself and 2 lads Beefy, is there a size comparrison chart in inches as one manufacturers medium is anothers large
  4. Surely those who shop in Sainsburys dont watch RL
  5. Well done to all concerned, the Board, the coaching staff, the players and all the volunteers, oh and not forgetting you, the loyal band of supporters
  6. Sure i read/heard somewhere that the salary cap will be 1.8 million for all 3 divisions, the cynics would assume its to help Toulouse gain Super League Status as theres probably only them and possibly Leigh could raise that sort of money for players
  7. So sad, im currently in the latter stages of Terminal cancer myself so know exactly what Colin and his family went through and what his family will go through for some time to come, god bless Colin, his family and those affected by his sad demise. RIP Colin.
  8. Best money ive ever spent mate
  9. Mines not needed cutting in the 7 years its been laid
  10. Will try to make this game
  11. Done, and if interested heres a link to a storyboard of a project i finished last week
  12. The mans got Sausages for a brain
  13. Ive come down the M6 from the Lakes and this held up traffic going northbound just before the M55 turn off
  14. Not bad at all, must get back up'till soon