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The NRL needs 3 new clubs. Perth, The Central Coast, and Central Queenslandb to stem the flow of the afl and grow Rugby League. The problem is that most NRL clubs are so poorly run that they do not want the TV money divided up any more, as they can't see the obvious benefits that the 3 new clubs would bring. The NRL clubs are very insular and are not interested in Rugby League outside their own little world. They are so insular they can't even see the benefits of growing International Rugby League..

The SL clubs in the UK are exactly the same. Hopefully your independent commission will sort them out.

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CQ NRL Bid reflect on the last 12 months

CQ NRL Bid's year I come back to one person and his family. A few months ago when John Grant announced a NRL expansion consideration date of around 2014, my heart sank, but only for a very short time.

Instinctively I called Geoff Murphy and asked him if this announcement was a hindrance to his dream of a NRL club for Central Queensland. In his normal controlled and very positive demeanour, Geoff explained to me that his commitment to the establishment of CQ's own NRL club was absolutely rock solid with even more resolve than before the announcement. I felt a twinge of guilt for even a moment's doubt.

I suppose only history will judge Geoff's allegiance to his beloved Rugby League and to Central Queensland but in the present, I know that the CQ NRL Bid would not have been the central focus of my 2012, without his loyalty to this sometimes elusive dream.

In 2012 the CQ NRL Bid continued to establish and operate its Rugby League development programs including the QR National (the new QRN company name is Aurizon) sponsored Schools and Scholarship programs as well as the 13's and 14's CQ Development Program. Recently the Bid also accepted the Queensland Rugby League's invitation to joint venture manage the three CQ Capras teams in the ISC Queensland Cup (Cyril Connell 16's, Mal Meninga 18's, and Intrust Super 1st grade). It has been a "building and reinforcement" year and personally very rewarding.

We had many contributors to our successful 2012 and this space is not large enough to thank them all for sharing the vision and dream.

I have mentioned Geoff Murphy and his whole family. These people are providing the vision and the bulk of the resource that is driving the whole community benefitting endeavour. The directors of the Bid, Capras, and Leagues Club boards are always providing the strategic guidance needed in these complex organisations. I appreciate your valuable contributions. CQ NRL Bid and Capras' staff of Walson and Dominique are the wheels that never stop turning the process forward. They are to be congratulated for their work ethics and result driven attitudes. They are supported by the management and staff of the associated Leagues Clubs and we all need this ongoing support.

To all of the other vital stakeholders, including the media, the political representatives, the corporate partners of the Bid and the Capras, the thousands of members and to all those who want the Bid to succeed and the Capras to be the pride of Rugby league in CQ, I wish you all a safe and a happy Christmas and thanks for reading this non-journalistic written column.

Please support the CQ NRL Bid by going on line at and become a Bid or Corporate member - from the desk of the CEO, Denis Keeffe

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QRL hosts its annual summer camp

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  • 22nd Dec 2012 6:00 AM

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OGO_22-12-2012_SPORT_01_ROK201212cleague1_t460.jpg Bennett Ladbrook ready to make a quick pass at the NRL Development Camp held in Yeppoon. Chris Ison

ASPIRING rugby league players from around the region converged on the Capricorn Coast as the Queensland Rugby League hosted its annual summer camp.

The camp aimed to assist the development of rugby league in Central Queensland. It began on Monday at Yeppoon Active Recreation Centre, Cooee Bay.

Around 70 kids from Bundaberg, Middlemount, Gladstone, Roma, Longreach, Emerald, Tannum Sands, Charleville, Blackall and Rockhampton attended the week-long camp.

Event co-ordinator and NRL Game Development officer Dominic Draper said the camp not only offered development, but also an opportunity for the kids to enjoy themselves.

"Its along the lines of 'come along, have a good time and also learn a lot about the game'," Draper said.

"We're trying to help the kids develop and not just in rugby league, but also in their life skills and stuff like that because it's really important for them."

Draper said the camp provided a lot of development, interaction with other players as well as giving coaches and volunteer staff the opportunity to further their skills.

"The camp is a part of the Game Development division of the NRL and nearly all the staff at the camp have been coaches for representative teams, as well as former NRL coach Murray Hurst and former Manly Assistant Dennis Moore working with the players," Draper said.

"It's also about developing coaches and first aiders, we're giving back to the volunteers as well."

The camps were supported by the CQ NRL Bid and Draper said the QRL Central Division was very appreciative.

"We have some CQ NRL bid representative players attending the camp and the CQ NRL bid is the major sponsor of the event. Without their sponsorship we wouldn't be able to hold the camp," he said.

"With their support it makes it affordable for kids to come along and it has been great. They've helped out with prizes and have been fantastic about it."

Draper said while the camp was open to anyone who wanted to come along, there were a few kids attending who were handpicked to attend.

"Two kids from out west, one from Charleville and one from Blackall, received an award at a carnival and Prime Properties in Rockhampton sponsored them to come along," Draper said.

"We have a few rep players as well as a few aspiring to be there.

"You don't have to be a rep player to come along, it's a good mix of kids and they have been absolutely fantastic.

"They've probably been the best group we've had together and they've just been unreal and really well behaved."

As this year marks the third year of the development camp, Draper said he was looking forward to future events.

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