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TotalRL NRL Tipping Competition Ladder 2012 - Champion Award Presented; 2012 Tipping Season Review Starts Page 3 of Thread

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NRL Season 2012 Completed

What a great competition it's been this season.

Tipping NRL matches in 2012 was very challenging at times.

Well done to everyone who took part at whatever point and for however long.

Simon had a terrific season of tipping managing to get an average of 2/3 overall - a terrific success rate considering the unpredictable nature of many of the games!

As you can see from the placings below Simon it was a very close thing.

Places 2 to 5 were covered by just 5 points.

Special mention goes to Southstander13 who had the joint second best percentage success rate while finishing 6th with in the overall points table.

Here's your well earned award for being our Champion for this season Simon:

******* 2012SeasonChampTipster.gif *******


Thanks to everyone who took part!

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What a close run thing it was for us RF

Barney will no doubt be plotting revenge already. We'll have to look out next season!!! :ph34r:

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TotalRL NRL Tipping Competition 2012 Review

We had 30 weeks of tipping in our competition stretching from Round 1 which kicked off on Friday 1st March 2012 and ended with the Grand Final on Sunday 30th September.

I'll be analysing our tipping performances starting here with our overall success rate as a team of tipsters. As tipsters we had our up weeks and our down weeks but what exactly was the overall picture of our performance?

Here's a couple of versions of the same thing: our strike rate over the thirty weeks - Rounds 1 to 26 and the 4 finals weeks.


or, if you prefer:


As you can see our group performance average is just over 6/10 tips for the 2012 season.

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There were two big dips in the season. The biggest of them was at R19 and R20 after which we managed an upward trend as we approached and entered the finals. (anything to do with the Storm dip?)

The finals themselves are a separate case really with very limited team numbers to choose from with every result counting for a larger percentage than is normal in the other parts of the season.

You may have your own interpretations on this.

I've been looking at our individual results during the season by referring back to my records.

Who was the winner in each of our categories most often during our tipping season? All will be revealed shortly.

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TotalRL ARL Tipping Competition Review 2012

It's time now that the dust has settled on the 2012 NRL season of tipping here on our Australian Rugby League Forum that we count up and see how we as individual tipsters did in our competitions over the thirty weeks.

Having collated all the material relating to the season we can now see how each of us tipsters did in each category of our weekly tipping competition.

The first and most important section is of course the actual match tipping section.

We know that overall Simon Kerr was 2012 Champion Tipster by tipping the most games correctly (131).

By counting up the awards you'll be able to see how successful ... or not ... each of us was in each section of the competitions by the frequency of our awards.

Here we go then:

Champion Tipster Awards 2012 - Frequency of Award Wins

1= R L Winger 5 (wins)

1= Simon Kerr 5

3= Kiwityke 4

3= Southstander13 4

5= Barney 3

5= Bourbon Rat 3

5= G Las D 3

5= Rugby Female 3

9= Thirteenthman 1

9= JimBronco 1

That's how often the people above claimed the weekly Champion Tipster award.

That's not the same as being top scorer for the week as on a number of occasions more than one person top scored and the award was settled using the tie-breaker.

Well done R L Winger and Simon Kerr as Champion people!

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Points Competition Awards 2012 - Frequency of Award Win

Each week we had a competition to see who could predict, or could get closest to predicting the total number of points scored when all the teams scores in the round were added together.

This was a competition in itself and was used as the tie breaker when necessary in the Champion Tipster competition.

Here's how we did:

1 Southstander13 9 (wins)

2 Simon Kerr 7

3= Bourbon Rat 3

3= G Las D 3

3= Kiwityke 3

3= R L Winger 3

3= Rugby Female 3

8 Thirteenthman 2

9= Barney 1

9= Storm 2007 1

Well done Southstander13 you won on points!

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Home and Away Win Competition Awards 2012 - Frequency of Award Wins

Every week we had to predict the number of home or away wins there would be.

If the game was held on the road then the team named first in the fixture was deemed to be the home team.

Here's the outcome in this section of our tipping competition:

1. G Las D 10 (wins)

2= Simon Kerr 8

2= thirteenthman 8

4 Rugby Female 7

5= Barney 6

5= Jim Bronco 6

5= R L Winger 6

8= Kiwityke 5

9 Southstander13 4

10 Gez H 1

Well done G Las D in what sounds like a television award!

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Poll Win Competition Awards 2012 - Frequency of Award Wins

Each week we entered a poll which challenged us with a variety of questions over the season.

The winners over the season were as follows:

1 Barney 11 (wins)

2 R L Winger 8

3= Simon Kerr 7

3= Southstander13 7

5= G Las D 6

5= Kiwityke 6

5= Rugby Female 6

8 Jim Bronco 5

9 Thirteenthman 2

10 Gez H 1

Well done Barney

****** Look back to Page 3 of this thread to see the award winners for the other categories in our 2012 NRL Tipping Competitions ******

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Wow... 2012 Champion Tipster

I'd like to that all the following people, who without their help it would not have been possible and I wouldn't be receiving this award...

...okay there is only one!!

A big thank you to Graham for his dedication and volunteering his spare time throughout the season to run the competition, it's much appreciated. It has been great fun and I can't wait for next season already!!

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