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Following the formation of the first club in Republika Srpska, the Serbian enclave in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a second has been formed in the city of Novi Grad, named

New Thunder RLFC.

Three coaches from the area took part in the Serbian Rugby League Federation Level 1 course in the middle of August, with them then overseeing the first ever domestic

rugby league game in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina at NoviGrad’s Mlakve stadium, home of FC Sloboda Novi Grad.

Dimitris Dajc refereed the game watched by around 300 curious locals, between New Thunder and the splendidly named White Rabbits, with the home team winning 28-20 in

a very competitive game despite the visitor’s greater experience.

Jovan Vujosevic, RLEF Central and East Europe director, is delighted with the progress being made. “This is huge step for rugby league in Europe,” he said. “We

put a new country on the European rugby league map. The next objective is the formation of a third club in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a Rugby League Federation of

the Republic of Srpska, followed by the formation of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Rugby League Federation as a final step.”

“Serbia will help a lot in the development of the game in this area and we also hope that after Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece, other Balkan countries will

follow suit.”



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Brilliant news!

What support do areas like Serbia, Bosnia etc receive from the RLEF or is it all organic growth?

I don't think they get much support financially.

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Would Serbia ever help the game develop in Croatia or are the wounds still to fresh from the war?

Thing is that union in Croatia is allergic to a mention of league there. They killed the league in a first place back in the 1964 in Yugoslavia. Croats were the one to lobby the ban of our sport. Anyone that dares to start league there will be marked as a Serb lover and traitor.

Initiative for league must come from Croatia itself in order to Serbia jump in and help. There are some famous names with Croatian roots like Frano Botica, Max Krilich, Ivan Cleary etc. These guys need to push Croatia to kick start league. No one will be more happy then Serbs :)

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