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Is anyone going as part of the early bird scheme? A few of us are meeting in White Lion prior to going to Old Trafford if anyone fancies a drink with fellow Lions fans.We will be there from 2pm.

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"Grand Final" Yet another Australasianism which has been imposed on British rugby league in recent years due to the combined efforts of Sky and the Super League luvvies.

Seems like we've totally shelved our once proud native RL cultural in favour of the alien pressure from the Down-Under-Brigade and their obnoxious lackeys.

How I would love it if the one-way-traffic was halted sometimes and terminology reacquired a British flavour once more.

"Grand Final"?

Kick it into touch and re-brand it properly as the "Championship Final" just as it once was in the truly good-old-days of the 20th century.

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