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Don't forget to sign if you havn't already done so.

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What will this achieve exactly?

If they get a certain number of 'signatures' doesn't parliament have to debate the issue...or something? ;)

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They wonder why we'll never beat the aussies when they keep focusing on the desire to increase intensity at the bottom of the table rather than the top.

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hmmmm. I'm a bit torn on P&R vs licensing, but I have to take issue with some of the petition, and agree with other bits.

"It’s ‘the British way’ of doing things. Do we really think that the same old sides year in, year out playing in the top flight is good for the game? If you take away the dream of top flight Rugby League from the Championship clubs, you take away their lifeblood. Where is the incentive to invest in the squad if there is no prospect of promotion?"

RL only introduced promotion and relegation in 1972, until then it was a single closed league (that, incidentally, used a play-off system to determine the champions)

"Likewise, without the threat of relegation where is the incentive for Super League clubs to improve, knowing they can and will remain in the top flight year on year."

This may well be a fair point

"Promotion and relegation adds excitement and drama to the season at both ends of the tables. Currently bottom of the table fixtures are played out as meaningless games."


"The loss of competitiveness, threatens in the long term to damage spectator and TV audiences for the sport. Too many predictable, one-sided games will make people switch off or not bother to turn up."

The evidence, from clubs like Leigh in SL and Huddersfield in CC, suggests that P&R leads to more predicatable, one sided games.

Put me in the "don't know" box for now...

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A bit bored tonight so I thought I'd do a bit of analysis of the 'petition'.

The 'petition' has been up and running for 20 weeks, and the pattern of signatures has been as follows:-

1 - 541

2 - 70

3 - 11

4 - 35

5 - 10

6 - 8

7 - 1

8 - 1

9 - 2

10 - 0

11 - 0

12 - 1

13 - 1

14 - 0

15 - 1

16 - 4

17 - 4

18 - 1

19 - 177

20 - 277

So the thing started with a bang, when it was in the papers, and then quickly petered out - until it was revived in the last seven days or so.

Unfortunately, the petition software allows the same person/email address/ISP addredd to sign multiple times - as Alfie Duplicate has just demonstrated. At the time of posting this message there have been at least 74 duplicate names added - with at least 48 duplicates added in the signing frenzy over the past week. How many false names have been added by the same person is anyone's guess.

Then there are 14 signatures with either initials or just a first name, to say nothing of Eddie Hemmings (does he agree with auto p&r?), C### Flaps, Junior Centurions and Leigh Rugby. Oh, and some guy who thinks Andrew Lansley is a disgrace!

32 of the signatories mistakenly believe that we have a system of franchising, and at least one guy wants to revert to part-time rugby so that standards can be evened out.

Sorry, this petition has no credibility at all.

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