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next years signings from current squad

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So who would you keep from last year to go with our "partner signings". CH has got to be signing lads soon.To be honest is all are fit there wouldn't be much room for U20's lads from superduper league.Oldham reserves are as good as well.





Acton(If he can stay on the pitch)




Joy (ready for the next level of his development along with Cunningham)


Neil Roden

Stenchion (If fit)

McCulley (If his op is ok)


Onyango (if fit makes a big impact on team moral and go forward)

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Acton , Clarke , Ward and Thompson would be the priority for me. Would provide the basis for a potentially excellent pack if supplemented with a few quality signings. I thought Cookson made huge strides throughout the season at centre and I would like to keep him if possible.

Think I'd let Boults and Clough go. Both really struggled last year and looked past their bests. Noone had a poor season but was one of our best the preceding year and would be 50/50 for me.

Joy, Langtree and Cunningham should be promoted to the first team but I'm not too sure about the rest of the reserves as I haven't watched enough of them to comment on them.

Would like to see a quality centre to partner Cookson and a quality half back to partner Ratty(possibly from super league). I'd really like to see some athleticism and dynamism in the side which I think we've lacked especially in the last two seasons..

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With all the extra young players available, I would think the club would be in a strong negotiating position. I would expect that some players would have to lower their expectations or find themselves without a team.

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Would like to see the bulk of next years squad being made up of the 2011 reserves with a few additions . Looks like Alex Thompson is off unfortunately but hopefully the majority will sign up . I would like to see the squad shape up as follows

Full back Sean Robinson ..... safe pair of hands and strong running ball out of defense

Wingers Jonny Gillam / Terry Bridge ( if he has put his problems behind him ) ....pace to burn on both flanks .... sad to say but think injuries catching up on Lucas so may be time to call it a day

Centres Dave Cookson / Michael Ward .... most improved players last season .. never get less than 100% commitment from both

Half backs Jamie Dalliemore / Tommy Connick .... these two were almost telepathic when playing together for reserves and main reason for that teams success imo ... would love to see them given a run at first team level ... if they can reproduce the form they showed in the reserves they could be a real handful for any defense

Props Liam Gilchrist / Jamie Acton / Phil Joy / Danny Langtree .... proved at back end of last season that they are all capable of hacking it at this level ... should all be bigger and stronger with a good pre season and another year older

Second row Chris Clarke / Sam Cunningham ....we all know that Nobby will give 100% and think Sam deserves a run ... could probably do with picking up at least another couple of players for these positions .

Loose forward Neil Roden .... thought this might be his best position last year as opposition teams know if they can target him and keep him quiet then we become a very predictable outfit .... feel that as loose forward he can pick and choose where he comes into the line making it much more harder for the opposition

to do a number on him ...could give him a new lease of life .

We could probably put together a stronger team of individuals with loan signings / dual reg players if there is a link up with a SL team as looks likely ( more than likely Salford given Scott Naylors connections there ) but morale / teamwork inevitably suffer with this type of player .RL is a team game and I would rather stick with our own players who have pride in the shirt and will scrap for each other .

Don't think for one moment we will get all these signed up but the more the better as far as I'm concerned . Think they would be good enough to get promotion at last and would hopefully be ready then for step up to next level .

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Wasn't there somewhere the return of Paul O'Conner was mentioned? Sean Robinson is no longer with the club so that would rule him out.

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It is good news about Dally. I think we'll keep the main bunch of U25's we had and a few of the reserves. Would expect to lose a few more of the old brigade to Oxford which is not a bad thing.

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