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I subsribe to barnsley player from barnsley FC. £4 per month and contains Full replays of all matches, highlights, press conferences and exclusive interviews, a well as live commenary on all matches.

A fantastic service, so it is all possible.

Wouldn't expect Fev to set up such a service as barnsleys is done via a thirdparty company and BFC just upload the content and take a pretty decent cut from all subscriptons.

Streaming content would be pretty expensive as it would take a lot of bandwidth and need a decent server, but It would however be possible and very easy as well as quite cheap for fev to set up a fev torrents site. Here they could upload good quality copies of full games, only giving access to paying members to download content.

Vidoes can be compressed to smaller formats these days with very little quality loss from the souce. A dvd is only max 4.3gb and can easily be encoded to 1.3gb / 700mb without loss.

Not sure why anyone would want to pay £49 for just youtube highlights.

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