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Salford Advertiser...again!

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I dont normally bother with this rag. it normally gets put straight into the blue or brown bin. (can never remember which one). However, against my better judgement i thumbed through the sport section. Sale seem to have a decent spread! They are yet to win a game and they are getting valuable column inches. This does not bode well for RL coverage in the local press as it looks like the muppets that run this rag have nailed their colours to the mast of rugby onion. Nice to know we are now third or fourth in the pecking list for coverage.

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Amongst a few sniggers on here at the expense of Salford "City" Reds, when the news broke about Sale Sharks moving into Barton I did wonder if we were missing the point in terms of a new competitor moving onto the scene. This is probably the tip of the iceberg to be honest.

For several years Sale Sharks have comfortably out-performed not only the Lions and Reds, but have put most rugby league clubs in the shade in terms of off-field marketing and community work. It shouldn't really come as a surprise that the Sharks have quickly sought to build new relationships with the local media and have also launched an initiative to coach union to kids in schools throughout the City of Salford.

The Sharks basically will be making life easy for the Advertiser to provide coverage, its the way of things nowadays in the local papers - they simply churn out whatever the clubs spoon feed to them.

Perhaps an ironic and very undesirable outcome of the flawed Barton scheme, particularly the Council's need to turn to the Sharks to help keep it afloat financially, will prove to be longer-term encroachment of union further into the local sporting culture than ever before.

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