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Now Wakey get a winding up order

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First Salford and now it seems Wakey.

There's no problem though :unsure: especially not with Super League.

Maybe this is the way

That and 1 extended Championship.

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And for teams 21 to . . . . . ?

The BIG difference is the FT v PT split. Are there 20 teams that could manage FT status? I doubt it - there are several current FT teams who are unable to pay their way, and we have the Challenge Cup evidence of the outcome of PT versus FT (often with the FT teams not playing their first team.)

I suspect there are about 6-8 teams who can manage FT status - the rest struggle even with SL monies.

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Having just read the artile it's amazing that the person is actually only talking about Super League. Again the other clubs don't feature in the thinking because they are not in his mind!

When the powers that be talk about the game they really only mean Super League and b****r everyone else! As he says the current SKY money runs until the end of 2014 which means the contract negotiations will start quite soon and again, only the executive boxes of Super League will matter, the others on the terraces will be ignored as usual.

Only when the game as a whole is considered will we have a chance of going somewhere, until then it will be the same old same old.


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